Tom Hanks As Walt Disney! First Look!

November 6, 2012

Tom Hanks As Walt Disney! First Look!


casting Tom Hanks ‘s most recent film, Saving Mr. Banks , is currently filming in Disneyland .

which means … guests at the theme park are the first to see Tommy in a suit his character, Walt Disney !

Mouseketeer sneak broke a choice of Tom / Walt (above) walking along the main street. It looks exactly like the man behind the mouse, is not it?

While we are happy to see Tom look any magic, we are sure that many park Tuesday and Wednesday of the spectators are less happy with the burglary Mr. Hanks. Many attractions, including Main Street, Main Street Vehicles, Carnation Café, Plaza Inn, Chateau de la Belle au bois dormant, Fantasyland, Astro Orbitor and were closed for the day. BUT, on the plus side, they were able to large parts of the park to see all-up style from the 1960s!

Ch-ch-check pictures carts floral vintage, retro and extras (see below)!

Sharon Osbourne has double mastectomy-magazine

November 6, 2012

Sharon Osbourne has double mastectomy-magazine

British celebrity Sharon Osbourne underwent a double mastectomy after discovering that they are a carrier of a gene that the risk of developing breast cancer increases, she told Hello! magazine in an interview Monday.

Osbourne, 60, told the publication that the decision was a “no brainer” at the end.

“Once I heard that I had breast cancer gene, I thought:” The odds are not in my favor, “” she said in a speech that ran in the tabloid Daily Mirror

“I had cancer for and I do not have to live under this cloud like.:. I decided to remove everything, and had a double mastectomy “

Osbourne, that the life of his eccentric family seen in the reality series” The Osbournes “, said it did not want the rest of his life to spend” this shadow hanging over me.

“I want to be there for a long time and a grandmother Pearl are,” she added, referring to the first child of his son Jack.

“I did not even think of my breasts in a nostalgic way, I just wanted to live my life without fear all the time. This is not “pity me” this is a decision that I made that getting rid of the weight I was carrying around. “

Osbourne raised her profile by appearing as a judge on the talent of success shows” The X Factor “and” America’s Got Talent. “She is married to singer Ozzy Osbourne heavy metal.

His publicist

London called Reuters in the interview, which took place in Hello!, And the Daily Mirror when you are prompted to confirm the news.

No Doubt’s Racially Offensive Video Inspires Letter From UCLA’s American Indian Studies Center

November 6, 2012

No Doubt's Racially Offensive Video Inspires Letter From UCLA's American Indian Studies Center
Amid the controversy brewing again

No Doubt the Looking Hot music video, American Indian Studies Center at UCLA published an open letter to the band reunited.

congratulate them immediately the video from YouTube as they have become aware of the offensive nature, the Centre is quite clear why the community is actually so offended.

opening argument on the obvious questions, the Centre focuses on the stereotypes in the video and why it hurts the community, saying:

“The clip shows the height of the cultural embezzlement and contempt and lack of knowledge of contemporary Indians. both the video images and symbols used indigenous, many still hold deep spiritual meaning and ritual for Native Americans, while at the same time in order to place these images in a (largely incorrect) a set of representations of Indians at the beginning of the century that primitive peoples struggle against the cowboys (and losses) in the Far West. In this sense, the video indigenous peoples and indigenous cultures, while co-opting the Indians and indigeneity for exploitation. essence, it is the grossest form of cultural distraction. “

But they

reveal the evil is deeper, addressing issues of sexual crimes their community faces. Making it a point to Gwen Stefani of the “twists” dressed as a stereotypical character in a scene from “white men” aggression to note, the Centre focuses on the cultural damage, saying:

“Most importantly, the video is haunted by images that glorify aggression against the people of India, and, more worryingly, belittles women and Aboriginal objective by scenes of sexual violence. advance Just as 19th century paintings the ethics of the Manifest Destiny?? idea that the United States was destined by God to expand across the continent, leading the civilization and a primitive light â € is based on the familiar tropes video conquest of the continent and, simultaneously, the destruction of Aboriginal women. When singer Gwen Stefani twists, partially dressed (as an Indian) and chained in the ropes, while under the supervision of white men dominate brandishing guns, today real Indian women in the United States are in a state of crisis. “

Centre then explains how” one in three American Indian and Alaska Native women will be raped in their lifetime. “

They also discuss their suspicions apologize offering to the band. While they welcome the biggest, they note:

? “No excuses Although Doubtâ ™ s claimed to have consulted” experts Native American Studies at the University of California, “As far as we know, None of these people at UCLA consulted on the video for the release. “

” However, in the context of our educational mission and collaboration we are an invitation to participate in the American Indian Studies Center and the Los Angeles Indian community, as seen in this unfortunate incident as an opportunity for growth and understanding. “

As we have said, we welcome the band to take full responsibility, but we understand that the damage is done So., That being said, we said it would do wonders if the group took the opportunity to raise the issue at hand thanks to their platform.

They can fully rotate this thing with the right tools, if they want. Instead leave, they can use their fame to help combat the problems the community faces. And in that sense may be the end result will be something bigger eventually had not posted the video at all.

do you think? Any idea of ​​your position

CLICK HERE to the letter in its entirety to read.

I hope this can really solve. This is an unfortunate situation everywhere, but still a great opportunity!

