Dylan Farrow Pens A Tragic Open Letter About Woody Allen! Read Her Words HERE!

February 2, 2014

Dylan Farrow Pens A Tragic Open Letter About Woody Allen! Read Her Words HERE!

will bring Hollywood to listen …

Ita? s been? a topic that has been danced around for decades, but Dylan Farrow want everyone exactly know this Woody Allen made it all these years.

The open letter, published in the The New York Times , is very sincere, down-to-fact and to the point. Indeed, it begins as follows:

â €? Whatâ? s your favorite Woody Allen movie? Before you answer, you need to know: when I was seven years old, Woody Allen took me by the hand and led me in, closet-like dark attic on the second floor of our house. He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brotherâ? S electric train. When he assaulted me sexually. He told me that when he did, I whispered a good girl, it was our secret, promising WEA? D to Paris and IA? D is a star in his films. I remember the toy train, focusing on it as he traveled in his circle around the attic. To date, it’s hard for me to watch? Trains.â toys


. Srsly heavy stuff. And it is difficult to read when Dylan spoke about how she felt after telling her mother, Mia Farrow

â €? ? When I asked my mother if his father gave him that Woody Allen has done for me, I honestly do not know the answer. I also sell? T know the storm would cause. I sell? Know that my father used her sexual relationship with my sister at the abuse he inflicted on me cover. I sell? Does he accuse my mother planting of violence in my head and lying in my defense. I sell? T know that I would actually tell my story to the doctor after doctor, driven to see if Iâ? Again and again J admit that I was under a legal battle, I sell? ? t can understand. At one point, my mother sat me down and told me I wouldnâ? T in trouble if I lied â €? I could take it all back. I sell? T. It was quite true. But sexual abuse claims against the powerful booth easier. There were experts ready to attack my credibility. There were doctors who agree to Gaslight child.â abused?

It’s so horrible! We Cana? T imagine going through all this trauma!

Then things got even more intense when the names Dylan Woodyâ most loyal members say celebrities?

â €? What if your child Cate Blanchett ? Louis CK ? Alec Baldwin ? As if it had been you, Emma Stone ? Or Scarlett Johansson ? You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton . Have you forgotten me?

Woody Allen is a living example of how our society victims of physical and sexual abuse testimony.

So imagine seven year old girl in an attic led by Woody Allen. Imagine beaten for a lifetime along with nausea at the mention of his name. Imagine a world that celebrates his executioner.

Imagine that? Now that is the question? S your favorite Woody Allen movie? Â?


? might be interesting to see what all to say about it! these celebrities Maybe they just Hadna? T think there is, from this point on.

If youâ? new really feel down now, Dylan talk about the positives in his life too! She explained:

â €? Today, I consider myself lucky. I’m happily married. I have the support of my brothers and sisters amazing. I have a mother who found himself in a pit courage that saved us from the chaos one introduced predators in our home.Â?


! WEA? Re pleased that Dylan finally found happiness after all these years with people who really love it!

Now we have to wait to see what happens with Hollywood and Allena? s Oscars appointment.


Justin Bieber’s Bad Boy Lifestyle Is Approved By Steven Tyler! Read His Shocking Comment On The Arrest Sitch HERE!

January 28, 2014

Justin Bieber's Bad Boy Lifestyle Is Approved By Steven Tyler! Read His Shocking Comment On The Arrest Sitch HERE!

are certainly not positive, reinforcing words Justin Bieber need!

Especially after everything he’s been through!

While many stars

their opinions on JB dramz crossed Steven Tyler appears to be the only exception of the father of the Biebs to this style cuhrazy approve life!

If a pap asked Aerosmith singer if he had any advice for the current situation Bieberoni, Steven said:

“You know, I called Justin This morning I said Justin let me ask you, do you have next to a beautiful woman, he said: “Yes I said.”?’re in a yellow Ferrari he said, “Yes, I said. ‘You are the greatest pop star of the world today, at this moment, he said: “Yes I said.” Well done “

Hm, I do not think it’s okay to condone this type of behavior.. Especially for someone who has such an impact on the youth of the world!

Take care of yourself, Biebs and listen to those who are trying to help you!

Tori Spelling’s Cheating Hubby Checked Into Rehab!!! Read His Statement On Taking “Full Responsibility” HERE!!!

