The ’47 Meters Down’ sequel will actually be called ’48 Meters Down’

September 12, 2017


  • The first movie, produced on a budget of $ 5 million, has earned $ 44 million domestically and $ 53 million overseas. And that's not counting home video sales as 47 Meters Down won't hit DVD/Blu-ray in the U.S. until September 26. The movie was originally intended for a VOD release (the whole DVD, titled In the Deep, was leaked online in full last year), but the success of fellow shark summer thriller The Shallows changed the higher-up's minds. Their bet paid off, and now a sequel is in the works.
  • The sequel, called 48 Meters Down, will be helmed by the first movie's director, Johannes Roberts. However, he's busy with The Strangers Part II at the moment so a release date for the sequel is not known right now. Ernest Riera will help him co-write again.
  • All that is really known about the sequel's plot so far is that the story will take place in Brazil rather than in Mexico again, and there will still be water and sharks involved.
  • No casting news as of yet, and the movie is being shopped around at the Toronto Film Festival.

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