Election 2012: What The Stars Are Tweeting

November 6, 2012

Election 2012: What The Stars Are Tweeting

This is BIG BIG BIG day, readers perezcious!

Americans of all

each state queues at polling Rock the Vote and their AH-mazing right to decide to use the next POTUS!

Will Barack Obama ? Or will it Mitt Romney ?

We know in less than 24 hours (fingers crossed)!

see what celebrities say about # Election2012 … after the jump!



proud of your passion for your voice heard. Fortunately Election Day


If you are an American, today is the day to make your voice heard! Find your polling place and vote today!


I’ve made my choice. My hope is @ BarackObama President 4 2 get reelected and get more time 2 make this country.

Tori Spelling

We all have a voice. Today we get to use. This is the future of our children. Be part of the construction of the # election2012

Shonda Rhimes

While you should vote your conscience, I hope that the awareness among our LGBT brothers and sisters and their rights.

Ian Somerhalder

pls Vote Vote Vote VOTE.Be patients, the value it.Workers go to the polling station as molasses on a cold day (very slow), unfortunately


get out there and make a difference in our country daleeeee explain pila las votes election2012 # #

Elizabeth Banks

@ @ BarackObama olivia me and wanted to vote for TOMORROW

Get inspired to vote in this great speechâ |? @ # Election2012 Cristina Valtopina

Ryan Seacrest

@ BarackObama talk â?? break â?? his guilty pleasure is nachos and guac

Eva Longoria

Here we go America! Election Day is finally here! Vote! Vote! Vote!


voice, Bunheads

Zach Braff

If you’re lucky, you may need to take this planet for 100 years or more. While here, you have an opinion on how it is managed. Voice.

Melissa Joan Hart

Finish this sentence for me … Be Republican in Hollywood is like …..?? # Election2012

Paulina Rubio

# WeVoteWeWin Obama! PLEASE DO Latinos retweet one votar!


Off to vote for my son

Mindy Kaling

“I suppose to vote is a kind of American humblebrag . “, says the man unbearable date of first hand tonight.

my movie dir election by Garry Marshall I’m engaged Bradley Cooper in a voting booth. “I have accessory for you.” (?) Bradley coos

Gabrielle Union

Observed or voter intimidation experienced – contact: 1-866-OUR-VOTE .. is (866) 687-8683

Stephen Colbert

Rock the Vote! Or if you are middle-aged with a sentimental side, easy Listen voting!

Nick Lachey


, today’s vote! This year, more than ever, every vote counts. It is your right and privilege. # STEM

Paula Abdul

First thing that came to this very morning was a 4 letter word: # vote :)) day happy voting! xoxoP # Election2012



1-866-OUR-VOTE if you are a registered voter and turn away from the polls for any reason whatsoever. Nobody now take your vote! # STEM

Lil Scrappy

Once you vote, and you get in the car yo, a picture of your sticker I keep taking legal! we must win TEAM OBAMA #!

Patrick Dempsey

Go vote!

Peter Facinelli


Make sure you vote

today. Ure vote counts and makes a difference.

Frank Ocean

Vote for Obama.

Gayle King

Just voted! It is important to ensure that your candidates know that you cared. So make your choice and election coverage, I recommend looking @ CBS’re welcome

Paula Deen

Your vote counts, but only if you start it. We are fortunate to have this freedom, take the time today take for granted.

Bethenny Frankel

election day this is! Vote! Vote! Vote! This is what gives you the voice that many others have not. This is a biting nails!


Get out and VOTE!


… Let’s vote!

Marcia Cross

eager to vote! What a privilege! WE THE PEOPLE .. Be part of the weekend. Xo m

Russell Simmons

Proud to

my vote for Barack Obama! To promote television to vote .. Where to find someone near you to vote!


I’m going to vote!


Vote for ME

Roseanne Barr Tuesday, November 6

Michael Ian Black

WTF just

to discover that all States who have lost the civil war can not vote?? (Just kidding)

Frances Fisher

“I will Valium IV before this election is over!” Hahaha!

Alan Cumming

I am a citizen of the joint United Kingdom and the United States. I was the last one, so today I would vote in elections for Obama!

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Liam Hemsworth Caught CHEATING On Miley Cyrus With Leggy Blonde?!?!

November 6, 2012

Liam Hemsworth Caught CHEATING On Miley Cyrus With Leggy Blonde?!?!

Mileybird Noooo! Why did your husband prey out of his cage!

While punky pop tart Miley Cyrus and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth boo are set to marry, Liam seems perhaps not as committed to Miley smiley insinuates its current diamond ring …


man was spotted SUPER intimate with a woman mysterious blonde Samsung Galaxy Note II party last week!

An insider reveals secret:

“Liam was sitting in the back of the tent with a blonde and they were very comfortable It certainly looked like it. Behave in a way that was more than only friendly.’s friend / manager tries to keep away people and Liam and his “friend” a little privacy, but Liam let donâ € ™ ™ t seem to be that concerned about it. “

Ruh roh



Liam practicing his skillz romantic act on an innocent bystander! Or maybe it was revenge for Miley to lock lips with her Two and a Half Men costar!

Miles Ugh arms, she has to deal with stalkers and scissors happy now possible unfaithful fiancée ©.

Well, at least she has a unicorn head to keep him company during those lonely nights!