The cast of “Black Panther on set today (first pictures)

January 21, 2017


2017 Will Be Extra Exciting For These Pregnant Stars

January 21, 2017

We’re all hoping for good things in 2017, but some stars are expecting more than just success and happiness – they’re also expecting babies. From first-time moms like Lauren Conrad and Amanda Seyfried to stars like Natalie Portman and Ciara, who are on their second bundles of joy, it’s going to be a pretty fun year.

Panic! At the Disco Performs On Fallon; Jimmy Fangirls

January 21, 2017


Time to Weep Openly at This Video of The Rock Playing With Puppies

January 21, 2017

Feeling down lately? Dwayne Johnson has the perfect cure: a video featuring him and a bunch of French Bulldog puppies. The actor was filming a commercial for Ford (naturally) when a bunch of puppies were brought in. The video is part of Seven Bucks Digital Studios, the YouTube division of Johnson’s production company. Johnson made an announcement about the company in January, but honestly, this video is a lot more fun. You had to know Johnson would melt over these dogs, seeing as he is obsessed with his own French Bulldog, Hobbs. Take a look, and if you have a YouTube account, simply pressing the “like” button will help raise funds for the Best Friends Animal Society!

Uma Thurman Custody Case: Ex Offered to Give Up Kid If She Agreed to No Child Support

January 21, 2017

Follow up to this post

The ugly child custody trial between actress Uma Thurman and financier Arpad Busson over their four-year-old daughter Luna continued today with both parties taking the stand. Among the allegations made by Uma’s lawyer:

* Arpad offered to give up all legal rights to Luna in exchange for not having to pay any child support. Arpad admitted he made the offer but said he did it because Uma was making his visitation so “onerous”.

* Arpad told Uma that he hired someone to take his baccalaureate (high-school graduation) exam for him. Arpad admitted he said it.

* Arpad once admitted to Uma that he is addicted to prostitutes. Arpad denied this.

* Arpad threatened another one of his exes, model Elle Macpherson, causing her to wear a wire around him. Arpad’s lawyer objected before he could answer and the judge sustained the objection.

* Arpad also said that Uma invited herself along when their daughter was scheduled to come to London for his birthday party: “I was blackmailed. I had to buy business class tickets for the nanny and the mother and the daughter at an exorbitant price,” he griped about the $ 30,000 cost. He said that he later learned that the reason Uma came was because “her lover was in London”.

Uma then took the stand and alleged:

* “[Arpad] was very difficult to be with. He was very angry. He got meaner and meaner.” When she canceled a trip to the Bahamas with him because her older daughter (by Ethan Hawke) had been in a serious car accident, “He had a very aggressive tantrum in front of all the kids, he started yelling and shouting throughout the house. It was very upsetting and traumatic for myself and the children.”

* When she told Arpad she was pregnant with Luna, “He looked at me and said, ‘Well the child won’t share your last name, cannot be a U.S. citizen and can’t have a U.S. passport and will be raised Catholic.’”

* After they split when their daughter was 18 months old, she didn’t hear from Arpad for “quite some time”, and then his secretary contacted her and said he wanted visits. He canceled half of his scheduled visits with Luna and after only two overnight visits, he sued for custody.

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