Riverdale Solid Mocks Cole Sprouse’s Birthday Publish To Lili Reinhart

September 15, 2018


The Bughead/Sprousehart stans are unbearable.

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ia lol however i really like their ott reactions to every thing, they need kj and casey’s head over this like they’re really associates w/ the couple u declare 2 love… it is tremendous kidz

Studying their huffy, unhinged feedback about how actual “associates” would not publish such tasteless jokes have been cracking me up

lmaooo. Lili appears to be like fairly in that pic

lmao dramatic a lot?

lmao. their stans are such unhappy ppl.

Generally associates have bizarre senses of humor with one another. I am simply going to guess Mark is aware of them a bit higher than their stans do.

Hes a latino daddy surrounded by twinks, in fact he does

i received a superb chuckle out of this, if simply because the unique caption made me cringe and that i knew a few of the shippers can be having matches

all of the casts feedback on the image are nice

A man calling a lady “his muse” is a pink flag to me for some purpose. Good to know Cole frequently lives in his personal ass although

This was so humorous, KJ and Casey >>>>> Lili and Cole

LMAO Cole is so unbearable and apparently his stans are too.

I am yelling as a result of dude did an interview not too way back the place he stated he and this woman take into account Ryan Gosling a job mannequin for relationships as a result of they’re sooo non-public like him, then he does this. So stuffed with it.

I’ve actually seen them do pap walks on right here…

He WOULD! I do not ever recall Eva and Ryan EVER going to the MET Ball collectively, having their relationship featured on their social media, doing style week as a pair, and so on. God, you recognize he sees himself as being the following Gosling.

(no topic) – highwayended Develop (no topic) – drblind Develop (no topic) – zodgory Develop

like everybody else stated, wtf. i am offended on behalf of gosling and mendes who principally cover away from cameras 24/7 to the pt the place they’ve secret pregnancies

(no topic) – jarellano89 Develop

in accordance with their followers, this was suchhhh a giant step for him! he took such a threat sharing his love with the world! and casey and kj simply spit throughout it!

Is his brother simply as unbearable? This man is legit like tumblr personified, faux deep and every thing

Omg @ Mark Consuelos omgggggggg I simply noticed that LMFAO

lol what?! it is humorous

“Sprousehart” stans didn’t discover it humorous
“Sprousehart” stans didn’t discover it humorous
“Sprousehart” stans didn’t discover it humorous
“Sprousehart” stans didn’t discover it humorous
“Sprousehart” stans didn’t discover it humorous


ahahahahahahahahah i am laughing however similar

i ..can’t be the one one who learn that as my little mouse

Lol she appears to be like scorching

Lili appears to be like so good in that picture.

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