Billionaire Adelson, wife give new $10 million to Romney “Super PAC”

October 28, 2012

Billionaire Adelson, wife give new  million to Romney

Top Republican donor Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave $ 10 million to the “Super PAC” backup Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in October, said she hoped “level playing field” with the Democrats in the elections of 6 November.

In a year of unprecedented campaign contributions, Adelson and his wife Miriam raised above the rest.

The billionaire chairman of 79 years, Las Vegas Sands Corp, Adelson has emerged as the greatest patron of the Republican Party in the 2012 campaign, in which at least $ 47 million in the treasury with the Republicans woman.

Adel Sons gave $ 5 million to pro-Romney PAC Restore Our Future knowledge that about half of the money raised from October 1 to 17, according to the Federal Election Commission documents published Thursday. Deposits are the notes for the last 6 elections in November.

In a statement released Thursday, the Nobility Sons said they used their “privileges” of the freedom of expression to the millions of dollars by President Barack Obama and the contributions of the liberal billionaire George counteract Soros and the unions.

“Our family felt an obligation to help level the playing field by supporting candidates and causes the other side of the equation,” said the statement from the holder word Sands.

A series of lawsuits in the United States in recent years have shone a spotlight on political spending as a form of freedom of expression.

Decisions generated super PACs, outside groups that can raise and spend unlimited funds but can not formally coordinated with official campaigns.

Soros, a billionaire financier, held the previous record donation policy with $ 27.5 million contributed to the Democrats in 2004. In October, Soros gave $ 1 million to the pro-Obama Super PAC.

The Nobility Sons

also donated super PACs help Republicans in Congress. They were the main financiers behind the party convention in Tampa, Florida in late August

In the Republican primary, the Nobility Sons use their wealth to Romney to attack. They gave an increase of $ 20 million to presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who won the primary in South Carolina.

The Nobility Sons

Romney became donors in June, when Obama was the candidate Republican challenger.

Adelson Forbes estimated fortune of $ 20.5 billion.

In September, Adelson told Politico he plans to spend up to $ 100 million, or “what it takes” to defeat Obama.

Adelson is giving $ 20 million to $ 30 million in fundraising groups that do not require their employees to disclose, according to Politico.

Adelson also has its contribution to the pressure for better defense of the United States to the sovereignty of Israel. He is director of the Republican Jewish Coalition calls on Israel and the Obama administration’s position too soft.

In the 2008 presidential campaign earlier, Adelson is a much smaller donor, giving about $ 100,000 to Republican candidates and parties are, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a non partisan group to track expenses.

Debbie Reynolds due out of hospital after bad reaction to meds

October 28, 2012

Debbie Reynolds due out of hospital after bad reaction to meds
singer and actress Debbie Reynolds

veteran was hospitalized in Los Angeles this weekend after a bad reaction to medication, but should be released Wednesday, said his manager.

“Mrs. Reynolds had an adverse reaction to a drug and is on the mend and hope to be released today,” manager Milt Suchin said in an email. He gave no details.

Reynolds, 80, who starred in the classic movie musical “Singin ‘in the Rain” and dozens of other films in the 1950s and 1960s, is one of the legends of Hollywood sustainable.

married three times, the actress told a man with Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher left Reynolds for his rival with violet eyes in a scandal in 1950. Reynolds also had his own TV comedy, “The Debbie Reynolds Show” in 1969, and remains appearances in movies and television.

Celebrity website said

Reynolds had canceled all appearances to qualify for the next three months. Suchin but said the actress took a “wait and see” approach, based on the advice of doctors.

“It is too early to make a decision immediately., But the prognosis is excellent,” said Suchin.

Jewels, pearls, and plain Florsheim shoes for Michael Jackson

October 27, 2012

Jewels, pearls, and plain Florsheim shoes for Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was the ultimate artist, who oversaw every detail of his performances, slick choreography for stones and pearls carefully hand sewn on her elaborate costumes, the designer long suit said.

As far as music and dance characterized the pop superstar, was the end of Jackson also known for his style military uniforms and insignia, gloves inlaid jewelry, fedora hats and coats fine beads.

