29 Photos of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel That Will Break Your Heart in 2

September 12, 2017

Paul Walker was only 40 years old when he tragically died in a car crash in November 2013, but his legacy is being carried on by his family and friends. One of those friends is his Fast and Furious costar Vin Diesel, who often pays tribute to him at public events and on social media. Paul and Vin first met during a read-through for the first installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and quickly developed a friendship. In fact, Vin says Paul was like a brother to him and he even named one of his daughters after Paul. Today, we’re honoring Paul by taking a look back at his best moments with Vin.

Vin Diesel Reveals What Paul Walker’s Mom Told Him!

December 9, 2013

Vin Diesel Reveals What Paul Walker’s Mom Told Him!

is so moving!

The Family

When Vin Diesel went to visit Paul Walker â €? after his death, he was a very special moment.

actor Facebook to write about the experience, sharing:

â €? When I heard that, I immediately flew to California, and I went straight from the plane of the house of his mother …

I thought they needed my strength, but I realized when I cracked and his family, it was me that she needed.

His mother kissed me and told me that I’m so … I said sorry? ? You are the mother who lost a son … She said yes, but you have lost your other Halfa |?

definitely made some good tears in our eyes!

From all WEA? ‘ve heard Walkera? s parents are just as special as him. A terrible thing to happen to great people thing.


WEA? are happy to hear Vin was able to find some solace in his other mother Halfa? s good!

Vin Diesel Remembers His ‘Brother’ Paul Walker!

December 2, 2013

Vin Diesel Remembers His ‘Brother’ Paul Walker!

These two have been together since the beginning, making it much harder!

Back in 2001, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel helped launch a massive movie franchise with The Fast and the Furious . Since then they were Fast & Furious , Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 together.

So you can imagine how heart broken wine loses one of his best friends. ? After hearing about the death of Walkera, Mr. Diesel a photo of two of them (above) wrote and said:

â €? Brother I will miss you very much. I’m speechless. The air got a new Angel. Rest in peace.â?

Speechless is definitely the word.

Whatâ? s even sadder is that the last frame Wine (below) was Walker and Michelle Rodriguez , because they were all shooting Fast & Furious 7 . In this photo, Wine wrote:

â €? time to relax after a long day with two of the coolest people I know. # # # # DrinksAtPauls Work Then Play LAShoots GoodFriendsâ?

It seems that the rapid family was really just a family. This makes it harder for them.

Our thoughts and prayers are always with you!

Vin Diesel The Next Marvel Superhero? Why We Might Be Seeing Him In The Avengers 2!

June 28, 2013

Vin Diesel The Next Marvel Superhero? Why We Might Be Seeing Him In The Avengers 2!

From time to time, you have to dream big!

and dream to be exactly what Vin Diesel is doing now, big as it can soon for a gig that his career could change!

Fast & Furious announced on his Facebook page that he booked a meeting with Marvel next star! He wrote:

“Marvel has asked for a meeting … no idea what to … haha, you probably know better than me …”

Well, we are not better than you know wine, but we can dream!

After all, the studio has begun casting for The Avengers 2 already. So, Mr. Diesel will be likely one of the most powerful heroes of the earth to get playing?

We heard that they will be adding the rows Avenger in the next movie. Wine can be cast as Ant-Man? Or Black Panther? Or maybe they wine a shot to play Daredevil give? (Sorry, Ben Affleck . You had your chance. Least you to make a woman)

What do you think of the meeting of the mystery of wine with Marvel could be ?