Frank Ocean Channeling Beatles & Beach Boys On Next Album!? Prepare Yourself For Eargasms!

April 27, 2013

Frank Ocean Channeling Beatles & Beach Boys On Next Album!? Prepare Yourself For Eargasms!

This could be interesting!

Camera caught Frank Ocean on the red carpet at the TIME 100 Gala and singer-songwriter young BLEW our minds with a huge reveal interesting on its next album!

Voyager few decades back to musical inspiration, the 25-year-old Thinking About You will singer honest – see what we’ve done? – Based on the genres of music that we had not expected

Frank admitted:

“When I first [album], there was a group of artists I listened, but absorb for inspiration and energy. It was a lot Stevie Wonder , and this time it is much Beach Boys and the Beatles and whatnot, so we’ll see how it flows into the music and the final product. I can not say much more than that. “

Whoa! The Beach Boys and The Beatles ? Color us intrigued

These are two of the biggest rock bands ever, we can not wait to see how it fits their styles in his sound

Pussy Riot Member DENIED Parole!

April 27, 2013

Pussy Riot Member DENIED Parole!

Madonna is not going to be about happy!

Mordovia Republic of Russia rejected a conditional request caught Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova .

The 23-year-old peaceful protestorâ? that is one of only two still trapped put 11 collectiveâ punk woman? He was ordered to his two-year sentence on charges of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred ‘after violent protests last year.


Nadezhda has completed his time in prison, many in Hollywood and around the world are outraged by the decision.


right Lidiya Yakovleva why to deny the alleged criminal parole to care for her child 5 years

The judiciary said the evidence showed Nadezhda ” not always follow the rules of behavior “while behind bars than the harsh penal colony described him as a? â? insensitive to ethics and conscience and think only herselfâ? clear when they do not say hello to a prison officer and refused to to make walk

Oh, yeah! It sounds like a clear danger to society!


And we still have no clear reason why the girls did was illegal!

Do not Russian citizens have freedom of speech?

This battle may have been lost, but we believe (or hope) that justice is done!

Lindsay Lohan Ruined Last Year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Tom Brokaw Thinks So!

April 27, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Ruined Last Year's White House Correspondents' Dinner? Tom Brokaw Thinks So!

We hope you get your imagination and ties ready, because tomorrow evening, a dinner is held the annual White House correspondents of one of the most prestigious meetings of politicians, celebrities and release of the year !

Well, at least it used in this way according Tom Brokaw

NBC news anchor said a distinguished both dinner was a bit of a joke, and it is thanks Lindsay Lohan

LiLo attended event last year, and it was not very happy about it, saying:

“For me, the breaking point Lindsay Lohan was. She was a big star corresponding to the White House dinner. Give me a break! “

OUCH! For years, Tom 73 remember how to punch

packing But that’s not all because we went on to say:

“There is more dignity to my daughter prom!”

Jeez! Tell us how you really feel!

Conan O’Brien will host the event this year, and we doubt that President Barack Obama please remarks of his old man ruin a nice evening

We also have the sneaking suspicion that Tom’s invitation for dinner tomorrow night is lost in the mail! LOLz

Martha Stewart Cruises The Web For Ass?! Read About Her Match.Com Experience HERE!

April 27, 2013

Martha Stewart Cruises The Web For Ass?! Read About Her Match.Com Experience HERE!
p This is just too cute!

American icon Martha Stewart is the most shocking new silly revealed!

It’s more than just a lively television personality, professional housewife, author, business mogul, and mother – Martha is an Internet predator, also

This morning, 71-year-old blonde burst packet gave recently searched for Mr. Right online in itself a profile on !

Ha! Can you imagine how quickly filled his inbox!

Unfortunately, as she told Matt Lauer in a Today interview, Internet dating is not his cup of tea!

Martha says:

“I tried to fill out the application …. I started laughing in the middle of the page it was, like, impossible.”.

We are sad that did not work, but a nice lady with her talents and resources can take her choice of men!

What kind of guys are interested, Martha? We will all you set with a wonderful guy, LOLz!

Mark Zuckerberg Richer Than You Thought?! Facebook’s CEO Cashed In $2.3 Bil In Stock Options!

April 27, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg Richer Than You Thought?! Facebook's CEO Cashed In .3 Bil In Stock Options!

this for a status update?

Mark Zuckerberg last year won nearly $ 2300000000 and is not even counting his salary as CEO Facebook


new reports only showed that, just before the IPO of the company, the 28-year-old entrepreneur exercised 30 million options, which generated $ 2.3 billion in sales potential!

In addition to her sensual excess SexXxy share, Mark commanded a salary of $ 2 million dollars for his work last year as CEO of the company

and another $ 2 million has been spent on the security detail of the main man and private jets!

2.3 billion can certainly buy Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan upscale surf lessons – ridiculously wealthy couple was spotted in Kauai this week suspended ten

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