PSY illegal smokes a cigarette style Gangnam

November 1, 2012

PSY smokes a cigarette style Gangnam illegal


We know that you are in South Korea and everything, but you can not understand that big sign behind you!

It says NO SMOKING and even has a practical illustration of crossing the language barrier.

Style Gangnam the singer seemed not to notice (or care) if and was photographed smoking a cigarette in a smoking area outside a building in Toronto, Canada.

Although we do not, it seems that fought the law … and won. Brava!

Snooki & Jionni relationship in question: The Real Deal or play Fame?

November 1, 2012

Snooki & Jionni
Oh gawd …

This can not be true. Baby Lorenzo Make the most!

There is a new rumor claims relationship Snooki ‘s with Jionni Lavalle is a pure fiction.

Sources insist it’s all for the glory, saying:

“Snooki is desperate to stay famous Cana It ™ t bear only about Jionni Shea, but to continue.?.? Marriage with millions of dollars to pay. “

And this is where the ugly – sources say it affects how they treat their children. Since Snooki supposedly wants to party all night and stopped giving Lorenzo Jionni so she had to have to stay home.

continuous source with:

“There will not even be in contact with the baby and acts as Cana ™ t hear them scream for attention Lorenzo [But] the only reason he is rejected as helping ?. forced to do more. “

That this Halloween horror story, cuz we’re the legitimate fear of the impact it could have on their bottom lil ‘if it’s true.

Of course, that being said, we really take it with a grain of salt. After all, she gushed about motherhood and explains his enthusiasm in his profession Jersey Shore to a new family.

But what do u think?

Zac Efron Stares into our souls from half court!

November 1, 2012

Zac Efron Stares into our souls From Half Cour!

We write this without even looking, because the eyes are still locked with Zac Efron ‘s.

It’s like he does not even care that it’s a game of basketball – Laker game, no less – and I just want an intimate moment with us. He pretended to watch the game. If you asked, he said that the score was 30-6 as a 204 or something.

We agree with that!


It was the first game of the season at the Staples Center, and we hope that we have an opening night special foam finger hanged. We would like one of his fingers, but also a giant foam!


Miley Cyrus takes certain decisions dared With Porn Star In New Music Video!

November 1, 2012

Miley Cyrus takes certain decisions dared With Porn Star in Music Video New!

Miley Cyrus is the hot XXX UP!

Plans are already underway for a new Miley video recording, apparently a song called Decisions shoot . But the real news came this morning explode Miley delved into the biz PORN find her co-star!

Oh, and not just a porn chick not. Jessie Andrews will AVN Award winner for Best Actress this year sexxxing up dance alongside Miley in hot action!

But wait! There’s more!

Not only Miley and Jessie are down and dirty, it promises to be of little people, unicorns, a goat and a woman who crushes watermelons with boobays!

the FEEZY?? We can not wait to see this video crazy!

Bright star George Wendt hospital after chest pain? We will not drink!

November 1, 2012

Vive stars George Wendt hospital after pain thoraciques? we do not drink cela!


Oh, my God! George Wendt in the hospital this weekend after suffering severe chest pain!

The big man, the iconic Midwest continues to receive medical care, and happy, to fully recover.

Until his chest pain, the actor of 64 years of working in a production scene from the Chicago area The Odd Couple . Sources close to the program say that the withdrawal from distribution.

George is perhaps best known as Norm Peterson of the most beloved television series, live !

Good luck on a speedy recovery

, George!

Maybe celebrate Halloween Drink some laundry tonight for lowering in his honor!