The Wanted Fabulous magazine cover

October 31, 2012

The Wanted Fabulous Magazine Cover


Apparently The Wanted has survived Liam Payne of insults crazy, and do it well – very well!

five British boys Liam found during excavations in time to take a photo of the sexy cover (above) to take for the next edition of the magazine Fabulous take . We have to admit, these guys clean reeeel good!

Barney Stinson was right! The costumes are a thing of joy! HA!

The question was covered

shelves on November 4 visits.

I hope you have something to say about their feud with One Direction have!

Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian Take their love Public!

October 31, 2012

Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora Take their love Public

Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora take their love public

Kim Kardashian brother is part of the couple’s own power now!


Rob Kardashian and British songbird Rita Ora are finally openly in love! Well … at least in some way.

We have heard the reality star and singer / songwriter had to return since August hipsters-spotted celeby comfortable double dates with Kim and her America Boy , Kanye West in the City of London, and hanging out with the fam Robbie famous in the country.

The two stars

say “just friends” – but Twitter romantic new photos (above) show that they are much, much more!

Rob posted cheek kiss, Lovey Dovey photos earlier this week, but they have since been demolished. Howevs, romantic weekend stay! Posts

posted Sunday Rob:

Miss someone is part of loving them. If you’re never outside, you never really know how strong your love

Then on Monday he tweeted:”Miss my ORA Boos “

Awww So much love

They are so cute, and all together, even if they are not 100 percent official time

Kim crossed with his last run relationship (cough, cough, 72 days, cough!) why we bake Rob is a bit trepidatious rush things with Mz. Rita

Rob well. We expect you to be ready to talk … but we want all the deets !

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy can not agree on Mad Max Set

October 30, 2012

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy can not agree on Set Max Mad

But they have so much in common!

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy are both beautiful and super talented! What do you hear?

Well, apparently Tom method acting.

In addition to the production delays that have hampered Mad Max: Fury Road – the fourth installment of the sci-fi franchise that Mel Gibson ‘s career was launched – Charlize think his main guy is a total nutter!

A source told the conflict

to say:

Charlize and Tom not only the other. Professionally, they do a fantastic job, but between takes Tom likes to stay in character and talking to himself and muttering things to keep. Charlize tried to talk with him during breaks in filming, but it is locked in the rest of the team. “

The problem is that, even though they are both good, they are distinctly different Insider went on to explain.

It has the possibility of switch when Shea? ™ is not active, and the sign directly constitute Cameraa? ™ s rollers., but he prefers to be alone and Charlize HEA There weird thinking! but I don’t believe bothers him is just his own thing. “

To each his own, we say.

But since production is already behind five days and may exceed your budget, it looks like a celebrity feud is the last thing director George Miller need this time.

Jennifer Lawrence Endures spookiest Halloween horrors Peeta OR Gale Free!

October 30, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Endures spookiest d'Halloween horrors of Peeta or without Gale!

idiot Catnip! You should always be prepared to dangerous situations!

at least the foresight of your bow and a quiver to carry!

Hunger Games superstar Jennifer Lawrence was recently spotted rubbing elbows with ghosts, gargoyles, and a razor teeth giant meatballs!

Catching Fire is filming near Atlanta, and embrace Halloween in mind, the players visit the haunted house first in the region of their day!

Josh Hutcherson pee Peeta-ed his pants Netherworld a few weeks ago, but could not stop Jen tribute to his favorite holiday!

Be careful, gurl! Your film two and a half times more turn!

Joe Simpson divorce drama continues! How It seems Tina discovers the truth Gay!

October 30, 2012

Divorce Drama Joe Simpson Tina continue! How Gay!

Bryce Chandler Hill can be denied, but a new report reveals tons of behind-the-scenes details of his alleged affair with Joe Simpson .

According to a source, the final nail in Jessica Simpson parents were a set of wedding photos.

Not one to remain silent, a source said:

“Joe broke after a few photos of Tina Bryce modeling found in his house they were in and around the house .. and distrusted because they don’t have any idea who was the boy

Then the background story of a’ lil to create, according to the same source:

“Joe and Tina’s marriage was in trouble and they had to make or break a trip to Hawaii, they don’t questions about Joe now. However, when she returned to Los Angeles odd Joe went to New York, just six hours after landing in California. She found it strange, but they don’t distrust. Tina thought it was just a business meeting. “

But apparently it was not Insider continues…

“Because Tina is responsible for the brand Jessica S mode, they are many people who work in the fashion industry meets a meeting someone said Bryce Discussion and couldn’t be around him, because it don’t know anything about this type. some personal photos of Joe and Bryce together [were discovered by Jessica Cobb CACEE bff] and [they] Tina. “

Oh shit here, this is where it starts to really exciting

In a tense confrontation, decides the source of their information, saying:

“Tina sent Joe, who had returned to New York, a text message to ask if he had anything to. Bryce said she asked, but he denied knowing the children. She flew to New York for a surprise visit to Joe. When they arrived, they called the office and fight. Then Joe and he knew that he had a homosexual relationship with Bryce, who had the hotel a few days earlier, and Tina filed for divorce. “

with more fantastic looking a lil ‘the other day.

We are not sure of truth, at this stage, but we know that – where there is no smoke without fire and if there is even an ounce of honesty in this story, the truth will officially present.

We hope that Tina is doing this days. alive or not, divorce is never fun.


! A photo of the alleged lover of Joe model, see below