New Man Jenny McCarthy is packing serious The Family Jewels

October 26, 2012

Jenny McCarthy's new man is packing some serious Jewels

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and now Jenny McCarthy has a lot to choose from Lindsay

blonde goddess broke up with her boyfriend! Chicago Bears back in August, but she has already found a new husband for her with love and gifts … jeweler-to-the-stars Pascal Mouawad !

pal Jenny reveals that love wanted is constructed from the army of the king of bling for the last month, according to some sources

“It’s something very new and is not serious, but who knows where it will go? Jenny lives in Chicago full time, but goes back to her show to much to take, and Pascal and see if they can. He is frequently absent due to work, but they do work and enjoy the company of others. “

long distance thing is pretty disappointing. Howeves we are willing to bet that the brilliant gifts (and all other jewelry packaging Pascal in his pocket) El Lay baking these trips is theft!

Vive Jenny

You deserve all the happiness (and jewelery) that comes to you!

Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan sues gossip site over sex tape

October 26, 2012

Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan sues gossip site over sex tape

professional wrestler Hulk Hogan went gossip website Gawker 100 million for placing fragments of a sex tape with Hogan and the wife of his best friend.

Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, also filed a complaint against the wife, Heather Clem, and her ex-husband, radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge “, saying they shot him without his knowledge.

The display of the video earlier this month “is a shameful and disgraceful breach of the applicant’s right to privacy by a group of suspects who repulsive have no respect for human dignity and care about maximizing their sales and profits at the expense of all others, “said the lawsuit against Gawker, which was filed Monday in federal court in Tampa.

The video shows Hogan and Clem have sex in her room while she was still married. It was six years ago included, according to the lawsuit.

“The applicant has invested much time and effort to his professional wrestling champion and professional development of its brand to develop dedicated,” the lawsuit against Clem and Bubba, whose real name is Todd Clem, one said, noting that Hogan was a “12-time world wrestling champion. “

Cameron Stracher, a lawyer for Gawker, said he believes the lawsuit is unfounded and ask a judge to review the case shed.

” He has relationships sex with the wife of another man in the house of another man, “he added.” I do not know if it’s fair to say that he is an expectation of privacy in the circumstances. “

lawsuit against Gawker $ 100 million in damages seeks . Trial against Clems, filed in Pinellas County, Florida, is unspecified amount.

Stephen Diaco, a lawyer Bubba said Hogan knew there was a tape of the meeting, despite his claim that he was not aware, and Bubba has nothing to do with its output.

“Bubba is a victim, Heather is a victim,” he said. “Bubba did not know who released this tape.”

It was not immediately clear whether Heather Clem had retained a lawyer in the matter.

The two men have long been closed, Hogan was the best man at the wedding Clems “and is a sponsor of their son, Diaco said


Hogan says radio host Howard Stern during a recent appearance on his show that Bubba gave him permission to have sex with his wife.

Fire Guard Sean Penn Madonna Sizzling!

October 26, 2012

Madonna's Guard Sean Penn Sizzling!
He would have become a major reconciliation

the saga Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ?

… us a lot!

As you know, Sean Penn is mesmerized by Madonna Presence of 11 October during his concert in El Lay, twenty years after their divorce.

And now there’s an eyewitness to all topple! YESS!

delight our ears, they reveal:

“Their chemistry is off the charts Madonna Perform seemed Sean and he said things like ..” Amazing! “And” She’s so hot! “


Meanwhile, a mutual friend of the former couple admits again carry a torch for each other, but he admits it will be difficult to operate one thing:

“They were good friends. But they are light and romantic. He can not be with someone they can not control. Madonna wants their friends came back with Sean. It will always be the love of his life. “

Sigh ….

true love can be so tragic. LOL

So, do not worry, Brahim Zaibat ! Was Sean King clubs, but it seems that Madge is still your queen of hearts

See if you can get two-year relationship with the brand to use to take 3 years

Liz Taylor tops list of highest earning dead celebrities

October 26, 2012

Liz Taylor tops list of highest earning dead celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor surpassed Michael Jackson’s fame as the highest earning dead in the past year, with its succession by pulling $ 210 million, mainly from the sale of her jewelery, costumes and artifacts, Forbes said on Wednesday.

Jackson, who died in 2009, dropped to second place with earnings of $ 145 million, followed by Elvis Presley with $ 55 million.

In addition to the Taylor auction, which totaled $ 184 million, the actress, who died in 2011 at the age of 79, also won $ 75 million Top selling its diamonds perfume white for sale.

“The rest of the money came from the sale of goods and residues movies Taylor,” said Forbes. “After” Cleopatra “star cleverly negotiated a 10 per cent of his films.”

Although Taylor Jackson hit the top spot, Forbes said the pop star is likely to resume next year as a result of stable income from the sale of music and other companies.

cartoonist Charles Schulz, the Peanuts comic strip, rising to No. 4 with a profit of $ 37 million, followed by reggae star Bob Marley with $ 17 million.

Forbes has compiled the rankings by analyzing the results of dead celebrities “from October 2011 to 2012.

” We have money and we do not subtract the area manages, “Forbes.

movies stars and musicians dominated the list, but Nobel physicist Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe tied for seventh place, each earned $ 10 million.

The 13 dead celebrities on the list earned a total of 532.5 million dollars.

The complete list is available at

(Reporting by Patricia Reaney, edited by Christine Kearney and Tim Dobbyn)

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Date Playful their prince! PostScript He still can not trust him!

October 26, 2012

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: inside their prince Date Playful PS He still can not make confiance!

She never wanted to cause him pain. She never wanted to cause him any pain. At the same time we saw him laugh. … Purple rain!


! We would give anything to go back and how the two interact Prince to see concert Thursday. But fortunately, eyewitnesses not snitching! Ha

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Sayers arrived at the club last night, they came on a mission – GET UP ON ALL THAT AZZ!


Details of spectators when a little follows:.

“He stayed behind her around her hips She was attentive and loving tenderness. She had the whole show and I loved every second. They lie to everyone. They seemed very comfortable.”


a touchdown for the team of reconciliation!

But oh wait, what’s that? Trust issues still abound? According to a source close to super

“There are still healing and business confidence, but Kristen will do what is necessary.”

We would love it if they personally came to the Breaking Dawn 2 with a first radio at the top of the head to the say , but this is just our.