Kim Kardashian Drinks a Disgusting Sardine Smoothie to Avoid Discussing Her Pregnant Sisters

November 18, 2017

Kim Kardashian followed in her sister Khloé’s footsteps when she joined James Corden for a round of his game “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on Wednesday. Sitting down in front of James’s smorgasbord of disgusting delights, she gave as good as it gets when it came to asking probing questions. Kim had no problem listing her family members from best dressed to worst (sorry, Khloé) and even dished on Kanye’s bad habits at home. But when it came to discussing her sisters’ pregnancies, Kim took one for the team, tucking into a sardine smoothie rather than betraying Khloé and Kylie. James also showed solidarity for his own sisters; on being asked to choose a favorite, there was really only one thing he could do. Be warned, you’ll need a strong stomach for this one!

Model Cameron Russell Is Pregnant and Fighting For Women Everywhere

November 16, 2017

The beautiful Cameron Russell announced via Instagram/her latest public appearence that she's expecting her first child with her boo.

She most recently spoke at the Glamour Women of the Year Summit, talking about her experience with sexual harassment, recounting a few of her painful experiences in an effort to inspire other women.

– A grown man kissed her when she was 16
– A casting agent said he couldnt book her cause she was a virgin
– One told her he couldnt be sure she was right for the job unless he saw her naked first
– She ended her speech with: "We [women] are the majority, and although we don’t always have the titles or the résumés or the wealth, what we do have is of much greater value. We have the power to make a much more livable world."

Kongrats! Kylie Jenner is Pregnant

September 22, 2017

– Kylie is pregnant with her first child and boyfriend Travis Scott
-Began telling friends earlier this month
-They’ve even begun to tell friends that they are having a girl


Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child

September 22, 2017

Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant with her first child. TMZ reports that the 20-year-old is expecting a baby with rapper Travis Scott, who she has been dating since April. Sources says that Kylie “began telling friends earlier this month” about her pregnancy, and that Travis has “also been telling his friends.” It’s also being reported that he’s told friends “they’re having a girl.” A source also reportedly told Page Six that Kylie “has been looking pregnant for about four months.”

Counting On Is Back on TV and People Speculate Joy-Anna Got Pregnant Before She Said ‘I Do’

September 12, 2017

…and Jinger is NOT pregnant yet!

-Ben and Jessa and their two children travelled to Texas to meet Jinger and Jeremy.
-Ben and Jessa also revealed how they met Jeremy
-Joseph is officially courting Kendra
-Joy-Anna started planning her wedding

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