Anna Nicole Smith lawyer Howard Stern back on the hook for conspiracy charges

October 27, 2012

Anna Nicole Smith lawyer Howard Stern back on the hook for conspiracy charges
Howard K.

Stern, former lawyer and partner National deceased actress / heiress / playmate Anna Nicole Smith has suffered a blow on Thursday in the legal saga of Smith’s death, when a California Court of Appeal quashed his acquittal on two conspiracy.

In October, a judge overturned the conviction of the former Stern on two charges of conspiracy charges in connection with obtaining drugs for Smith under false names, saying that there is not enough evidence.

The Court of Appeal reversed that decision Thursday, and also reversed the dismissal of the charges against Dr. Khristine Eroshevich Elaine, who prescribed medication to Smith in the period prior to death.

“If the suspect, Kevin Howard Stern, the new orders of dismissal be reversed,” The decision Thursday bed. “The statements of fact 1 and 3 are sorted restored.”

We do not know what the next step is to Stern, in the opinion, the court ruled in October that can be terminated for reasons other than insufficient evidence or a punishment, but Stern could not start because of the double jeopardy rule <. / P>

New York court date in Lindsay Lohan car accident case cancelled

October 27, 2012

New York court date in Lindsay Lohan car accident case cancelled

controversial actress Lindsay Lohan appears to have stalled after he was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident last month when his Porsche would be a pedestrian in an alley behind the luxurious Manhattan cutting.

New York prosecutors said Lindsay Lohan court appearance scheduled for Tuesday has been canceled. No hearing date has been set for the future, an indication of the Public Prosecutor has decided not to proceed with the case.

“Apparently, prosecutors agreed that there is not enough to go on.” Lohan said the spokesman, Steve Honig. “It turned out to be nothing as we have said from the beginning.”

actress, 26, in and out of court, and prison rehabilitation in 2007 drunken driving arrest in Los Angeles, was charged Sept. 19 with an offense after a man said he was struck by the actress behind the Hotel Dream car.


Lohan issued a ticket with a court date Oct. 23.

A spokesman for the office of the public prosecutor in Manhattan declined to comment on the reasons for the complaint against the “Mean Girls” actress was nowhere.

A week after the incident in New York, Lindsay Lohan would have a public spat with a man who says that she refused to see the pictures he had of her from his phone to remove. She said the man attacked her, but the charges were withdrawn.

earlier this month, police in Long Island responded to an early morning 911 call about a verbal dispute with Lohan and her mother Dina, but no arrests, a door chairman of the Nassau County Police said.

Lohan remains on probation in California until 2014 as part of a theft of jewelry.

Tom Hanks to make Broadway debut in new Nora Ephron play

October 27, 2012

Tom Hanks to make Broadway debut in new Nora Ephron play

Tom Hanks makes his Broadway debut playing a tabloid journalist “Lucky Guy”, a new drama of the late Nora Ephron, producers said in a statement Thursday.

The Hollywood star continues his long association with that Efron “Sleepless in Seattle” in 1993 and “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998. Efron died in June at age 71 from complications of leukemia.

Based on a true story, “Lucky Guy” opens in April next year, the statement said, and dramatizes the rise and fall of the former tabloid columnist Mike McAlary as it relates scandals of polarized police crime-ridden 1980s New York. McAlary died 41 years in 1998.

Hanks, 56, won two Oscars for best actor for his role in “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump” and is known for other popular films, but his performance on stage was limited to small productions of Shakespeare in the 1970s .

Efron began as a tabloid reporter before becoming known as a writer of essays, books and screenplays. She wrote romantic comedies such as 1989 “When Harry Met Sally,” and wrote and directed the 2009 “Julie & Julia”.

“Lucky Guy” is presented as a drama with a touch of his famous bits.

His first Broadway play, “Imaginary Friends”, was produced in 2002 and played Cherry Jones and Swoosie Kurtz. The piece was widely panned by critics.

She has also co-author of “Love, Loss and what I wore to her sister, Delia, who was off-Broadway run in 2009 and positive feedback has followed a long national tour.

Liam Payne One Direction has revealed his Funky Buddha Magic Stick Tricks!

October 27, 2012

Liam Payne One Direction Funky Buddha Watch Her Tricks Magic Stick

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One Direction â? Only recently Liam Payne has been identified and about in London on Friday, which is part of its charm Houdini!

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Drugs, gun found on rapper Nelly’s bus at Texas checkpoint

October 27, 2012

Drugs, gun found on rapper Nelly's bus at Texas checkpoint

authorities found marijuana, heroin and a loaded gun on tour bus Grammy rapper Nelly during a routine stop at a police checkpoint west Texas border, police said Thursday.

A member of the entourage of the singer took responsibility for the items and was arrested after the search, on Wednesday, while others on the bus, including Nelly were released, officials said.

“I believe that my staff has an unfortunate decision to bring illegal material on our bus tour that led to his arrest made,” Nelly said in a statement on Thursday. “Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of her decision to wear it on board.”

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s spokesman said that the tour bus was pulled into the border police checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, about 90 miles east of El Paso, when a dog is the presence of controlled substances detected.

“The officer asked all seven occupants of the bus and an inspection of the vehicle,” spokesman Rusty Fleming told Reuters. “Looking for a product of marijuana in small plastic container, 36 bags of heroin and a .45 pistol loaded . “

Fleming said that all occupants of the bus were informed of their Miranda rights, and a passenger on the bus, Brian Keith Jones, admitted that the substances and the gun was his.

Jones was arrested, Fleming said, adding that he did not know what charges he will face.

Nelly, 37, whose real name Cornell Haynes Iral, was born in Austin, Texas. has starred in several movies, and Billboard magazine named him one of the best artists of the decade in 2009.