Azealia Banks Stops by The Breakfast Membership, Places Foot in Mouth

May 11, 2018

”She additionally known as Hillary a covert racist and stated she would somewhat vote for somebody who’s trustworthy of their racism than somebody is asking her an N phrase behind closed doorways.”

Besides that it has been confirmed by that man from the apprentice that Trump does precisely that. Whereas there have by no means been such rumours about HRC for all her fault.

Desus and Mero speak about what went down on The Breakfast Membership

March 16, 2018

Desus and Mero speak about what went down on The Breakfast Membership

It is the continuation of what occurred between VICELAND’s Desus and Mero showing on The Breakfast Membership and DJ Envy demanding an apology from the late evening hosts after making a joke about his spouse. TL;DR: DJ Envy and his spouse appeared on The Actual to speak about him dishonest and them getting again collectively.

Desus and Mero speak about what occurred throughout their look. Desus claps again why the fuck did not he simply name them for an apology as an alternative of asking for it throughout their look on The Breakfast Membership. Desus gave the apology. What extra did Envy need?

They speak about Charlemagne being messy.



Celebs flock to The Wing, a women’s club and coworking space

November 12, 2017

– The Wing has more than 1,500 members, many of whom pay an annual membership price of $ 3,000
– It has celeb members like Tavi Gevinson, Jessica Williams, and Hari Nef
– Tavi was apprehensive to join at first: “I work from home, and that’s how I can almost justify my rent.”
– After ‘Girls’ included a plotline that seemed to shade The Wing, cofounder Audrey Gelman unfollowed her BFF Lena Dunham on Instagram for months
– The Wing aims to accept members from diverse backgrounds including religion, race, sexual orientation, and gender identification
– They are also launching a print magazine, No Man’s Land, this week


ONTD Original: The Original Losers Club 27 Years Later

September 13, 2017

Given the success of the film adaptation, I thought it’d be interesting to look up what the child actors from the miniseries are doing now.

Again, this is just the kid actors.

1. Jonathan Brandis as Bill

Unfortunately, Brandis took his own life back in 2003 at the age of 27.

After IT (where he was 14 at the time), Brandis went on to have bit roles here and there (like a voice acting role in the animated Aladdin series and a starring role in NeverEnding Story II) until he finally landed a recurring role in SeaQuest 2032 at the age of 17. After that was cancelled, he got the occasional movie though nothing very large (his role in Hart’s War was minor and most of it ended up on the cutting room floor).

2. Emily Perkins as Bev

Since starring in IT at 13, Perkins has continued to appear regularly in several films/tv shows including Ginger Snaps, Da Vinci’s Inquest, She’s the Man, Juno, and Supernatural. Her last film was in 2014, but she still makes regular appearances at conventions.

She’s currently married to film professor Ernest Mathjis, who also writes books about cult films

3. Brandon Crane as Ben

Crane’s other most notable role was as Doug Porter on The Wonder Years. Otherwise, he hasn’t really acted much which is fine since he seems to be doing quite well building websites for companies. He’s built sites for Horizon Growers Pistachios, Sandisk, and Penguin Random House among others. He’s also pretty active on twitter

He and his wife currently run the design agency Solid Fuel Creative

4. Marlon Taylor as Mike Hanlon

Taylor was in the short lived series “You Take the Kids” and had minor roles on other shows like Sister, Sister in 1994. According to IMDB, he didn’t have any roles from then until the movie Know Thy Enemy in 2009. He still didn’t get too many roles afterwards, but his next role will be as a zombie on Z-Nation.

According to his twitter account, he lives in Seattle and is an “Actor, father, family man, creative old soul, poet, husband, lover, the good the bad and the ugly.”

5. Seth Green as Richie

Does it really have to be said? The most well known of the child cast who is still working in Hollywood whether it’s acting or producing. His directorial debut, Changeland, is currently in post-production

6. Adam Faraizl as Eddie

Last acting credit was in 1992 with a sequel to Where the Red Fern Grows. He went to college and graduated with a degree in Pacific & Asian Studies from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

He currently works in the restaurant service industry as a bar manager in Seattle.

7. Ben Heller as Stanley

IT was the only thing Heller acted in. He’s participating in a documentary about IT, but otherwise, he’s off the grid.


Comedy Queen Tiffany Haddish Stops by The Breakfast Club to Promote ‘Girls Trip’!

June 29, 2017

  • Tiffany Haddish, star of NBC's The Carmichael Show and the upcoming film Girls Trip, stopped by the popular morning show The Breakfast Club to promote the film.
  • She broke down, basically her entire life story.
  • Her mother was terribly injured in a car accident and Tiffany had to raise her 3 brothers and sisters from age 9.
  • Ended up going into Foster care for 2 years before her grandmother could gain custody of she and her siblings.
  • Talks about being homeless for a period of time where she ended up signing up for the Church of Scientology so she could have a roof over her head, but they tore up her contract over her aversion to bunk beds.
  • Talks about finding out at age 21 that her stepfather cut her moms brake lines that caused the fatal injury and he was aiming to to actually kill Tiffany and her siblings to cash out their life insurance policy
  • Talks about almost dying from toxic shock syndrome after using a tampon and finding out shes fatally allergic to a chemical used in tampons
  • She also talks momentairily about the film


Everyone go see Girls Trip on July 21st! I saw it Tuesday and it was HILARIOUS! Tiffany slayed it and I am officially a stan!
Watch that interview y'all, she's a genuinely awesome person who has been through a lot!