Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: The Reason Behind The Break Up!

January 8, 2013

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: The Reason Behind The Break Up!

Sounds like bad news for the fans … Haylor

At this time, reports Harry Styles and Taylor Swift by resigning their love young Hollywood their way around the world!

As we said yesterday that there was a huge eruption word that was the cause of the split Haylor, weâ?? “Re now hear more about it!

So what is the cause of the struggle … and we can hope for a reconciliation?

An insider spilled:

“They had a fight [Harry] said something he should not do this … [pause]. Definitely go for good.”

Guess that explains

Swiftyâ?? s â?? â?? until you down me?? tweet!

Another source blamed the split on Taylorâ?? s â?? intenseâ?? ways and so-called Haylorâ?? S a short term relationship?? 100? over.â percent??

I wonder what coulda

Harry?? I told Taylor to fly on the next flight, during their Caribbean vacation??

Anyway, it would not be good!

Ashley Tisdale Will Get Left Behind With Nicolas Cage

January 4, 2013

Ashley Tisdale Will Get Left Behind With Nicolas Cage

Ashley Tisdale is to surrender to scary vertical apocalyptic!

The 5 Scary Movie star won his next concert with Nicolas Cage in the theological thriller, Left Behind .


play Nic’s daughter, Chloe Steele. The character is described as a student at Stanford University, who put down the books, looking for members of the family in America after millions suddenly perish from the earth. The film is based on the best-selling series of faith driven by the same name.

If removing

School adorable High School Musical comprises alum then we are ready!

We have never seen anything Ashley in a role like this show us your range, baby!

Lindsay Lohan Getting 8 Months Behind Bars?!

December 12, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Getting 8 Months Behind Bars?!

Unfortunately, these are not the kinds of bars Lindsay Lohan appears to go!

Cover your head people, cause the legal sh * t is about to touching the fan, because Lindz is very likely at least 8 months SOON spend in a prison cell, because sources forces the chaotic aura baby claim his probation for jewelry theft case dismissed during his arraignment tomorrow ….

… indictment, jumps to celebrate with his band the most preferred The Wanted , London and Dubai.

Lilo If probation is revoked, the court will set a date for a hearing where it is determined whether Lindsay violated her probation by breaking the law. Such a law lie to the police because you do not want them to know that you have a vehicle that crashed into a truck driving, for example.

apparently hearing will be held at Lilo is on trial for his multiple criminal charges, and even if they are not guilty of his crimes car accident, Lindsay could be charged for violating trial that could land him in prison for eight months.

And this is if she wins his trial! It remains in jail longer be condemned!

Hopefully his new love rumor Max George , comes for a conjugal visit from time to time?


but it’s not so bad! LOLz!

Lindsay Lohan Is “Freaked Out” About Possibly Spending Christmas Behind Bars!

December 3, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Is

One might think that, having been in jail before and know how awful it was, Lindsay Lohan have cleaned up his act and does everything to avoid mistakes that her behind bars in the first place!

But as we all know, this is not the case for the troubled starlet!

In fact, despite the fact that they deliberately lied to the police about his responsibility and commitment to the car accident PCH which eventually led to his recent probation violation, it is now, they say freaked out the very real possibility that she would be in prison at Christmas and New Year rolls around and said to his longsuffering lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley , to do what it takes to keep them out!



“Lindsay is absolutely terrified about the possibility of returning to prison because she had violated her probation in her case, to steal chain when he was formally accused of lying to police summit after a terrible car accident last summer in Santa Monica. Lindsay knows that it is almost obvious that, although she admits violation of probation, without a formal hearing, and thanks to the cast of the right , she would be sentenced to a significant prison sentence. indictment Lindsay for new charges is scheduled for December 15 and is not required to appear since been accused of crimes. however not to appear in court because of his long criminal record. Lindsay is about 253 days behind bars face when she is found guilty of breach of probation and serve 25% of the sentence due to overcrowding in the prisons of Los Angeles. Lindsay serve about 63 days behind bars. Lindsay was imprisoned in 2010 for 13 days violating her probation in her DUI case, saying it was darkest period of his life. If Lindsay can sell a body for him outside the prison, they would. She is so desperate at the thought of going back to prison . “


We would not even say desperate!

If really desperate at the thought of returning to prison, we believe that it would have ceased to be irresponsible, dangerous and illegal coherent eventually lead to such an effect!

You can play with as much fire for burning, gurl!

We do not know exactly how much you have burned for more before finally realizing that it’s time to stop!

Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross Put Cheating Tricks Behind Them For Halloween Treats

November 1, 2012

Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross Put Cheating Tricks Behind Them For Halloween Treats

It seems that everything Kristen Stewart Austria disorder is finally (and real) behind!

As Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross were spotted trick-or-treating with their children, Wednesday night!

After a walk through the El Lay Catwoman cover and a man with a gunshot wound because his wife caught cheating , they are returned to the veranda where Rupz and libz seen kissing all the children down to their new Halloween candy chowed.

And they lived happily … 😉