Lindsay Lohan’s Prosecutors Want Her JAILED Up ASAP!

December 12, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Prosecutors Want Her JAILED Up ASAP!

jealous fans wanted rejoice!

In a few weeks, the only correspondence Lindsay Lohan will with Max George by letters from jail!

New reports indicate

MORE proof that Lindz is to spend some serious time behind bars!

sources said the El Lay City Attorney has paper asks this court to probation Lilo and draw directly to jail without passing Go completed – or the collection of $ 200!

Sounds like her lawyers

city PISSED starlet lied to the cops about the hit-and-run and wish you the full penalty for his action to get.

Natural recently filed documents ares a formality.


Lindsay is 100 percent owned by the judge.

We hear that his honor had to say during his arrest Wednesday accounts of crime are three agents, obstruction and dangerous driving.


Good luck! You’ll need it!

Reservoir Dogs’ Michael Madsen Charged With A DUI!

December 12, 2012

Reservoir Dogs' Michael Madsen Charged With A DUI!

Uh oh.

Michael Madsen is in trouble!

Not so long ago, he was arrested while driving recklessly in his Pontiac GTO.

The actor was charged with two counts of impaired driving – a driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the other to blow above the legal BAC limit of 0.8.

Sounds like

boredom especially when Madsen was sentenced to two points, it can be a little more than two years in prison. Well … this is his first offense, if we doubt he will get a heavy punishment.

This is what lawyers

Madsen said:

. “We intend to vigorously defend the charges”

hope otherwise you can Madsen Jailhouse Rock to sing -! That is not what we want


Lindsay Lohan Getting 8 Months Behind Bars?!

December 12, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Getting 8 Months Behind Bars?!

Unfortunately, these are not the kinds of bars Lindsay Lohan appears to go!

Cover your head people, cause the legal sh * t is about to touching the fan, because Lindz is very likely at least 8 months SOON spend in a prison cell, because sources forces the chaotic aura baby claim his probation for jewelry theft case dismissed during his arraignment tomorrow ….

… indictment, jumps to celebrate with his band the most preferred The Wanted , London and Dubai.

Lilo If probation is revoked, the court will set a date for a hearing where it is determined whether Lindsay violated her probation by breaking the law. Such a law lie to the police because you do not want them to know that you have a vehicle that crashed into a truck driving, for example.

apparently hearing will be held at Lilo is on trial for his multiple criminal charges, and even if they are not guilty of his crimes car accident, Lindsay could be charged for violating trial that could land him in prison for eight months.

And this is if she wins his trial! It remains in jail longer be condemned!

Hopefully his new love rumor Max George , comes for a conjugal visit from time to time?


but it’s not so bad! LOLz!

ScarJo Will Sit On A Hot Tin Roof For Big Bucks

December 11, 2012

ScarJo Will Sit On A Hot Tin Roof For Big Bucks

?? is not easy to be rich and beautiful.

Okay, it’s very easy when youâ € ™? re Scarlett Johansson .

Seriously, it’s like breathing for her.

And now sheâ?? s about to get even richer with her concert Broadway as Maggie became in the revival of Tennessee Williams Cat “on a Hot Tin Roof .


will be a minimum of $ 40,000 per week for his race in the room.

Oh, and donâ € ™? worry, it gets better … for her.

Our Avenger sexxxy also get 7.5% of the ticket sales above $ 530,000.

In addition to this – wait, was not that enough? – It should get 10% of the large plus 5% of the profit as investors are paid 10% more than their initial investment

In case you donâ € ™.? t understand all the financial details …

… Shea?? s Makina?? couch!

You can see in the previews from 18 December and then opening on January 17.

Let us know if sheâ??’s earned her money!

Jenni Rivera’s family hopes Mexican-American singer still alive

December 11, 2012

Jenni Rivera's family hopes Mexican-American singer still alive

Family Mexican singer Jenni Rivera U.S. said Monday that they cling to the hope that she is still alive, although U.S. officials have previously said that she died Sunday in a plane crash in Mexico.

“In our eyes, we still believe that our sister will be good,” Rivera, Juan’s brother told reporters outside the family home near Long Beach, California.

“We thank God for the life he gave … my sister,” said Juan Rivera, also a singer. “For all the triumphs and successes it has had, and we hope that more in the future.”

United States National Transportation Safety Board said it was to help Mexican authorities investigating the crash of the Learjet LJ25 private sector.

The plane crashed at about 3:30 pm local time (4:30 EST) in the municipality of Iturbide about 70 miles south of Monterrey, where the singer and six others were on their way to Mexico City.

Rivera was conducted in the city of Toluca, 40 miles southwest of Mexico City in the center of Mexico, after a concert in Monterrey on Saturday.

It is not known what caused the accident, and Mexican transportation ministry said the wreckage was strewn about until now was difficult to the scene of the crash to recognize.

Rivera was born in Long Beach Mexican immigrants and lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She was a giant figure in the Nortena popular Mexican banda and genres.

She had sold 15 million albums in his 17-year career and has attracted many Latin Grammy nominations.

“The entire Universal Music Group family is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our dear friend Jenni Rivera,” label the singer said in a statement.

“From his incredibly versatile talent the way she kissed her fans around the world, Jenni was simply incomparable,” Universal said in a statement. “His talent will be missed, but his gift of music will always be with us.”

Rivera recent years, television has become a reality TV show and as a judge for the Mexican version of the singing competition “The Voice . “