John Cleese: “Most of the Best People are Dead”

September 20, 2017

He talked about life and things including his age…

– says hes not afraid of death cause the best people are dead and awful people are alive
– "when you're old  you know you're gonna die soon so you dont give a f*** you see"
shades a certain someone, "there are an awful lot of really awful people still alive…and most of them are in charge"

– recalls when someone had asked him if the queen had killed diana and he said "not with her bare hands"

Do you agree, ONTD?

Sterling K. Brown Got Cut Off During His Endearing Emmys Speech, and People Were Pissed

September 19, 2017

Sterling K. Brown gave one of the most endearing speeches of the night when he took home the Emmy for best actor in a drama series for his role on This Is Us on Sunday. His win marks the first time a black actor has won in the category in almost 20 years, but unfortunately his words were cut short. After thanking his incredible cast for being “the best white TV family he’s ever had,” the actor was rudely played off by incredibly loud music.

While he was thankfully able to finish his speech backstage in the press room – and give a shout-out to his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe – people were pretty pissed that he was cut off in the first place. In fact, the audience actually started booing when his mic was turned off and he was forced to exit the stage. Hopefully CBS can learn a valuable lesson from all of this: don’t ever cut Sterling K. Brown off . . . ever!

Counting On Is Back on TV and People Speculate Joy-Anna Got Pregnant Before She Said ‘I Do’

September 12, 2017

…and Jinger is NOT pregnant yet!

-Ben and Jessa and their two children travelled to Texas to meet Jinger and Jeremy.
-Ben and Jessa also revealed how they met Jeremy
-Joseph is officially courting Kendra
-Joy-Anna started planning her wedding

Sources: 1 2

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ONTD, do you enjoy premarital sex, wearing trousers, and hugging people? Duggar bashing discussion post?

Little People Big World’s Audrey & Jeremy Have Baby Girl

September 11, 2017

Ember Jean Roloff born Sept 10, 2017

Good luck to you, tiny baby.


Piers Morgan takes disgraced L’Oréal model to task over “white people are racist” comments

September 6, 2017

Transgender model Munroe Bergdorf has made waves for her viral Facebook post condemning the “racial violence of white people… ALL white people.” The post led to her firing from L’Oréal, and she later called for a boycott of the company.

In the above video, Munroe appears on Good Morning Britain, where Piers Morgan grills her on the comment. Munroe semi-walks back her original comments (“I don’t think all white people are by nature racist”), while Piers accuses her of causing more division. It’s basically a shouting match.

Highlight: Piers asking, “What’s the patriarchy?”


follow-up to:
L’Oréal Fires First Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf For “All Whites Are Racist” Facebook Post
Transgender Model Munroe Bergdorf returned to Facebook to call for a boycott of L’Oreal.