January 24, 2014

Tori Spelling's Cheating Hubby Checked Into Rehab!!! Read His Statement On Taking

Brace, people, because it just thickened ground!

Dean McDermott has checked himself into rehab!

The 47-year-old chopped Canada star headlines recently for cheating Tori Spelling with male and female partners, but now it seems that it is trying to clean up his act and maybe even get his family back

Apparently it is here to answer “health and personal issues” and “to the husband and father [his] family deserves to be.”


Dean released a statement openly declaring the movement.

He said:

“I’m really sorry for the mistakes I made and for the pain I caused my family I take full responsibility for my actions and I deliberately. I checked into a center for the treatment of certain health and personal issues. I am grateful for the help I need, so I can be. “the man and the father of my family deserves

Wowzers Wedding Tori & Dean! srsly more twists and turns than Space Mountain! We did not see it coming at all!

We wish he would have extended his apology, though. Did he really deceive his 40-year 90210 starlet?

If so, it was just 28 years Emily Goodhand or was there a large number of male and female partners with whom it is performed for many years, the company? On

How We therefore, welcome the husband and father trying to regain his life! Control Hope this works!

do u think Tori was after all his effort or too little, too late?


Kanye West Feels People Are “Intentionally” Trying To Make Him “Look Like A Lunatic!” Read His Claims HERE!!!

January 21, 2014

Kanye West Feels People Are

for love Yeezus ! Hopefully we will not have another beatdown of those who do it for him!

Kanye West recently gave an interview very innnneresting Steve McQueen , director of 12 years a slave and Interview Magazine and it seems Kanye feels personally victim Regina George people.

He said he believes the others who deliberately make him look like a fool.

“Ye said:

â €? People are strategically trying to cut in a way or make me like AS? Things to my voice my crazy? or delete spot errors in my grammar somehow the overall message of what Iâ? ? saying.â m?

bins are not to be made to look like a fool, but, uh, we’re sure Kanye quotes speak for themselves the same.

And, if we are honest, we are sure that no one on earth who could Kanye silent.

Except maybe for Kim Kardashian to say no to a wedding venue “wilt thou

Well, we doubt that it would never refuse!

PS Do not forget to ch-ch-check spread of Kanye journal (below)

Lorde Cramps Her Style On The Cover Of Rolling Stone! Read Her Interview HERE!

January 18, 2014

Lorde Cramps Her Style On The Cover Of Rolling Stone! Read Her Interview HERE!

good ita? s about damn time Lorde on the cover of Rolling Stone !

What emotion singer for 17 years! This is a big deal!

Lorde legendary magazine with the cover on newsstands today with an interview in which the opening of the sensation pop up on what has been successful in the music industry and has not changed!


Ch-ch-check what she had to say about his clothes, his music, and the advice they have for aspiring musicians who hope to one day be as popular as Shea suddenly becomea |? After the jump !

overcome his nerves

“I get nervous paralyzingly much time, so I tried bravado. The way I dress and carries me, many people find it intimidating. I think my whole career can be summed up in one word, I always say in meetings. resistance “

ON WHAT ADVICE Shea? GIVE A budding musicians

“If you want your music to be heard … you can just put stuff on the internet and people can love, and that’s cool. I think the industry is much less scary than people think it is. You have to go in a sense of who you are and what you want to do, and you have an idea of ​​the things you will not do, and things you want to draw. because if you clear goals and definitely not for you, so that people can understand and you will not be left like, “Oh, shit, why did I â € |?. I do not know the juice commercial. “

continue EARTH

” Well, the way I see it, is that when I met people whose music I really inspiring, and they can be a bit famous, I get always small, “Holy crap! This person wants to talk to me.” And I think if you stop that feeling, and you’re like, ‘Oh, of course, they “maybe you’re not who you were anymore.â?

ON THIS Shea S learned the music industry

“I learned how to interact with people to get what I want, but alsoa? |? You can not overwrite the vision of someone, you have to compromise, it was not something I knew. until recently. I was kind of fixation on exactly what I wanted to do, but now I’m good enough to take. Understanding of other people on board That being said, I am quite learned in this process that 99 percent of the time, your gut is right, and you know what’s good for you. I know exactly what is good for my career and my art, and sometimes, even if the whole room said, ‘Do not do that, you do not know that it goes well for you in the long term. So yes, I think it’s a balance between listening to what others say and do not listen. “