Every Single One of Kim Kardashian’s NSFW Instagram Photos That Made Your Heart Beat Faster

November 14, 2017

Kim Kardashian has never been shy when it comes to flaunting her body for the public, and one of her favorite ways to do so is through Instagram. Kim regularly posts photos to her account that leave very little to the imagination – and she doesn’t apologize for it, either. Just look at the controversy she caused last year with one of her most risqué pictures yet! Keep reading to reminisce over Kim’s most scantily clad Instagram moments of all time, then check out her sexiest moments with Kanye West!

Celine Dion, Queen of Music, Performs an EDM Version of “My Heart Will Go On”

November 9, 2017

Céline Dion can officially tackle any genre of music. The 49-year-old singer proved just that when she gave a surprise performance at OMNIA Nightclub in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. The proud mom of three treated fans to a remixed version of her classic song “My Heart Will Go On” – yes, the one from the Titanic soundtrack – with a little help from EDM legend and producer Steve Aoki.

The performance starts off with the tradition version we’ve all come to love, until the beat drops at approximately 4:10 and completely takes over Celine, who writhes around the stage before lying down on the floor. The epic moment was all for a good cause, reportedly raising over $ 1 million in donations for the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund. Watch the video above and prepare to fist pump along.

The Way Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Look at Each Other Will Make Your Heart Sing

October 20, 2017

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban always make us swoon with their sickeningly sweet appearances, and Wednesday night was no different. During the CMT Artists Of The Year awards in Nashville, the duo looked absolutely smitten as they walked the red carpet together. Aside from wrapping their arms around each other, they seemed to forget the cameras were there entirely as they put their heads close together and stared longingly into each others’ eyes. Of course, this isn’t the first time the two have pulled a stunt like this. Over the years, they have developed a signature couples pose: Keith whispering into Nicole’s ear. Keep reading to see more from their sweet night out.

4 Men Jennifer Lawrence Graciously Allowed Into Her Heart

September 17, 2017

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but despite her killer acting ability and recognizable star status, she’s actually just a regular gal trying to keep her private life private. While we do appreciate the glimpses she gives us of her quirky personality, she usually stays pretty under the radar when it comes to romance. The 27-year-old’s most public relationship was with British actor Nicholas Hoult, her most talked-about fling was with Chris Martin, and most recently, she’s been getting hot and heavy with director Darren Aronofsky. See all of the men who should be thanking their lucky stars that they caught Jen’s eye ahead.

29 Photos of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel That Will Break Your Heart in 2

September 12, 2017

Paul Walker was only 40 years old when he tragically died in a car crash in November 2013, but his legacy is being carried on by his family and friends. One of those friends is his Fast and Furious costar Vin Diesel, who often pays tribute to him at public events and on social media. Paul and Vin first met during a read-through for the first installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and quickly developed a friendship. In fact, Vin says Paul was like a brother to him and he even named one of his daughters after Paul. Today, we’re honoring Paul by taking a look back at his best moments with Vin.