In a new book, “The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson,” Michael Bush, the man who designed and built the costumes for Michael Jackson 25 years until the death of the pop star in 2009, offers a look behind the scenes at the legendary superstar and the development of his style.

“The clothes had to work around the way he played,” Bush told Reuters in a telephone interview. “He wanted her outfits and costumes so entertaining on a hanger as they were on him. It was an extra layer of sophistication and detail that is expected to the public.”

Jackson wore had an accent and was an extension of what he did on stage, dancing plays a central role in the design. He prefers stones and pearls, as the stage relief.


, fitness and comfort are critical, with bands and fringes banned because they could not be absorbed by the fans.

“It was very artificial. It was very thoughtful,” Bush said, adding that the stadiums have become bigger, pants Michael Jackson shorter, the better to see his socks rhinestone.

“Michael feared that the people in the back row so far paid to see if people who work on the front, so no mistake, that he was planning on entertainment because everyone can see what he was doing , “Bush said.

MAN paradoxes


Bush 800-900 costumes and his partner Dennis Tompkins, the deceased last year, Jackson has been over-the-top, skin tight, flashy pop star creations. many photos are presented in described in the book, but also drawings and photographs of the performance.

But away from the spotlight, Jackson prefer more casual shirts, loose black cotton corduroy pants with pleats at the front, and moccasins.

And despite his fame and wealth, and the gifts of designer shoes, Jackson still performed in Florsheim shoes, which can be purchased at most locations in the U.S..

“He taught dance in Florsheims. They were comfortable and had what he had worn as a child star”, explained in the book, which will be released on October 23.

Jackson style has evolved from its military uniforms, with clean lines and decorations designed with the female audience in mind. They were followed by a more rebellious look with edgy leather jackets, one with small spoons and forks hanging like military medals on the front.

“The first layer is the jacket, then we put the zipper underneath, and the loops of the” Bad “album look, then asked:” How can we make this larger than life on stage, “

strobe lights and electric jackets to the next step. Each album has its own look, which evolved from the look that precedes it.

Perhaps the greatest success was Bush and Tompkins Jackson “shoes” lean, which were eventually patented. He first made his “lean move,” bent over at an angle of 45 degrees in the movie “Smooth Criminal” short in 1987, thanks to the rear screens magic.

Bush and Tompkins were charged with developing of shoes that would travel to Jackson in public, without falling. Tompkins It took a month, but he has designed shoes bolted to the floor and worked perfectly on stage.

Although Jackson said he was not a favorite costume to have, Bush said that the most beloved pop star, and which it has been put to rest, the pearl inlaid with pearls and white jacket military when he wore his sister Janet gave him a Grammy Award in 1993.

There was no time to track down the original coat when the Jackson family contacted Bush and Tompkins asked for the last outfit to choose, so they made a copy

“Michael was a man of paradoxes, most of which we have represented in the clothes we designed:. rigid military cuts were as elastic and mobile rebel insignia, suitable for military commanders, aimed at the heart of a gentle man, blinded decorations adorning a man blessed with a quiet humility, unique, handmade clothing worn by the elderly, Florsheim shoes scuffed ” , Bush said in the book


Jackson, 50, deceased in Los Angeles in June 2009 from an overdose of propofol anesthesia the surgery, he took to help him sleep. His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, where a four-year sentence for manslaughter.

Visa hires JPMorgan’s Charles Scharf as CEO

October 27, 2012

Visa hires JPMorgan's Charles Scharf as CEO

Visa Inc., said Charles Scharf, a former head of JPMorgan Chase & Co. division of consumer financial services, shall Joseph Saunders Director with effect from 1 November succeed.


was looking for a successor to Saunders, 66, who has led the company since 2007 and was expected to retire.

Scharf, 47, was a member of the board of directors of Visa from 2007 to January 2011.

Known as Charlie, Scharf moved to retail banking JPMorgan in its private equity arm in 2011, after the lender some mixed retail banking executives in an effort to increase profits.


worked closely with Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, when both men were at Citigroup Inc. in 1990. Scharf followed Dimon Chicago-based Bank One, which JPMorgan acquired in 2004.

