Miley Cyrus Shows Off Side-Boob AND Scars At Clive Davis’ Grammy Pre-Party! More Proof That She’s Cutting??

February 10, 2013

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Side-Boob AND Scars At Clive Davis' Grammy Pre-Party! More Proof That She's Cutting??

We will not lie: we get SERIOUS nervous for her

Speculation that

Miley Cyrus is a self-Harmer followed the starlet for some time, as she has been spotted several times in the last sporting what appeared to be a series of scars on his left wrist and arm to be!

combination of an elusive Twitter messages about the very real and dangerous disease that too many young people in this country ravaged, it is now clear that the old Disney starlet has faced – and perhaps the face – some serious personal demons

Ch-ch-check some pictures of Miley as she arrived at Clive Davis annual “Pre-Grammy Party (above)

While they may have tried to keep the focus on her new hairstyle and bright fashion choices super-provocative, our eyes straight to his arm!

It is of course difficult to really assess how these brands have recently been made, but still breaks our hearts to think that at some point in her life, she had to deal with so many issues of self-esteem that they resort to trying to give him a physical pain and out of his own skin.

We sincerely hope that those days are behind you, gurl.

And if not – and for anyone struggling with similar problems – you are not alone!

CLICK HERE for more information on self-harm and help for yourself or a loved one!

Chris Brown TOTALS His Car! Blames Accident On The Paparazzi…But Still Makes It To Charity Event!

February 10, 2013

Chris Brown TOTALS His Car! Blames Accident On The Paparazzi…But Still Makes It To Charity Event!

think the saying “when it rains, it pours” can even be applied to Chris Brown life

It is safe to say now that far, 2013 is the year of the singer is not, as has been involved in a nasty fight with Frank Ocean in a parking lot, is facing serious legal consequences for the possible processing hours probation, and now has been involved in a car accident that left a nasty hit his car … and all because he was relentlessly pursued by paparazzi

least that is representative side of the story, anyway

According to a statement:

“Chris Brown had a car accident this afternoon after relentlessly chased by paparazzi. He was in his vehicle itself confronted Debbie Allen Dance Academy for a symphonic love Foundation event when two vehicles to cut him. Residents jumped out with cameras and aggressively approached his vehicle. In an attempt to withdraw from the situation, he began to withdraw into an alley how his was cut by two additional vehicles. Chris vehicle is due to the aggressive pursuit by the paparazzi reached. He’s fine. “

Yeesh! Scary!

But also a kind

SILLY! Not that movie they showed us time and again that tries to escape a vehicle in an alley never works

But hey, we should give credit where credit is due

He could very easily have -!, and rightly so – s’ retired last minute, even if it is not injured, such as an accident, because it must have been scary but as you can see in the photos (above), Breezy STILL bother to Debbie Allen Dance Academy to go to the charity of the event

Now this is beside him, we love

see Glad to see that you are well and always your bet here

Keep it up!

One year later, Grammys recall scramble over Whitney Houston death

February 10, 2013

One year later, Grammys recall scramble over Whitney Houston death

Grammy Host LL Cool J called “a death in our family,” and it was he who suggested starting the Grammy Awards last year with a prayer for Whitney Houston.

scenes, Grammy producers had worked all night to reshape biggest night in the music industry just 24 hours after the drowning death of superstar difficulty in a Beverly Hills hotel.


and musicians tell the story of TV one-hour special “The Grammy’s Will Go On: A Death in the Family.” Which will CBS air on Saturday on the eve of the Grammy this year’s ceremony awards

The singer, known both for his ballads slender and well chronicled history of drug abuse, should also be reminded of the annual pre-Grammy party held in Beverly Hills on Saturday by mentor, producer Clive Davis.

Earlier this week, Madame Tussauds unveiled four different wax figures of Houston in the various stages of his 35-year career that will be exposed during the outputs New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Washington, DC

Houston, 48, was found face to the ground in a bathtub February 11, 2012, that the authorities later mistakenly called drowning due to cocaine use and cardiovascular disease.

