New pope promises to bring new look to Church

March 14, 2013

New pope promises to bring new look to Church
Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio

election as pope broke Europe centuries grip on the papacy, opening the door to a new era of simplicity and humility of the Roman Catholic Church, stabbing in intrigues and scandals.

This is the first in South America pope, the first non-European pope in 1300 years, and the first name of Pope Francis to take, in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, 12th century saint who despised wealth to live in poverty.

His elevation to the second day of a conclave of cardinals in the camera came as a surprise to many observers of the Vatican expect more dialogue, and not a conservative prediction of 76 Bergoglio would get the nod.

He looked as surprised as everyone else, a moment of hesitation on the balcony of St. Peter’s before heading to the crowd in the square below to have to greet overview of the new pope.

“I ask you a favor … Pray for me,” he urged the cheering crowd, telling them the 114 other cardinals-voters “would almost until the end of the world” to a new leader to find.

He also has a prayer to his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned unexpectedly last month after saying he was too weak to deal with the many problems that beset the world’s largest organization, which has about 1 ,. two billion members

“Good night and have a good rest,” said Bergoglio before disappearing in the magnificent setting of the Vatican -., which are far from simple apartment in Buenos Aires

priests, nuns and pilgrims Glad danced around the obelisk in the middle of St. Peter’s Square, singing. “Long live the Pope” and “Argentina, Argentina”

In his native Argentina, Catholics widespread joy in the local churches to celebrate.

“I hope it changes all the luxury is in the Vatican, he leads the Church in a more modest, slightly closer to the Gospel,” said Jorge Andres Lobato, a prosecutor for 73 years in retirement.

change of direction

266th pope over 2000 years of Church history, François takes the lead in a time of great crisis, morale among believers successfully scandal of child sex abuse is widespread and power struggles in the Vatican bureaucracy.

The unexpected election answered some basic questions about the meaning of the church in the coming years.

After more than a millennium of European leadership, the cardinal electors are to Latin America, where 42 percent of Catholics in the world. The continent is more focused on poverty and the rise of evangelical churches that issues of materialism and sexual abuse, which dominate in the West.

They also chose a man of pastoral experience term, rather than as an insider academic Vatican Benedict.

“It seems that this pope more aware of what life is all about,” Italian theologian Massimo Faggioli told Reuters.


was born into a family of seven, his father, an Italian immigrant railroad worker and his mother a housewife. He became a priest at the age of 32, nearly a decade after losing a lung due to respiratory diseases and the end of his study chemistry.

Despite his late start, he led the Jesuit community in four years. e?? Bergoglio has the reputation of someone who is willing to fight powerful interests and had a difficult relationship with Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and her deceased husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner.

Display his conservative orthodoxy, he spoke out strongly against gay marriage, he rejected in 2010 as “an attempt to God’s plan to destroy,” and it is the intention to uncompromising moral teachings of Benedict and John Paul II continued .

Not everyone likes the look of profile.

“I think they missed an opportunity to innovate. They chose another old man,” said Daniel Villalpando, a web designer of 32 years in Mexico City. “Sure, it’s a Latino, but they had the most European of Latinos.”


was the first Jesuit to be pope. The order was founded in the 16th century in the service of Popery and is best known for his work in education and intellectual ability of its members.

“I did not expect to see white tonight. I think it’s a surprise, but he has the courage of the cardinals decide to cross an ocean to stabbing and therefore broaden perspectives,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi .

The Vatican said his inaugural Mass will be held on Tuesday. U.S. President Barack Obama has declared that the election of François “proof of the strength and vitality of a region that is increasingly shaping our world.”

Problems age

the preparatory meetings for the conclave, the cardinals seemed divided between those who believed that the new pope must be a good manager for the dysfunctional bureaucracy under control and others who were looking for a figure more pastoral proven to revitalize their faith throughout the world.


was an opposition candidate in the 2005 conclave to Benedict, but his name is not on the list of possible contenders this time, with many discount him because of his age, prelates would think that a young chef cook.

The secret conclave began on Tuesday with a first ballot is inconclusive. Other three inconclusive rounds of voting took place Wednesday for Francis the required two-thirds majority of 77 votes in the fifth and final vote.

billowing white smoke poured from the Sistine Chapel and the bells of St. Peter called to the new design Romans and tourists to announce in the Vatican.

