United States Congressman’s 15-Year-Old Grandson Shot And Killed In Dispute Over Shoes

November 20, 2016

United States Congressman's 15-Year-Old Grandson Shot And Killed In Dispute Over Shoes

This is so unbelievably tragic, we ca not even imagine what this family is going through.

The grandson of United States Representative Danny Davis (D-IL) was shot and killed in Chicago on Friday night, apparently the tragic end result of an argument over a pair of gym shoes.

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Jovan Wilson, 15, was at home with his uncle and three siblings when two teenagers – reportedly a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl – entered the home and argued with the teenager about the shoes.

At that point, the other boy allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Wilson in the head, according to multiple reports – including those from Davis himself, who spoke to the media after the incident.

Rep. Davis said:

“I guess I always knew that the possibility existed that it could happen close to me. I thought it was so unfortunate, because Jovan had just reached a point, 15, his grades had improved in school, his father had just told me about how proud of him he was because he was catching on and realizing that all of his life was in front of him.”

Ugh – so unimaginably sad.

Davis continued, noting the horrible irony of the incident:

“We had counseled him about being at home, being inside the house at night and unfortunately here he was, in the house, at home, minding his own business, and some intruders would come and snuff his life away.”


A police spokesperson shared more details about the incident on Twitter (below), including the revelation that a person of interested has been identified:

Such a senseless and needless tragedy – over shoes?!

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Congressman Davis shared more in a statement he released to the media early Saturday morning (below):

Truly tragic.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Wilson’s family, including Rep. Davis, and all of his friends and loved ones.


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