Raising Hope Goes Back To The Future

November 6, 2012

Raising Hope Goes Back To The Future

It is heavy!

Doc Emmet Brown is

Christopher Lloyd is the guest star in a future episode of Raising Hope ! It will be aired in the past 30 years!

Wait, what?

JK! This is a Back To The Future special! There will not be a real time travel in the show, but Christopher is driving a DeLorean!

We are so totally stoked! This is the power of love … 80 movies!

Make sure you check Raising Hope on Tuesday at 8/7c! It’s your density!

Brad Pitt turns designer for high-end furniture collection

November 6, 2012

Brad Pitt turns designer for high-end furniture collection

actor Brad Pitt has his talents to creating furniture for luxury home design with a premium collection inspired by both the Art Nouveau and Art Deco, on the basis of Architectural Digest.

Pitt together in the collection of the United States furniture Pollaro Frank talked about his inspiration for the capsule collection in the December issue of the journal.

“I’m attracted by the design of furniture complete architecture on a small scale,” said Pitt. “I leaned over obsessive quality to unhealthy levels.”

Pitt said his obsession Pollaro presented, which he said represents “the spirit mad craftsmen of yesteryear, with their obsessive attention to detail.”

The collection dozen pieces, which are revealed in furniture Pollaro New York from 13 to 15 November, will be tables, chairs, design a bed and a marble bath.

“Fight Club” 48-year-old actor said he was influenced by the Scottish architect Glasgow, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose drawn with a solid line. He designed his collection with the fluidity of a single line, either geometric or circular.

“There is something more in the game, like the story of his life to tell a single line?? From birth to death, with all the bloody triumphs and humiliating losses even seen Boredoms, and the track” , says the actor.

Pitt worked with renowned architects for his Make It Right Foundation to quality affordable housing for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He also designed a diamond ring for his partner, Angelina Jolie, when the couple got engaged earlier this year.

The actor has also become the face of the last and the first man on the woman iconic Chanel No.5 perfume last month mystify critics and fashionistas with a video commercial enigmatic.

Aerosmith puts on Boston street concert on Memory Lane

November 6, 2012

Aerosmith puts on Boston street concert on Memory Lane
Thousands of music lovers

blocked a street in Boston on Monday to hear Grammy Award-winning rock band Aerosmith a free concert in front of the building where the musicians started their career four decades ago.

The group sounded on pipes with “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion” at the back of one. specially designed trailer, while euro area residents hanging out the window, sitting on balconies and rooftops to the concert to hear was noon

“It’s as if the world had been arrested for it. It’s like it was yesterday,” singer Steven Tyler told Reuters in an interview after the concert.

The band played on the occasion of the release of his 15th studio album “Music from a Different Dimension”, released on Tuesday.

Aerosmith five members have a plaque Boston plan to assemble outside the building in Allston neighborhood where they lived in the early days, a career that has brought them four Grammy Awards and more than 20 Top 40 hits.

“used to be my room,” guitarist Joe Perry yelled at a woman looking the second floor window.

The crowd of thousands of teenagers who signs saying they school had about beaten to the show to look, celebrities like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and fans whose history with the band back to its founding in 1970.

“I’ve always liked Aerosmith. They were one of the first rock bands that I was growing up in Brazil,” said Michelle Fernandes, 43, waits for the concert begins.

When she moved to the United States in 2003, Fernandes was surprised to learn that she worked in an office down the street, where his favorite band debuted said Fernandes.

“It’s not that cool?” she said.

The group has its ties to a city that is home to hundreds of thousands of students.

“If there are groups of young people, when in college towns like this, there is a lot of passion,” says Tyler. “We love it.”

While the group enjoyed the chance to see his old neighborhood, Perry refused to enter the apartment, where the band wrote songs like “Movin ‘Out”.

“I fail to see how it looked today, because I love the memory of what it was when we were there,” Perry told Reuters. “I did not see it all spiffed and polished.”

Thursday Aerosmith resumed his tour with a show in Oklahoma City.

Cynthia Nixon Says Sex And The City Gals Would NEVER ‘Ever Vote For Mitt Romney’

November 6, 2012

Cynthia Nixon Says Sex And The City Gals Would NEVER 'Ever Vote For Mitt Romney'
Cynthia Nixon

has already approved Barack Obama , but while campaigning for him in Florida last week, they made sure that the rest of the Sex & The City gals would be.

Sarah Jessica Parker made his opinion very clear, but in this case, Nixon was referring to characters from the HBO hit series and said:

â?? I know that there are women who support and ITA?? s hard for me to understand, but Miranda, or Carrie or Charlotte or Samantha, none of these women would never vote for Mitt Romney. They were something terrible before they ever vote Mitt Romney.â??


awful? This terrible:

“I think Miranda Hobbes prefers to shoot in the head than vote for Mitt Romney Mitt Romney is so awful women?.??? Issues.â s ??

If Romney wins Tuesday

, we hope that they will not let Cynthia Nixon write the next SATC movie! We do not want to see Miranda press the trigger.

If she was not knocking

policy Romney, openly bisexual actress praised Obama for supporting the LGBT community, called it “the first gay president.” She added:

“You know, everybody said about Bill Clinton, he was the first African-American president, but I think Barack Obama is the first president gay. My wife and I were married in May â €? ? and I know it took a while to get there, but the fact that it completely for marriage equality for all Americans â?? we have never had a president anywhere near it. And I know that if we keep it there for four years, we will repeal the Defense of Marriage Act to see. “

If the equality U, get out and vote on Tuesday!

Boy Meets World Sequel Sooner Than We Thought??

November 6, 2012

Boy Meets World Sequel Sooner Than We Thought??

We told you there was a boy Meets World series because in the works!

And we can not wait to Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage as parents return to a new generation of children Matthews!

Well, it seems we do not wait as long as we thought! Danielle, who portrays Topanga in the original (and again?) Series teased that she could be reunited with his costar this month! She tweeted:

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– Danielle Fishel (@ daniellefishel) November 3, 2012

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