Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley Have Been a Power Couple For Nearly 25 Years

September 20, 2017

Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley are two of the biggest names in Hollywood – Michelle for her blockbuster movies and David for his work as a writer and producer on award-winning shows – but the only thing sweeter than their long-lasting careers is their long-lasting marriage. The couple first met in January 1993 when their mutual friend, Kate Guinzburg, set them up on a blind date. Their connection was so instantaneous that they ended up tying the knot that November.

Aside from sharing a handful of sweet moments on the red carpet together, they are also parents to two children, an adopted daughter named Claudia Rose and a son named John Henry. See the couple’s best moments over the past two decades ahead.

David Hasselhoff Wants to Cut Off Ex-Wife’s Spousal Support

September 18, 2017

He is paying $ 10,000 to his ex-wife every month in spousal suppport.
For a long time he used to pay her $ 21k per month.
He is done supporting her because she is not making any efforts to find a job.
He is requesting an immediate end to his alimony payments to his ex wife.
David’s paid more than $ 2.5 million to Pamela in spousal support.


First Official Look At David Harbour As HELLBOY Released

September 13, 2017

The first official image of David Harbor as the titular horned hero from Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot has been released


Larry David and Bernie Sanders are (distant) cousins

July 27, 2017

◘Larry David will feature on the PBS genealogy series “Finding Your Roots”
◘Through that process it was revealed that the comedian is actually related to Bernie Sanders
◘They’re distant (third) cousins!
◘David earned an emmy nom for his portrayal of the senator in SNL last year
◘David says of the discovery “I was very happy about that. I thought there must have been some connection”

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Jason David Frank a.k.a. the Green Ranger speaks out about alleged assassination attempt

May 29, 2017


  • This past Thursday at Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix police arrested suspect Mathew Sterling (31), who had come to the con with weapons (including a knife and three guns).
  • Sterling was later booked for "one count of attempted murder, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, wearing body armor during the commission of a felony, resisting arrest and carrying a weapon in a prohibited place."
  • The suspect was allegedly targeting Jason David Frank, who is best known for playing Tommy Oliver (the Green Ranger, etc.) in the Power Rangers franchise. On his smartphone calendar, Sterling made a note stating "Kill JDF."
  • At his court appearance, Sterling said he was "going to have a showdown and kill God knows how many more cops."
  • Frank was unharmed. He told the local Phoenix news: "I’m very grateful to the Phoenix police department for their brave and outstanding efforts, which avoided a terrible tragedy, as recently seen at the concert in Manchester."