“May God forgive you,” said the Cardinal Bergoglio over dinner later that this evokes laughter, according to Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

It is due to a private visit to a basilica in Rome on Thursday and then meet Benedict, which way is the summer residence of the Pope from Rome to make. Francis celebrates a Mass with cardinals in the afternoon.

Facebook’s Radical Redesign Is Picture Perfect! Preview The Splendid New Look HERE!

March 8, 2013

Facebook's Radical Redesign Is Picture Perfect! Preview The Splendid New Look HERE!

Oh, The Facebook! How far you’ve come in less than a decade!

an instrument terrifying college in Cambridge to a corporate behemoth multinational billion users and a private cinema – we wet eyes to see you all grown up

The most popular Internet time sucking – porn sorry, you’re replacing – underwent a major overhaul today, and as it turns out, Facebook of the facelift was too late!

bandwidth capacity dramatically and attention span down, the world has decided that he would much rather have a picture of a thousand words!

In the footsteps of Instagram and Tumblr , Mark Zuckerberg and his flock changed direction gurus Website of “blah blah boring ‘status updates fixed get stuck in an endless sea of ​​text to a site more conducive to upload, share and view comments on photos of sweet-ass!

Hooray for



account will more to migrate to the new design, but we know how to pass line

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Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green & Baby Look EXHAUSTED After Crazy Carnaval Trip!

February 13, 2013

Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green & Baby Look EXHAUSTED After Crazy Carnaval Trip!

a whirlwind trip!

Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green are probably beyond exhausted after partying until – in a kind way responsible parent – Rio de Janeiro Carnival We already know their son poops! Look at him probably dozing in his career!

happy family landed safely at LAX after fun in Brazil.

But they certainly seemed ready for a bit of peace both parents wearing sunglasses on arrival.


hide the bags under the eyes?

Even if they are, theyâ?? are still the most beautiful family!

Jared Leto Is Skeletal Skinny! LOOK!

November 29, 2012

Jared Leto Is Skeletal Skinny! LOOK!
And we thought

Matthew McConaughey on weight loss summer!

Well ..

it’s still … but Jared Leto transformed into a mini skinny!

After winning once

£ 67 for Chapter 27 , Jared knows the health risks that come with your significant weight change for a movie.

But of course there is the risk aa willing to take as it plays an AIDS patient with Matty travesty McCo Club Dallas copper .

Discover all photos Terry Richardson took to his own skeleal on the screen (see below)!

We are all for the dedication with your work, but we hope that these guys are not harmful to his health too much in the process! They are also very warm with just a bit of muscle! Ha!

Look who’s talking! Kirstie Alley calls Travolta “greatest love”

November 8, 2012

Look who's talking! Kirstie Alley calls Travolta

actress Kirstie Alley on Wednesday described how she fell in love over 20 years with John Travolta, and dismissed widespread speculation that the Hollywood “Grease” star is secretly gay.

Alley, former television star of the 1980 comedy “Cheers,” he told ABC television journalist Barbara Walters that she has fallen for both Travolta and actor Patrick Swayze in the 1980s, although their physical novels ever.

Alley, 61, said she was attracted by Travolta, while the couple has the 1989 movie “Look Who’s Talking is” called it “the greatest love of my life.”

“Believe me, it took everything I had inside, outside, whatever, do not run away and marry with John and John for the rest of my life, “Walters said in an interview broadcast Lane on breakfast television show” Good Morning America. “

Request Walters commented on rumors about sexuality Travolta, she said” I know that John with all my heart and soul, he is not gay. “


added.” I think in some strange way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they are not taking drugs and they are not womanizer, what do you say about them “

Travolta was unique time, but had gone on his second marriage, so she never pursued her feelings, she said.

Travolta married actress Kelly Preston, his wife of 20 years. But the actor was the target of two lawsuits earlier this year, which were quickly abandoned in two male masseurs who claimed Travolta made sexual advances.

Alley, who says more about his love life in her new book, “The Art of Men,” said she fell for Swayze in 1985 while filming TV mini- Civil War series “North and South”.

“We love. I was more inclined to break my marriage and I was not willing to break his marriage, “Alley, explaining why the relationship can not continue.

Swayze, best known for his starring role in ‘Dirty Dancing’ , died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 at age 57. He was married to dancer Lisa Niemi from 1975 until his death.

Alley has been married twice. His second marriage to actor Parker Stevenson, ended in 1997.