Amanda Bynes Confirms Naked Lawsuit: I’m A Retired Multi-Millionaire & These Are Lies!

November 2, 2012

Amanda Bynes Confirms Naked Lawsuit: I'm A Retired Multi-Millionaire & These Are Lies!

WRONG! WRONG on all accounts!

This is how

Amanda Bynes will feel about this stupid story of his waltz around a solarium with nothing but his glasses.

But as stupid as that may seem, it seemed the next notch on his recent calendar worrying behavior.

all his misfortunes dressing-down car and lock the stories in circulation, how likely is it really that bad?

And that is why we are so proud of her stabbing up for themselves and the confirmation of his retrial. Making fun of the story completely, she said:

“I am further In Touch for printing a false story. I’m not” in trouble “. I did not undress in public. I’m 26, a multi-millionaire at retirement. Respect my privacy. “

Oooooh! Gurl is Fiyah now!

Well … if they in a salon, we are sure others have said the same about their personal space Ha!

No One Avril Lavigne Doesn’t Listen To Nickelback

November 2, 2012

No One Avril Lavigne Doesn't Listen To Nickelback

Avril Lavigne Do not listen to his music © fiancee ‘s, but that does not mean it can not get no nookie

Wait ..

. sorry … Limp Bizkit is …. LOLz!

Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger has admitted that his bride to be and her fellow Canadian know no songs of his group.

In fact, they never listened to any of them!

Chad says when asked about the couple’s bedroom playlist, saying:

naughty Nickelback When a song came, my girlfriend would probably ask who he was, Shea?? d be like, “Who’s in charge?? what is it? This is a good thing. I love it.

I’m afraid that some shea day???’ll listen to some of Ia things??? have written, and Iâ?? ‘ll have some explaining to do.

Thereâ?? gonna be a series of questions and answers period thereafter.

Keep the class half full!

Edward Furlong Released On $50k Bond After Allegedly Assaulting His Girl!

November 2, 2012

Edward Furlong Released On k Bond After Allegedly Assaulting His Girl!

least he dressed for Halloween as a shell of a human being, Edward Furlong does not look good!

Terminator 2 star was released from prison on bail of $ 50k Tuesday after assaulting his girlfriend in Los Angeles. His grandmother him later at the police station in El Lay after his girlfriend rumors and former undeclared star Monica Keena has tried in vain to get out earlier in the day.

The sad thing is that it seemed very tired and discouraged, sitting on the stairs outside the prison, smoking and eating Jack in the Box.

It is not known whether Monica was the daughter of Edward was attacked at the airport.

The actor has already demonstrated violent tendencies at least once when in 2009, he hit his (then) wife in the face!

We are alarmed by Edward models. We sincerely hope that, if these allegations prove to be the last to be true, justice is done.

domestic violence is never excusable. Ever.


November 2, 2012


Resilience is a big word! Rhymes with panache – and New York many times

What are not yet back to normal

here, and they will not for some time, but New Yorkers are not not stop. They continue to go!

Onwards and upwards!

Although you do not need to be flexible in time, you can take some inspiration from what is happening here and in your own life to apply! Resilience and shine! May you many times this weekend!

Thank you all for your continued support!

And thank you to our advertisers!

We appreciate all of you so much!

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RuPaul Drag Race has AllStars


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Nasty Gal

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Suck It, Sandy! Bette Midler Makes Sure The Spooky Show Goes On!

November 2, 2012

Suck It, Sandy! Bette Midler Makes Sure The Spooky Show Goes On!
No smelly

hurricane will pretty pink bottom!

Bette Midler is not going to let the destruction of sand all its efforts to discourage the awareness for his charity, Bette Midler New York Restoration Project .

Dressed as the ghost of Coco Chanel , Bette decided that the show must go on and held its annual Halloween party last night at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City .

And if anything, she was even better reason to host the event in view of the importance of his struggle for the greenery around the city to improve.

party last night, she said:

“We had no idea this would happen, of course, that we have the destruction of sand. Yet there has never been a time when our organization needed . We clean parks and open spaces and gardens in areas that do not have resources. So I’m really glad we’re here. “

Nice work

, Bette! As always, you are an inspiration and we know that when it comes to strong forces, the diva always wins!