Tyra Banks loves Kmart’s decision to use “fabulously-sized” instead of “plus-sized”

September 14, 2017


  • Former supermodel and current America's Got Talent host Tyra Banks is praising Kmart's decision to ditch the term "plus-sized" in favor of "fabulously-sized." She had this to say when asked about Kmart's rebranding: "Five years ago on America's Next Top Model, I stopped saying 'plus-size' and I said 'fiercely real' in terms of bodies that are curvy or thicker and sexy bodies. So it looks like Kmart is following with the F-word with their own version!"
  • Not only is Kmart eliminating the term "plus-size" from all of its apparel (swimsuits and undergarments, too), the struggling company is ensuring that all of their women's apparel lines carry a full range of sizes available to purchase in-store.

Kmart's latest commercial:


Did you know that Kmart still exists, ONTD?

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