Bill Skarsgard Is Extremely Hot, and We Are Not Clowning Around

September 13, 2017

Whether or not your nightmares have been invaded by the new remake of Stephen King’s It, you’ve probably heard about the clown at the center of all the horrifying madness: Pennywise. But before you run away from this post in fear, I am here to tell you that you can take a deep breath, because Bill Skarsgard, the guy behind all that terrifying makeup, is actually super hot in real life.

The actor is the furthest thing from his onscreen character with hauntingly beautiful eyes and perfect lips. It also doesn’t hurt that he comes from a long line of famous and handsome men (his dad is actor Stellan Skarsgard and his brother is actor Alexander Skarsgard). Bill is slowly but surely blowing up on the Hollywood scene, and we have a feeling he’s going to shift from our nightmares to our daydreams in no time.

Ronda Rousey’s Softer Side Always Seems to Come Out Around Travis Browne

September 8, 2017

Ronda Rousey may have a tough-girl persona, but it seems to melt away whenever she’s around her husband, MMA fighter Travis Browne. The two athletes first began dating in 2015 and recently tied the knot in a romantic beach ceremony in Hawaii. While they initially tried keeping their romance under wraps, Travis eventually confirmed their relationship on The MMA Hour, saying, “She’s my woman and I am her man.” Travis also couldn’t help gushing about Ronda, calling her a “sweetheart” and “one of the hardest-working athletes that I’ve ever seen.” Celebrate their nuptials with a look at some of their sweetest moments.

Alexander Skarsgard Clowns Around With His Brother at the It Premiere

September 6, 2017

Bill Skarsgard may be playing the terrifying Pennywise in the remake of Stephen King’s It, but it was his older brother who was the ultimate clown at the film’s LA premiere. On Tuesday, Bill was joined by his famous siblings Alexander and Gustaf as he hit the red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Aside from giving us major Hemsworth brothers vibes with their group photo, Alexander also had a little fun with the cameras as he photobombed his brother by pretending to get starstruck behind him. Needless to say, we can’t get enough of their brotherly bond.

ONTD original: 6 acts from around the world who don’t sing in English

July 3, 2017

La Femme
Country/language: France/French
What is it: Moody, sexy, tres chic psychedelic surfer rock
Check this out if you like: Dum Dum Girls, The Raveonettes, getting stoned and seeing cosmic truths in a fidget spinner
Random fact: They absolutely kick ass live and go pretty much everywhere so get on that
A song to check out: Sur La Planche

Country/language: Saudi-Arabia/Arabic
What is it: Black metal which incorporates trad ME instruments
Check this out if you like: Satyricon, early Metallica
Random fact: All the members of Al-Namrood are anonymous and they have never played a gig, despite releasing music for almost a decade. Saudi-Arabia's blasphemy laws could get them executed if they did because of their lyrical content.
A song to check out: Nabth

Kaizers Orchestra
Country/language: Norway/Norwegian
What is it: Rock music inspired by Eastern European gangsters and literature
Check this out if you like: Tom Waits, accordions, a soundtrack for reading books the size of bricks while smoking incessantly
Random fact: Frontman changed his name from Jan Ove to Janove to sound a bit Polish
A song to check out: Kontroll på kontinentet

La Prohibida
Country/language: Spain/Spanish
What is it: High camp electronic music
Check this out if you like: Ronika, Moroder, watching Drag Race until Netflix asks you if you're still there
Random fact: Calvin and Rita hew? La Prohobida's relationship with producer Luis Miguelez was so stormy most of their sessions have been in the vault since the 90s.
A song to check out: Ganas De Matar

Rokia Traoré
Country/language: Mali/Bamana, French
What is it: Bluesy singer/songwriter fare
Check this out if you like: Devendra Banhart, Meshell Ndegeocello, vocals so intimate they feel like they're being kissed into your ear
Random fact: Rokia's collabos include Ali Farka Toure, Toni Morrison and Damon Albarn.
A song to check out: Laidu (bonus: her cover of Strange Fruit is amazing)

Yasmine Hamdan
Country/language: Lebanon/Arabic
Check this out if you like: Post-Born To Die Lana Del Rey, walking through the city alone at night with ya lipstick all smudged
Random fact: Yasmine performed her song "Hal" in the film Only Lovers Left Alive.
A song to check out: Nediya

Video s: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Other s: me surfing Spotify and my head full of useless music facts.

Any recs for non-Anglo music ONTD?

Jerry Seinfeld On The Swerve Heard Around The World

June 8, 2017

Jerry Seinfeld refused to hug Kesha at an event so he went on Extra to clarify the whole situation. “When you get to be my age and you’ve done a couple things, you have your own reality. In my reality, I don’t hug a total stranger. I have to meet someone, say ‘Hello’, I got to start somewhere. A hug is not the first moment of two humans. I never did that… all these little social things are tricky.” Jerry also confirmed that he didn’t know who Kesha was.