Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Incompetent’ Lawyer Speaks! Uses Ben Affleck In His Defense!

March 1, 2013

Lindsay Lohan's 'Incompetent' Lawyer Speaks! Uses Ben Affleck In His Defense!

judge Friday Mark Heller ‘s motion to Lindsay Lohan The trial of offense coming to dismiss was denied.

Judge James R. Dabney Heller found incompetence with regard to this specific case, the control is a missing Lindsay find another or of his right to see a competent attorney CA.

I repeat – BURRRRNNNN!

Heller motion to dismiss was based on his allegations that Lindsay is not his Miranda rights to read, but insufficient evidence has led to a huge NO Dabz court.

Discouraged but determined, Heller tried his luck by asking pushing March 18 trial be delayed until the first week of April.

Again, the judge raised his eyebrows and had another flat denial.

After the hearing, Mr. Heller spoke at a press conference in the press to ensure that “persistence all legal possibilities Lindsay delete” so it would be a step toward a resolution.

Quoting Ben Affleck ‘s Oscar Speeches (it’s so Hollywood today), he noted that this is not the way you are “knocked down in life, what really important is that you have to get up. “

So basically he wants everyone to leave alone LINDSAY! enemies to give him one last chance, he says! LOLz

answering questions from the press, he explained detail her request for clarification. has revealed that he will be an investigation into the treatment of Lindsay by the police after the accident to search.

Heller says police grabbed Lindsay when she medical and illegally interrogated without having read his Miranda rights. When asked Lindsay to be treated in rehabilitation, he revealed that Linds currently “in favor of one-to-one psychotherapy” to better learn to receive navigating life with emotion.

insisted that she did not have a problem with alcohol and drugs, but he is facing “other types of problems,” she tries to solve his therapy and other important projects, such as the recent promise to tutor autistic individuals.

address of the concern that the judge is unfit to represent Lindsay, because of his lack of knowledge in legal proceedings in California, he revealed that he was a local lawyer and another lawyer who will help you during the process. He added that Linds is faithful and devoted to him, answering all his actions up to this point.

long heroism aside, we sincerely Mark takes the next two weeks to familiarize themselves with the procedures in California, so he can effectively defend Lindsay.

Lord knows she needs it!

Lindsay Lohan’s Loopy Lawyer Filed Several Head-Scratching Legal Docs!

February 25, 2013

Lindsay Lohan's Loopy Lawyer Filed Several Head-Scratching Legal Docs!

lawyer Mark Heller purpose of LiLo during the procedure is to generate publicity for himself as humanly possible, everything is going great!

But what if his priority is keeping Lindsay Lohan from prison? Uh, the jury is still out on that one.

After apparently learned the law Channing Tatum ‘s hit comedy 21 Jump Street , Mark has recently filed a motion to dismiss the case based on the fact Lindz was never Mirandized before they lied.

Unfortunately, because she sang like a canary red head police never arrested, nobody was necessary to read him a list of rights.

It will run 88.8 miles per hour not turn your car into a time machine, because the logic of the film is not always true in real life.


colleagues are intrigued by many of his questionable decisions.

Legal experts scratching their heads, because they forgot to wash it with Head & Shoulders? Or is Lindsay urgently needs a more competent lawyer?

Tme and jury to say!

Lindsay Lohan Owes Ex Lawyer More Than $300,000 In Unpaid Legal Fees!!!

January 15, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Owes Ex Lawyer More Than 0,000 In Unpaid Legal Fees!!!

We knew there was a reason why his!

After Lindsay Lohan rejected her lawyer Shawn Holley link for a shady, we all like what?!?

But new evidence makes the logic behind his actions much clearer!

Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer has recently drawn more than $ 300,000 in unpaid legal fees and has a single payment to him in six months!

This is what a source said:

â?? Shawn Lindsay has over $ 300k in legal fees and Hasna?? t no payments to more than six months. Lindsay Hadna?? T paid nothing for the work that Shawn did on his three new criminal charges of lying to the police, under a car accident in Santa Monica last summer. Shawn Lindsay remained in prison for more than five years and she has no idea how she got it. Shawn is highly respected by judges and prosecutors, and has benefited greatly Lindsay. Lindsayâ?? S new criminal lawyer, Mark Heller , donâ € ™? Not even based in Los Angeles and certainly doesn?? T have a reputation honored Shawn does.â?

There was only one source of mind:

â € I suspect Lindsayâ?? The new prosecutor or his agent at a reduced rate, or does not load. I think Mark is that advertising is Lindsay Lohan may bring.â??

should bring!

We sincerely hope that Lindsay somehow can out of this mess, it’s there, but how can they pull it off – we have no idea!

Elmo Accuser #3’s Lawyer Goes Into Disturbing Detail About ‘Mr. Tickler’

November 28, 2012

Elmo Accuser #3's Lawyer Goes Into Disturbing Detail About 'Mr. Tickler'

?? will never think Tickle Me Elmo same!

The costs keep coming for Kevin Clash , who recently resigned as the voice of Sesame Street â?? Elmo.

We have been told about one third prosecutor who recently came forward accusing Clash of sexual abuse of minors and now we have even more disturbing details of their meetings.

At a press conference yesterday, the third suspect??? The lawyer said the men debate whether or not to present its claims, but I wanted the other two prosecutors support.

As we mentioned, the prosecutor began a third book to write back in 2009 – but never released -. And his lawyer read a portion of the chapter

Lawyer to read: ..

“Mr. Tickler This is what I call it and the game we played was a father and son When we met, I was 16 years and there was no sex. Yet many heavy kissing and he showed me what it was to kneel and to obey your husband. “


ita?? s annoying … to say the least!

The chapter goes into detail about how Clash wanted â?? Tastea?? He reached and how the two sexual acts with each other … when the alleged victim was only 16 years old!

Ugh … We do not even know what to make of this, but if these allegations prove to be true, it is really sad and horrible that the victims had to go through it.

Anna Nicole Smith lawyer Howard Stern back on the hook for conspiracy charges

October 27, 2012

Anna Nicole Smith lawyer Howard Stern back on the hook for conspiracy charges
Howard K.

Stern, former lawyer and partner National deceased actress / heiress / playmate Anna Nicole Smith has suffered a blow on Thursday in the legal saga of Smith’s death, when a California Court of Appeal quashed his acquittal on two conspiracy.

In October, a judge overturned the conviction of the former Stern on two charges of conspiracy charges in connection with obtaining drugs for Smith under false names, saying that there is not enough evidence.

The Court of Appeal reversed that decision Thursday, and also reversed the dismissal of the charges against Dr. Khristine Eroshevich Elaine, who prescribed medication to Smith in the period prior to death.

“If the suspect, Kevin Howard Stern, the new orders of dismissal be reversed,” The decision Thursday bed. “The statements of fact 1 and 3 are sorted restored.”

We do not know what the next step is to Stern, in the opinion, the court ruled in October that can be terminated for reasons other than insufficient evidence or a punishment, but Stern could not start because of the double jeopardy rule <. / P>