Lindsay Lohan FINALLY Thanks Charlie Sheen For His $100K Gift!

December 15, 2012

Lindsay Lohan FINALLY Thanks Charlie Sheen For His 0K Gift!

All it takes is a little jets audience!

Charlie Sheen generously donated $ 100,000 to Lindsay Lohan after the unveiling of his tax problems for him when she worked on Scary Movie 5 .

But it was in November. And last week, Linds did not even send a thank you to MaSheen. We mean, we know she had a lot on his plate … but it’s $ 100k! How rude!

Charlie put his ass on blast!

In an interview, he revealed his lack of manners, saying that he appreciated a text or something!

So as soon as LiLo’s word heard this, she was a thank you letter shows Apology / writing and sent it to his home with a bouquet of flowers.

Yes, flowers have access to street. LOL!

Oh yes. Even if it should have done earlier, better late than never?

Snooki Tweets Her Favorite Birthday Gift

November 25, 2012

Snooki Tweets Her Favorite Birthday Gift
If you

told us three years ago that Snooki will be his 25th birthday with her baby to celebrate, we would have called you crazy!

But itâ?? s exactly what the pint-sized star of reality TV has done!

Jersey Shore alum tweeted this picture (above), she and her baby, Lorenzo on Friday, and that was his birthday! She subtitled:? ? “My birthday bookmark ¤”

theyâ’re Too cute

WEA They are happy!?? are both happy and healthy and Shea? ™ s good that you have such a mother!


Happy Birthday

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