“My heart began to race. I started hyper-ventilation” recalls Grammy Awards Director Louis J. Horvitz in the special issue, as new Grammy rehearsals reached the final year of the death of Houston.


immediately realized that, despite months of planning, the ceremony broadcast live in the following manner should reflect Houston.

tears and hard times


were rewritten, clips Grammy Houston were many previous performances added, and the call from the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson to enter and perform signature song Houston “I Will Always Love You.”

“A little later (after hearing the news of the death of Houston) I got called to sing in her memory. I would do anything for Whitney,” Hudson recalls the special edition.

images repeat

Hudson shows an emotional burst into tears while practicing the song. “When it came to the end, there was not a dry eye in the house,” said Horvitz repetition.

“We are accustomed to difficult situations,” said the veteran producer Ken Ehrlich Grammy Awards, recalling how Aretha Franklin was called to replace a sick Luciano Pavarotti in 1998, when the Grammy show was on air.

But the death of Houston, won six time Grammy with sales of about 200 million records, was something else.

C ‘was rapper and Grammy host LL Cool J, who suggested the opening of the show prices with a prayer for Houston. But he said that his legs trembled behind the scenes with the pressure balance between the grief of his death in the fulfillment of the other artists on behavior, and prices that night.

“I was in this strange country without a man between mourning and celebration,” said the rapper.

special TV show also artists like Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Bruno Mars have trouble rehearsals, old photos of Houston, later in his youth, and the clips Davis told his guests annual celebration of the music industry that the singer was found dead hours earlier in a hotel room in the same building.

Lil’ Wayne’s Alleged Skateboard Assault Comes Back To Bite Him In The Ass! Now Facing A LAWSUIT!

February 10, 2013

Lil' Wayne's Alleged Skateboard Assault Comes Back To Bite Him In The Ass! Now Facing A LAWSUIT!

just after it has another legal problem behind him!

It never ends Lil Wayne , do you?!

You will recall that the rapper was investigated for assault last year after a fan claimed he was beaten by one of his crew in response to try to take a picture of him in the streets of El Lay!

Nothing seemed to come from the … until now, as a victim, Alfredo Marin , a complaint filed today against Weezy, Young Money Entertainment label her, and Trukfit clothing in response to the incident, claiming abuse and injury and negligence recruitment, training and supervision !

The last bit is probably due Marino is not certain who “intentionally beaten [him] in the back of his head,” but it seems almost certain that the person who was responsible for the payroll weezy

However, , sources close to the incident claim:

“This allegedly happened so long ago and was not really a big deal at the time. It is shocking to many of us so many months later, it was the right charged. “

can not now do not look like a big deal!

We’ll be very interested to see how this develops lawsuit

what do u think? Has Lil ‘Wayne at fault?

Chris Brown crashes car on eve of Grammy Awards

February 10, 2013

Chris Brown crashes car on eve of Grammy Awards

controversial R & B singer Chris Brown crashed his car into a wall in the upscale Beverly Hills Saturday, and later told police he tried to escape paparazzi aggressively, according to police.

The crash comes on the eve of the Grammy Awards, almost exactly four years after Brown his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, attacked the night before the ceremony in 2009.

In the latest incident, Brown the Beverly Hills police said that photographers were in pursuit until the collision, said police Sergeant Kurt Haefs.

The singer is not specified or arrested at the scene, said Haefs. He added that the damaged vehicle is moved.

Media reports said Brown was driving a black Porsche.

A representative of Brown, who is not injured in the accident, did not return calls Saturday.

Brown pleaded guilty in 2009, beaten and punching Rihanna and faces legal problems about the case.

Los Angeles judge on Wednesday ordered a new report on community service Brown was due to perform in the wake of the conviction, after prosecutors accused the singer of the trim work.

Prosecutors cited

moments she said Brown is not registered on the site of his community service in place or traveling occur once on a private jet to Cancun, Mexico.

Rihanna, who admitted that she resumed dating Brown, accompanied him to his court hearing Wednesday.

Brown attorney, Mark Geragos, denies the latest allegations about the community service of the singer and accused prosecutors in the prosecution of his client.

This year Brown “Fortune” nominated for best urban contemporary album Grammy.