Billy Ray Cyrus Confirms: Miley IS Having Three Weddings!!!

November 7, 2012

Billy Ray Cyrus Confirms: Miley IS Having Three Weddings!!!

this time Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth go ahead with their wedding plans complexes!

How to explain?

Well, according Billy Ray Cyrus of the torque on having not one, not two, but three frickin weddings!

, Schoolhouse Rock say – Three is the magic number.

what Billy Ray said:

“Liam asked if he could see my daughter’s hand in marriage, and I said yes as I can in the next film of his brother. they [Miley and Liam] will have three weddings, so I’m thinking a movie with Chris, when we had Liam next new movie coming out. they had three marriages, which should be three films for me. “


hearts, Billy Ray has shown that emotional exchange between him and his daughter.

he said

“In fact, I sent him a note last night that I look forward to that time every time that time. [I was watching an emotional speech coach the Indianapolis Colts Chuck Pagano .] During halftime, he told his team he wanted another Super Bowl trophy and he had two daughters, he wanted to altar. When I saw that last night, the man who fought leukemia, and the fact that he speaks to his team, saying: “I want to lift the trophy and my daughters walk down the aisle and I immediately texted Miley said.” I want you to know, when you’re done , I will be very proud to walk through this alley. She was like, ‘Daddy!’ two smiling faces! It is the coach and this time hit me. “


share that where Miley is involved and / or where you are Liam needling.

Just kidding!

No, but seriously, only this!

We can not wait to be humming, here the bride – all dressed in white

Heather Matarazzo Broke Up With Her Lady Fiancée!

November 7, 2012

Heather Matarazzo Broke Up With Her Lady Fiancée!


Welcome to the Dollhouse star has a new play date!

Heather Matarazzo has canceled her engagement with her fianc © e four years Caroline Murphy .

A good friend revealed that women after planing a wedding chic New York for more than a year, the division took, saying sources:

“Eventually they realized that they lack the spark. They were best friends for so long, she was loved, but who were no longer in love “.

actress was “doing good”, and said: “The relationship taught him a lot about herself and she is grateful for. “

It seems that the decision to split was mature and friendly! Hopefully they can still be friends.

Hey, Good news Heather is back on the market!

Any ladies interested U

Jared Leto Is Returning To Acting In The Dallas Buyer’s Club

November 7, 2012

Jared Leto Is Returning To Acting In The Dallas Buyer's Club

There must be a God, because our prayers have just answered!

Jared Leto , undoubtedly one of the hottest 40 men on the planet, is the return to comedy!

30 Seconds To Mars frontman, who has not acted within three years, starring opposite Matthew McConaughey The Buyer Club Dallas .

The title should sound familiar, because it is the film that caused McConaughey shift its focus from building muscle to lose tons of weight, so he can look like a man who has contracted HIV through drug use in the 1980s.

Leto plays a flamboyant transvestite with HIV who helps the protagonist of the substitution drug smuggling from Mexico into the United States for their life-threatening disease.

It could be career defining roles of the two players, so we are excited to see how it ends!

No matter what, it will at least pleasant to Leto beautiful blue eyes in a dark room for two hours.

William Shatner – there’s an app for him

November 7, 2012

William Shatner - there's an app for him

actor William Shatner is having a moment. A few years after CBS canceled his Twitter inspiration “$ # *! My Dad Says” TV comedy, Shatner is on top of tech world.

The first “Star Trek” captain, now 81, is presented in Blind Light Apps “Shatoetry”, leading to the top of the list of entertainment apps catapulted Apple’s iTunes last week on his first Liberation.

Celebrity app, users can choose from hundreds of words, phrases, which Shatner in his voice when reciting brand and style of organizing. There is also a mode that allows fans to interact with Shatner “Shatisms” and there is a single player challenges, such as creating and haiku poetry.

Shatner, who is currently touring the country with his acclaimed one-man show on Broadway, “Shatner World,” took a few minutes to talk about technology with Reuters.

Q: How would you expand this feature in the future? Maybe add music?

: “Well, we have that in mind the words of the music we have in mind the things of holiday we have in mind the events in your life, so you can use them words and we will value people to increase …. to love and to tell others they love. Whenever we an audience that we know who’s worth receiving, we will add. “

Q: An audience that you know that you are sure is. “Star Trek” fans If you have special occasions with app add-ons for them

? :. “Well, yeah, I do not think we unexplored opportunity to leave, but I wanted to be very careful about how we introduce so this is not something derogatory or stupid, I’m giving. Use as it is designed to be used, which for entertainment. “

Q: Do you see opportunities for others to work with you on this app

“. Hopefully this is popular enough for people who are interested in making words “

Q: So, users would be able to mix your words with words of others through this application

.. “Yes, but ask them for keywords like” love. ” There are certain words that everyone wants to use it as “love” and “hate” and the words you somewhere in your conversation … common words that are positive, I think it’s a way to get a person known to take a chance in the interpretation of the word in many different ways and they know they are not ridiculous, or with the look stupid “

. Q: How can you take advantage of current technology to connect with fans

…” I use it in as many ways as possible I make podcasts, I will certainly do all the other, Facebook, Twitter and all that kind of stuff I enjoy communicating with people there, as far as possible, and this app is one of those ways. “

Q: What technology do you

“. I have the iPhone, iPad and I will take a little time iPad Mini “

have Q: How can you use these devices

” I do not play I read in the papers that I have to sound print application-driven, and if I do not type very well, I find myself to dictate to her and sending notes .. It is a tool for really creative with If you have a communication – .. there is so much wrong with the world and so many crises in the mix here, if we can communicate faster and better, we may be able to correct them before the end of the world, as far as humans are concerned. “

Q: How is the tour of the show” Shatner World “

” I will be in Connecticut and New Jersey this week I played about four different places that open just now my heart goes out to the nightmare that these people feel inside me .. a bit embarrassing to talk about providing a laugh or two, but on the other hand, some people may need, and that’s what I’ll do …. I am with my heart on my sleeve trying to get people who have had great difficulty in the past week to entertain. “

Q:. A lot of my friends in New York and New Jersey still without power after Hurricane sand

A”. I know, and I hope that by the time I arrive, there will hopefully flow And then they will have a spirit of power want to be entertained. “

Tom Hanks As Walt Disney! First Look!

November 6, 2012

Tom Hanks As Walt Disney! First Look!


casting Tom Hanks ‘s most recent film, Saving Mr. Banks , is currently filming in Disneyland .

which means … guests at the theme park are the first to see Tommy in a suit his character, Walt Disney !

Mouseketeer sneak broke a choice of Tom / Walt (above) walking along the main street. It looks exactly like the man behind the mouse, is not it?

While we are happy to see Tom look any magic, we are sure that many park Tuesday and Wednesday of the spectators are less happy with the burglary Mr. Hanks. Many attractions, including Main Street, Main Street Vehicles, Carnation Café, Plaza Inn, Chateau de la Belle au bois dormant, Fantasyland, Astro Orbitor and were closed for the day. BUT, on the plus side, they were able to large parts of the park to see all-up style from the 1960s!

Ch-ch-check pictures carts floral vintage, retro and extras (see below)!