Scharf is currently Managing Director of One Equity Partners, of which $ 10 billion of investments and commitments for JPMorgan Chase manages.

“We believe that the experience Scharf management on a large scale is a good … and our first checks were positive about his style of leadership,” Jefferies analyst Jason Kupferberg wrote in a note to clients.


experience with JPMorgan will also help Visa. The bank card issuer Visa Card largest and accounts for about 10 percent of its profits, Kupferberg said.

Scharf came at a time as Visa, MasterCard Inc. competitor cards and issuing banks are trying to trace their way through a storm of new digital technologies and companies that have come to the industry Payments from outside the bank, such as eBay and PayPal Price Place Inc.

Analysts do not expect

Scharf major changes in the payment network generation.

“I think Visa is doing well. I think everything will be loaded to the march in the same direction,” Wedbush Securities analyst Gil Luria said.

The San Francisco-based company has already announced its annual forecast twice this year as people move on the map based payments in the world.


is scheduled for the fourth quarter report on 31 October.

Saunders led

current CEO of Visa IPO in 2008 and continues as Executive Chairman until 31 March, after Visa appoints new non-executive chairman to be independent.


said Scharf $ 950,000 per year in base salary and a bonus of up to receive up to 500 percent.


will also be a “make-whole” get allocation options and restricted stock of $ 19 million, the company said in a filing with the U.S. Securities Commission scholarship. The price is based on a portion of the remuneration is leaving JPMorgan Scharf.

Saunders received $ 11.8 million in total compensation in 2011, according to legal documents.


network of credit and debit cards increased by less than 1 percent to $ 137.48 on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

Goldman CEO: I’ll pay 5 percent more tax for budget deal

October 27, 2012

Goldman CEO: I'll pay 5 percent more tax for budget deal

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on Thursday was the last leader of the party of big names to commit to a higher tax pay – 5 percent, he said – in exchange a long-term bipartisan agreement in Congress to the country keep from falling off the “cliff tax.”

Blankfein is part of a group of business leaders who have raised nearly $ 30 million to an agreement to support the nearly $ 600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts planned to avoid to introduce at the end of the year.

Asked if he would pay 5 percent more taxes if it was necessary for Congress to an agreement, he said: “Of course I do not know … who does not.”

Blankfein, who described his political views as “center-left”, was interviewed Thursday with Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson on CNBC.

Blankfein also said that a “huge” impact on the economy as a bipartisan compromise was reached.

“I would be a buyer’s market,” he said.

Simpson and Bowles were co-chairmen of a bipartisan commission by President Barack Obama in December 2010, with a comprehensive proposal of the budget deficit, which on top $ 1 trillion was a number of years to reduce.

Commission report has some support among Democrats and Republicans as a model reducing the deficit, but when it was first proposed, Obama has not acted on it and most House Republicans against.

two Simpson and Bowles would be the country with the group of companies urge a similar proposal

They are also looking for a group of senators known as the “Gang of Eight” to influence -. four Democrats and Republicans together work out a bipartisan agreement and the model


Despite the pressure for a broad deficit reduction deal to the cliff to avoid budget, Congress has postponed any decision until November 6 presidential and legislative.

This gives lawmakers a few weeks to act for the automatic cuts and tax increases are activated under a Finance Act passed by Congress in 2011.

budget and fiscal issues among the main issues discussed during the vice-presidential debate on Thursday.


business, all eager to tax cuts, splinters details of which tax breaks to eliminate.

More than half of all businesses are not companies like Goldman Sachs, but are so organized that they pay taxes at special rates. This includes small businesses and larger companies such as law firms and hedge funds.

“Everyone is comfortable giving away money to someone else,” says Dirk von Dongen, president of the National Association of wholesalers and distributors, the composition 60 percent pass-through companies.

Another skeptic is Brian Reardon, a former economic adviser to the Republican and now head of a group of commercial pressures that these companies.

“The problem with this theory is that it assumes that you rates and more revenue will go to reducing the deficit to increase,” said Reardon.

The corporate tax rate does not change at the end of the year, although most individual taxes could increase. Both Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney support lowering the maximum rate of 35 percent legal.