Lin-Manuel Miranda took his son to see “Hamilton” for the first time

November 7, 2017

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ONTD, what’s the cutest thing you’ve seen all day?

Channing Tatum reveals how his dad first found out about his stripping past

November 4, 2017

It was only after Channing appeared on the Ellen show as a guest that his father found out about his multi-talented stage past. And he wasn't particularly thrilled about it, as when asked how his father took the news, Tatum said: “Not well — I mean really, really not well.”


ONTD have your parents ever disapproved of your job?

Breaking News: Mueller Files First Charges & Crowd at Womens Convention Erupts in Cheers at News

October 28, 2017

A Federal Grand Jury in Washington, DC approved the first charges of Robert Mueller’s investigation today. The charges are sealed and the person in question, unknown who it is at this moment, should be expected to be taken into custody this Monday.

Who is the person in question? Is Mueller’s investigation moving fast for you? Who do you want to be charged next?


First pic of Tyler Hoechlin and Aneurin Barnard in character for ‘Bigger’

October 13, 2017

‘Bigger’ tells the story of the Weider brothers (Hoechlin and Barnard) who rose from poverty to create the Mr. Olympia competition, changing the face of professional bodybuilding. Also stars Nadine Lewington, Steve Guttenberg, Colton Haynes and Julianne Hough.


maybe some of aneurin’s acting abilities can rub off on hoechlin

This Fact About Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki’s First Meeting Is Pretty Crazy

October 13, 2017

Thanks to Supernatural, people get to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki kick ass every week as the demon-hunting Winchester brothers. While we love their onscreen bromance (literally), it’s the bond they share outside of work that really tugs at our fandom hearts. The two actors have been close friends since the show premiered in 2005, and since then, they’ve seen each other through weddings, babies, and everything in between. So how exactly did these two meet? While the show is what obviously brought them together, their first interaction is actually a whole lot cuter than just two stars showing up on set.

During one of their previous Supernatural conventions in New Jersey, the duo was asked about their first impressions of each other, and their answers prove that fate stepped in to bring them together. “I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is really tall and skinny,'” Jensen joked. Jared then expanded on their audition process, saying that unlike normal times when there is a long line of actors waiting to read for a part, they were the only two who actually showed up. “Johnny Handsome walks in and is like, ‘Hey, have you seen Days of Our Lives, Dark Angel, and Smallville? Yeah, that’s me,'” he said pointing to Jensen. And because nobody else came to compete for the parts of Dean and Sam, Jared and Jensen were called back and officially hired.