Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Date Playful their prince! PostScript He still can not trust him!

October 26, 2012

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: inside their prince Date Playful PS He still can not make confiance!

She never wanted to cause him pain. She never wanted to cause him any pain. At the same time we saw him laugh. … Purple rain!


! We would give anything to go back and how the two interact Prince to see concert Thursday. But fortunately, eyewitnesses not snitching! Ha

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Sayers arrived at the club last night, they came on a mission – GET UP ON ALL THAT AZZ!


Details of spectators when a little follows:.

“He stayed behind her around her hips She was attentive and loving tenderness. She had the whole show and I loved every second. They lie to everyone. They seemed very comfortable.”


a touchdown for the team of reconciliation!

But oh wait, what’s that? Trust issues still abound? According to a source close to super

“There are still healing and business confidence, but Kristen will do what is necessary.”

We would love it if they personally came to the Breaking Dawn 2 with a first radio at the top of the head to the say , but this is just our.

Tom Hanks slips from nice guy rep with a Big-worthy swear

October 26, 2012

Tom Hanks slips from nice guy rep with a Big-worthy swear

Tom Hanks “Big” star often cited for its family atmosphere call, maybe a dent in his G-rated reputation, on Friday when he delivered a particularly mature word on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Hanks appeared on the show to promote their coming science fiction / philosophical movie “Cloud Atlas” promotion when the anchor Elizabeth Vargas took him to a few lines to speak with the voice of his character in the film.

Hanks, whose credits include “Forrest Gump,” “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Toy Story” series, initially balked at the proposal because his character in the new film speaks expletive riddled sentences.


then suggested he just speak with the accent of his character, eccentric Dr. Henry Goose. Few seconds in identity theft, it came from the F-bomb.

“Oy, oy, I want people to pay me … fuck me book book,” said Tom Hanks, immediately realizing his blunder and put his hand on his mouth.

“We are really, really, uh, Good Morning America,” Vargas said a visibly drained immediately.

Hanks also immediately apologized.

“Man, oh man,” said Tom Hanks. “I’m so sorry. I slipped into a brand of acting.”

“I’ve never done before,” he said. “I want to apologize to American children watch this.”

“And I want the next time I’m on the show say, there will be a delay of 7 seconds,” said Tom Hanks.

ABC has the following statement: “This morning, Tom Hanks accidentally used an expletive during a live interview on GMA with Elizabeth Vargas They both immediately apologized on air, and the show is corrected for all subsequent currents .. “

unedited clip is still available on the internet.

Brad Pitt mystifies as first male face of Chanel No.5

October 26, 2012

Brad Pitt mystifies as first male face of Chanel No.5

Brad Pitt debuted as the face of Chanel No.5 perfume male emblematic Monday in a campaign that fans and fashionistas across the last part of the actor had.

Pitt, 48, is seen with long hair and dressed casually, looking wistfully at the camera in a cryptic black and white video directed by “Atonement” director Joe Wright.

“This is not a trip. All the end of the course, but we remain. The world turns and we turn to him. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are, my happiness, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No.5, inevitably, “the” Moneyball “actor said.

The video is part of a campaign of $ 10 million for advertising that Pitt was paid $ 7 million, according to Porter everyday woman.

Erik Hayden

Time magazine called the announcement “absurd,” said Pitt, “vague existential monologue … sounds like it would probably be thrown story trailer for Terrence Malick (film)” Tree of Life. ”

Us Weekly Zach Johnson called the video “sensual”, while Amy Fine Collins of Vanity Fair said that the choice lay Pitt spokesman left the French fashion house “subtly circling back to its origin, sex twist.”

Pitt the first male spokesperson for Chanel No.5 women, the first perfume launched by the legendary French designer Coco Chanel in 1921.

In a press release Chanel perfume actor called “revolutionary.”

“N ° 5 perfume always is the most iconic women, “said Pitt.” This is what I see is the attraction of this campaign, it goes beyond the summary of the emotion or evoke the beauty of a timeless:. The spirit of a woman “

Chanel No.5 was represented by actresses Audrey Tatou, Nicole Kidman and Catherine Deneuve in the past. It is also associated with the screen icon Marilyn Monroe after her famous perfume was all she wore to bed.


, contempt and ambivalence

Twitter and YouTube, some fans pointed out the ironic coincidence of the release of the campaign related to the 13th anniversary of “Fight Club”, which Pitt played a seller hate consumerism.

While the clip of Chanel No.5 has generated more than 3,000 “likes” on YouTube during the first 24 hours, it also has 850 ‘dislike’, with some commentators say they believe that The ad does not smell.

Harper Bazaar

editor at large Derek Blasberg said on Twitter: “I saw Brad Pitt Chanel No.5 commercial, oh, about 17 times today, I still do not know what I feel about. “.

Another Twitter user, Aimé Rogers, said:” What were they thinking? . strange “

BabyHippo26 YouTube user said:” So pretentious, why he looked so sad and serious … II »¿been a long time customer of Chanel No. .5 and Chanel products. This advertising puts me off so much, I’m not going to new No.5 “

Other fans buy, however, were fascinated by the Hollywood star.

Medusafern user

posted on YouTube: “It’s his voice, that voice, Jesus is like a drop of liquid sweet angel I’m tired taste on my lips.”

Twitter user Liz Lyon said simply: “I love love love Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5. “

Katie Holmes takes questions about his return to Broadway

October 26, 2012

Katie Holmes takes questions about her Broadway Return

Katie Holmes and her co-star Leo Butz to their new Broadway show dead accounts , green spaces in New York yesterday. Discuss Katie looked relaxed as she answered questions about the comedy, which hits the stage in mid-November. Earlier this week, Katie was released for the launch of the collection Kohl Narciso Rodriguez wearing a black dress flattering shape by the designer support. Holmes & Yang designer will also her fashion sense to work quickly. Project Runway All Stars first last night, Katie is attached to the team as a guest judge on the show this season.

Pippa Middleton celebrates her new book with a Bash London

October 26, 2012

Pippa Middleton celebrates her new book with a Bash

Pippa Middleton toasted the launch of its entertainment guide, Celebrate: a year of celebrations for family and friends last night, an evening at a bookstore in London. Pippa first title gives advice on crafts, decorating and cooking for festive occasions. Parents Pippa and Kate Middleton have successfully completed the event planning business since the girls were young and Pippa says that many of his vacation notices were inspired by her childhood.

last night capped a busy day for Pippa, who visited several bookstores exaggerate his new title. In an interview, she led a group of schoolchildren through some trades on the theme of Halloween. The new author laughed when, during a discussion about the songs and wild rose, a little girl Pippa Pippa told she was clearly accidental puncture it in stride, joking “princesses hate.”: “Do not talk!” Meanwhile busy this week with his royal duties, attending a reception for Team GB Olympic and Paralympic medalists in the palace on Tuesday, Kate.