Britney Spears & Demi Lovato To Be Victims Of Next X Factor Firing Bloodbath?!? Simon Says…

December 9, 2012

Britney Spears & Demi Lovato To Be Victims Of Next X Factor Firing Bloodbath?!? Simon Says…


It’s almost that time!

After last year

X Factor pink-slip party was compared Chainsaw Massacre , buzzing bees all speculation flying around in history repeats itself .

which raises the question – what happens to Britney Spears and Demi Lovato !

As we’re sure you’ve picked up so far, WE personally find the best judges to ever grace television competition.

But that’s just us … and we are not Simon Cowell .

So what the big man in charge to say?

know … after the jump!

the fate of Britney, WITH OR WITHOUT IT / CAN BACK

“Who knows. I donâ € ™? Not know. Wea?? Will see. “

the fate of HALF now she has lost her last competitor (like Paula Abdul DID … and fried)

” (Laughs) I donâ € ™? t think it had something to do with his departure. No, but it’s?? s that time of year. Youâ € ™?’ll always ask me that question. (He raises his eyebrows) and IA?? will not respond. “


“I do not think ATI?? Will happen. Could I always ask, but I donâ € ™ ™ t think it will happen.”


But they do not realize how much would the final performance ratings are!


… the fate of the princesses …

Let’s just say that if we lose half or Britney, it would take some time for ourselves and in a cocoon take to heal.

They brought life to the show as we do not know what we would do yourself. C’mon Simon … Ya Gotta keep ’em! Ya just!

Demi Lovato Tweets Fourth Album Deets!!

November 13, 2012

Demi Lovato Tweets Fourth Album Deets!!

wooohooo! Our hearts are too much of a break new Demi Lovato air!

beautiful, shiny Skyscraper Demi Lovato teased fans with a tweet today about some intermediate versions of fresh tracks!

X Factor favorite posted:

class = “twitter-tweet”> listen to some rough cuts my new songs …. Lovatics get excited! WOO: D

– Demetria Lovato (@ ddlovato) November 12, 2012

We knew Demdem was hard at work at his old school, a real fourth album sounds, and the girl in August that she hoped would be a new single in December …

But with all his X Factor Demi’d relationships we were scared to plum tuckered to focus on his musical career OWN, because she is too busy to help aspiring young thangs with them!

Now we can sleep soundly … Phew!

But hey, there’s one thing that we must respond. Glee ‘s Lea Michele has recently revealed that next singer many shades of her record, and we ask … would there would be a Demi-Lea (Demia!) duet in the works!

Because that would be great sauces that most music!

Demi Moore Conquers Arabian Peninsula For 50th B-day But All She Got Was This Shirt!

November 12, 2012

Demi Moore Conquers Arabian Peninsula For 50th B-day But All She Got Was This Shirt!


Holy cow dung! Demi Moore is a day not more than 38!

Contrary to what your eyes could believe, Half passed the half-century on Sunday!

And she has treated himself and a small group of his friends for a kick-ass party vacay in Abu Dhabi !

Twerk it, Carrie Bradshaw!

UAE capital is known for its glitz and glamor. While Demi was popping champagne bottles in the city, the city is also host to a formula chic Grand Prix racing.

Whoa! This looks like an epic!

source said:

“Demi looked good – they did it all.”

Most people can not afford to catch a cold in this kind of paradise! Half of the money had to think about her and her group of friends, we hope, it was the time of his life!

Another source close to the situation confirmed Demi lately much happier after splitting with horror Ashton Kutcher Cheating .

The source confirmed:

“She is in a good place. It is open to try new things this year.”

Is it exotic destinations or is experiencing longer of the two girls one cup lines? LOLz

Anyway, we are excited baking Demi had a blast!

You turn 50 times, gurl! We’re glad you enjoyed it!

Selena Gomez Gets By With A Little Help From Her Wizards Of Waverly Place Co-Stars & Demi Lovato!

November 12, 2012

Selena Gomez Gets By With A Little Help From Her Wizards Of Waverly Place Co-Stars & Demi Lovato!

Justin Bieber can be Beliebers his side, but it seems Selena Gomez is a lot of post-split support, too!

It seems that some of Selenitaâ s Wizards Of Waverly Place co-star -? just finished shooting their film meeting – took to Twitter to keep their daughter!


date of publication, Jennifer Stone s Selenaâ assistants BFF wrote:

class = “twitter-tweet”> This is why Do not fly the crib because babies are trippin ‘. ð?? ¼

-Jennifer Stone (@ comeagainjen) November 10, 2012


… or Biebs! Although Selena is only two years older than his 18 year old ex!


testimony, even Selenaâ screen dad David DeLuise , which was tweeted about the break with a message – now deleted – read:


?? All women should be treated with respect! Listen boy “

also Selenitaâ?? Side? Apparently his past Princess Protection Program co-star and childhood bestie, Demi Lovato

X Factor Judge tweeted a few words of encouragement this weekend, but not entirely focused on Mz Gomez



class = “twitter-tweet”>

-. Demetria Lovato (@ ddlovato) November 10, 2012

class = “twitter-tweet”>

– Demetria Lovato (@ ddlovato) November 10, 2012

Awww So sweet Or his tweets were meant to Selenita or not, we sure they are! enjoyed a little pick-me-up!

guess now all we can do is see if Jelena actually meet in New York tonight and I hope that things will go back to the way used

Demi Lovato Scared Of Britney Spears’ Diva Antics Pre-X Factor?!

November 8, 2012

Demi Lovato Scared Of Britney Spears' Diva Antics Pre-X Factor?!

, but how can we be scurred of the country that is soft corn cake Britney Spears !

Well, it seems Demi Lovato has certainly had her doubts about our dear Brit Brit before them both comfortable in these cushy X Factor right chairs …

But now the two ladies dynamics are best friends and we could not be happier!


​​recently expressed its concern about the former superstar, stating:

“What surprised me most about Britney is that it really strange. You expect a legendary pop star [ i] sometimes [are] like a diva or something, but it really is not. She is a sweet, down-to-earth girl from the South. “

Oh, we

fully agree, Demi! This is my beloved south is full to the brim with weirdness and we love her!

We hope these guys continue talnted Chickas because true friendship is part of what our favorite X Factor judges EVER!

Hearts galore for you

fierce female icons!