Meadow Walker Shares a Photo of Her Dancing With Dad Paul in Honor of His Birthday

September 13, 2017

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Tuesday marked what would have been Paul Walker’s 44th birthday, and to honor the special occasion, his daughter, Meadow, shared a beautiful throwback photo of her and her dad. In the snap, Paul, who tragically passed away in a car accident in November 2013, dances with Meadow and twirls her around a living room. The now 18-year-old has an adorable smile on her face while wearing a dress and flowery headband. In addition to sharing the intimate photo, Meadow also made sure to spread kindness with her post, writing, “In honor of my dad’s birthday today, we’re challenging you to DO GOOD! Share a video or photo of your random act of kindness and nominate 4 people to join the challenge! Be sure to tag the foundation as well as hashtag #PWFdogoodchallenge, so we can check out all of your posts!”

In the years since Paul’s death, Meadow has shared a handful of heartwarming photos with her dad on social media, and she also honors his legacy by contributing to charities that involve his love of the ocean and all things marine biology.

Halloweentown Cast is Reuniting to Honor Debbie Reynolds

August 20, 2017

Oh my Trapa! Kimberly J. Brown (Marnie) announced that the cast from the original Halloweentown film will be reuniting and are heading back to the city of St. Helens, Oregon, where first Halloweentown was filmed, for the city’s annual Spirit of Halloweentown Festival. The event is a celebration that once a year brings to life and recreates Halloweentown including the town square and yes the giant iconic jack o’lantern. The cast will be honoring the late Debbie Reynolds (que in paz descanse) who played Grandma Aggie in the film. A tribute is planned during the lighting ceremony where everyone in attendance recites a spell from the movie while the town square jack o’lantern is lit up. Kimberly J. Brown, J. Paul Zimmerman (brother Dylan), Judith Hoag (their mom, Gwen) will be in attendance. Emily Roeske (little sister Sophie) is currently working out scheduling conflicts so that she would be able to attend the event.

this post is dedicated to the Queen Debbie Reynolds. <3

ONTD, which of the three Halloweentown films is your favorite? we don't know the fourth film.

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In Honor of Miley’s New Song, Here Are Some Photos of Her and Liam in Malibu

May 13, 2017

Miley Cyrus recently released “Malibu,” her first musical offering since 2015, and the song is very clearly about her on-again fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Lyrics like “I never came to the beach, or stood by the ocean / I never sat by the shore, under the sun with my feet in the sand / But you brought me here and I’m happy that you did” reference their meeting on the 2010 movie The Last Song (which was set on the beach), and “I’d spent the rest of my life standing here talking / You would explain the current, as I try to smile” alluding to Liam being an avid surfer. The couple currently lives together in the California beach town, so “Here I am, next to you / The sky’s more blue in Malibu” paints a pretty picture of their life since rekindling their romance in early 2016. In honor of the song (which we’ve had on repeat since it dropped), here are some cute photos of Liam and Miley in Malibu.

Lea Michele Is Said To Have New Ink To Honor Cory Monteith! Find Out What She Had Done HERE!

September 21, 2013

Lea Michele Is Said To Have New Ink To Honor Cory Monteith! Find Out What She Had Done HERE!
We know

Lea Michele does everything she can to Cory Monteith to keep living memory.

Glee episode homage and Cory him wearing his collar all the time, it is still stick to their love.

And now we hear she went a little further, so you never have to be separated from her lover who was killed by an overdose. Tragically

An insider revealed Lea has a new tattoo just for Cory:

The slightly


“s in a private place with Coryâ s initials in a black heart ATI them?.? did for himself and always remember the love they shared. “

What a sweet gesture to the man who was the love of his life to honor.

We are sure that small tattoo of a daily reminder of how Cory Lea will be for her.

Glee Will Honor Cory Monteith With Tribute Episode Early Next Season

July 20, 2013

Glee Will Honor Cory Monteith With Tribute Episode Early Next Season

We can not imagine what it will be, the movie but we’re sure it will be beautiful.

Although there is much speculation, Ryan Murphy confirmed rumors Glee honor Cory Monteith with a tribute episode.

After his sudden death from a drug overdose, Gleeks wondering how the show would handle.’s Heartbreaking tragedy

And it is, the show is planning to fans a tribute episode sooner rather than later revealed that Ryan offer:

“We had two episodes we finished writing may have been our Beatles tribute that we worked for four years, so they were all ready. with some minor changes, we ‘decided OK, Let’s get it. Let people back and then we will take the time to write and deal with a tribute to Cory, “which I think we are going to do three episodes and then after this episode aired, we will go for a while and take a break and find out what from the air the future of the show … we want people to feel that we are not only a memorial for Cory, but a memorial to Finn. “

We already know

Lea Michele wanted the show to continue, and we can not imagine how difficult it will be to get through film tribute. Hair

But we know that his love for Cory with other customers will surely shine during the tribute.

We wish the best to the cast as they film the emotional episode.