Stephen Belafonte Hits Again At Ex Mel B With Claims She’s A Drug Addict & Alcoholic

March 9, 2018

stephen belafonte accuses mel b addict

Stephen Belafonte has made some DAMNING accusations about ex Mel B.

As we beforehand reported, the Spice Ladies alum filed a request to maintain her ex husband away from her daughter with Eddie Murphy, as he allegedly confirmed the 10-year-old “movies of ISIS beheading people.” Belafonte has since clapped again on the America’s Obtained Expertise choose’s authorized transfer, by dropping some troubling allegations of his personal.

Associated: Duffer Brothers Accused Of Verbally Abusing Ladies On Set

Apparently, Stephen has filed his personal paperwork, the place he claims that Scary Spice is making up home abuse allegations so as flip his former stepdaughter in opposition to him. Oh, and the 42-year-old defends that Mel is the dangerous dad or mum as she’s supposedly a drug addict and an alcoholic. These are some critical AF accusations to make.

Belafonte is making an attempt to safe visitation rights with Angel as he is been within the teenager’s life since she was a new child. Reportedly, he feels extra like a dad than a stepdad. Thus, he is involved about Mel’s psychological well being. In keeping with TMZ, the British songstress is an addict who has walked into doorways and has been hospitalized for overdosing.

The movie producer went on to reference a 2014 incident in London the place the chart topper bashed her head right into a door. Per the El Lay native, Mel overdosed on medicine, was hospitalized, and acquired bruises from the EKG machine and IV. After her launch, she allegedly made up abuse claims to cowl up her habits.

He continued by stating that Mel is usually so drunk throughout the day that she walks into partitions. At one level, Stephen says Mel pulled down her pants and tried to urinate on the sofa in entrance of the youngsters.

As for Mel’s claims that he pressured her into threesomes, Stephen says that his ex initiates trysts and verbally encourages the liaisons in taped footage he has. He additionally states that the ISIS-related accusation is a blatant lie, as he is by no means searched such issues. Suuuuuuure.

Stephen defends that even he pleaded with Mel’s therapist to chill it with the remedy, out of concern she’d turn into the subsequent Michael Jackson.

Like we mentioned, these are SERIOUS claims to be making about somebody. We’ll preserve you posted if Mel B responds!!

[Picture by way of WENN.]

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Cory Monteith Melts Our Hearts As A Drug Addict In McCanick! See The Super Tragic Still HERE!

August 14, 2013

Cory Monteith Melts Our Hearts As A Drug Addict In McCanick! See The Super Tragic Still HERE!

It was announced today McCanick , one of Cory Monteith ‘s latest movies will at the Toronto International Film Festival screened September.

We are pleased with the film found an audience, but the character he plays in it breaks the heart (above)!

In this document, the end Glee star is both an addict and a hustler. Director Josh C. Waller , said Cory even used his own turbulent past to the nail section.

director revealed:

? The character he plays is this prostitute drug addict, and he is not to tap into the things of youth â? that heâ? s been very open about it publicly. I think he saw the role as an opportunity to catharsis.â?

Ugh! We are still so divided over the loss of this bright young star. I hope this McCanick justice

The first film to TIFF September 9.

click here to watch a clip.

Cory Monteith Described As Not Your ‘Typical Addict’ — Learn Why HERE

July 20, 2013

Cory Monteith Described As Not Your 'Typical Addict' — Learn Why HERE

Cory Monteith disappearance was designed by an addiction that he could never overcome and that’s really sad, but we must not forget the young star was determined by much, much more than its chemical dependencies.

All who knew 31-year-old actor speaks fondly of him and more, as Jane Lynch , the other night on Leno can not help but laugh when they remember his great big heart.

Measuring the impact of Cory on all our lives is incalculable which is why so many of his friends clinging to him now, make sure that his legacy is not affected by substances that are stolen unnecessarily.

A recently explained how certain Glee star was very different than most addicts.

This source said:

“It was not a typical addict where it hurts him it was the nicest, sweetest guy …. He really struggled … It was his life he. was still coming to terms with that. “

p This is a sad shame drugs and alcohol stolen the talent of Cory, but we must not forget these dependencies are never stolen from his kindness. In many ways, he continues to inspire us to the end.

He will be missed.

Cory Monteith Plays Drug Addict In Last Film, McCanick; Director Speaks Out On His Death

July 16, 2013

Cory Monteith Plays Drug Addict In Last Film, McCanick; Director Speaks Out On His Death

It’s no secret, Cory Monteith of life is not always Glee ful.

Cory was extremely open about his past drug addict and actor channeled demons rumored to have slain drug hustler Simon Weeks to portray the cop drama McCanick in his last position.

Just last September, the 31-year-old spent time in Philadelphia to star alongside David Morse and Mike Bird to play Criminal drug riddled to sent to prison for seven years for murder strike disappear after receiving parole. This creates a manhunt to find Simon Cory.

know. This looks far from Finn Hudson and film director, Josh C. Waller was obviously reluctant to grant the TV musical jock a gritty role? that is, until he knew that Cory was passionate about the possibilities.

Josh said:

? In my mind, I was a little boy look small drug [the role], but Cory Monteith is the big man was. But when I met him, he wanted so much to do. He was very vocal about his past, and said he wanted to tap into the things of his youth he Hadna? T have been able to use it as an actor yet. He did not say it was a cathartic experience, but you can feel it. “

director, who has a very close relationship has developed, with its star remembers the last time he saw Cory to see the finished cut of the film three weeks ago was presented at the Festival Toronto Film

Josh memory.?

He sent me an e-mail later in the evening after the projection. saying he was so grateful and took pride in the role he nervous and was afraid – but it was good that fear He said something along the lines of -.? wait a Cana know it until the release date, so I can tell about itâ s hard, because the world you know thereâ Group SA people want to see, because itâ s the last movie MOVIE -.?? But in no case someone wants to exploit the tragedy I want people to see the movie because Cory deserves People will eventually see a lot more.. to provide artistic, and itâ a shame that this happened because he Cana ™ t explore that.â?

We did not think it was possible, but broke our hearts just a little more.

Cory was clearly just started his acting muscles and really show what he was capable of the world.

had such a bright future and now we never really know everything he could.

While we do wonder Cory conquer the difficult character, the object makes us think twice creepy agree to the big screen to see. his last contribution

McCanick expect you to see when it comes out?