J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars 7 Because Of His Wife!

April 27, 2013

J.J. Abrams Directing Star Wars 7 Because Of His Wife!

men around the world who refused to change the plans for women not to read this story

Abrams entire universe to change it!

Star Trek: Into Darkness director said he was on the fence to the next Star Wars movie up his wife Katie McGrath called in. He says:

“Ultimately it was my wife, Katie, who said that the one thing that really interested me, I had to consider it.”

Nice use of the Jedi mind trick there, Katie! So she prefers Wars Trek ? They drew a line in the sand bundle?

In fact, the chances of leading the next JJ Trek is not as thin as we thought! He says:

“I would say its ability ITA WEA trying to figure out the next step, but itâ s something like:?.?.? Everything starts with the history.”

And now we know JJ’s is a love story! What a good man!

Ch-Ch-Check out the photos (below) for more geek god and the girl who got to see it!

A Minute With: Colin Firth from royal to ordinary “Arthur Newman”

April 27, 2013

A Minute With: Colin Firth from royal to ordinary

After winning an Oscar for Best Actor for playing a stammering British royal in 2010 movie “The King’s Speech,” Colin Firth is back on the screen as a character that just at the point of boredom appears in indie drama “Arthur Newman.”

opening in some theaters in the United States on Friday Firth plays an American who is not satisfied with his life and takes to the road with a new identity. The things derailed when he meets Mike (Emily Blunt), a troubled young woman fled her own problems

Firth., 52 years old, sitting with Reuters to talk about the film and life after his first win Oscar and prospects (gradation) of a third film ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary. “

Q:” Arthur Newman “What you are following a win at the Oscars with a little indie, such as

A: At the moment, the title of the film was” Arthur Newman Golf Pro “and I found so daunting, the perverse made me more intrigued I thought putting “wave” in the title, the film is not really negotiable


:.. How

A:. If you do not Golf enthusiasts, you will not go see the movie if you love golf, you will be disappointed, as it is ‘.’ s no Golf was almost deliberately provocative in the way it was unsaleable, so I wanted to see what’s inside

Q was:. And what have you found

A:. a man who seemed rooted in the banality In fact, it is to be expressed by several characters in the film boring yes, it really is incredibly boring and intrigued me? … has always been what is really happening What are the dynamics behind someone languishing disappointing in a suburban life What heroism is possible

Q: How can you play someone like this one where you are looking for a to find common denominator

: We are caught in many respects, however, may seem all there unusual or extraordinary our lives also many ways in which we find ourselves on a treadmill

If people borders and steps outside dare to.. testing, it is often referred to escape problems But you can not see things this way in the case of Arthur Newman, in some ways, it was probably done for something that was more awake and authentic

Q..:. You can have no suspicion of dissatisfaction after winning an Oscar, you can

A: That’s not true, because you have the rest of your tasks before course, there is a great comfort (a Mandarin Oscar) and it gives you a license for a certain degree of freedom to do what you want and do not need to prove anything

Q:. Did you know that things changed for you after you’ve won

A: quickly. Not In some ways it is now …. An Oscar does not suddenly the miracle that a plethora of great writers who are willing to come to you suddenly make movies with fully funded, with the right director attached, landing on your table say Choose It’s not as consistent as the

Q: .. Do you use it to your advantage Oscar

A: Yes .. it certainly opens the doors There are several ways in. If you want someone to cooperate come on something, they will speak to you This is a very powerful difference I noticed

Q:.. you like that

A:. Yeah, I’m that is useful I think this is. probably the healthiest way to see things, rather than something that is stored on a shelf. Take it and use it as a tool. then rather than saying. something to look back you can not live a moment And you can not afford either a crisis or a triumph for all you

Q defines

are: .. You have a lot of movies on your plate for this year and next:. “Devil’s Knot” by Atom Egoyan and two movies back-to-back with Nicole Kidman What is the status of the sequel to “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

A?:. We have a little tease people because there were plans, but they are on the ice now

Q: Are you disappointed

:. not in the abstract, I do not think my life .. “I hope there will be a” Bridget Jones “” I love the character and I love the story I think (author-writer) Helen Fielding is a wonderful writer. where they began to take the next step now that we’re all getting older is actually more interesting than it was in some ways at that time. So if there is a good story and a good script, I think on that basis.

Mark Wahlberg Goes To The White House! Wants To Reduce Number Of School Dropouts!

April 27, 2013

Mark Wahlberg Goes To The White House! Wants To Reduce Number Of School Dropouts!

Mark Wahlberg have to visit on Wednesday. a trip to Washington to the White House The success of the actor-producer, who never graduated from high school, was the reduction of the U.S. high school dropout to discuss statistics.

Mark also arrested by Alexandria, VA on the same day to talk with TC Williams High Students S schoolâ?. He says:

? If my career to the south, IA? m working McDonaldâ? s. AI? M runs a drag … Ita? Why AI? M back to high school.â?

What a noble cause!

Listen Mark, and stay in school, kids! This is the best thing you can do!

Matt Damon Honored With Arts Medal By Harvard University

April 27, 2013

Matt Damon Honored With Arts Medal By Harvard University

Matt Damon to win his grace and through!

Not only did he win the A-list status and the heart of the civil adorbz Luciano Barroso , but the actor was honored with the 2013 Harvard Medal Note .

The actor visited Harvard University â €? where he lived, but never received froma? to collect the prestigious award and speak at the awards ceremony that the first annual Festival of Arts University began.

Ivy League dropout said:

? Ita? s beautiful, selfish, be able to come back this week and be able to get around my old stomping ground, my old neighborhood, and touch base with old friends watch. AI? D only that you tell AI? ‘m Really proud to come from there. In all the credit for film, everything, every time someone says my name, they say the name of the university as well, and it means a lot to me. AI? I’ve always tried to live in a way that honored and earned this description … my life So you all undergraduate and graduate students who are going to go and influencers in the world as AI? ‘M sure you all know by now, you have to make a world? A lot of decisions I invite you to just feel really WEA take liena |? Please keep your humanity while you go out into the world. A?


Sounds like a degree not to change for school, but it’s still affection Harvard!

such a deep and intelligent perspective only proves that the success and the prices are well deserved.

Congratulations Matt!

Gwyneth Paltrow named People’s most beautiful woman

April 27, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow named People's most beautiful woman

Wednesday Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been named the most beautiful woman in the world for 2013 by People magazine, Beyonce hit the top spot.

The 40-year-old mother of two credits of an exercise regimen five days a week to maintain as she grows her form.

“It makes me look younger and I feel strong,” Paltrow told the magazine “When I started, I thought.” I’ll never be good at C ‘.’s A nightmare, but now it’s like my brushing teeth, I just did. “

This is the fourth time Paltrow, who is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, was appointed to the beautiful annual People magazine, but the first time landing the coveted cover as the most beautiful woman.

She joins the likes of his fellow actresses Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston at the top of the list.

Paltrow takes her role as Pepper Potts in the action movie ‘Iron Man 3’, which opens next month.

The actress has reduced his film work after the birth of children Apple, 8, and Moses, 7, and has published his second book, “It’s all good”, this month above.

It is also the founder of lifestyle and clothing Goop.com website.

Paltrow won an Oscar for his role as the muse of William Shakespeare in the 1998 film “Shakespeare in Love”.

The complete list of “most beautiful people in the world” the people can be found at www.people.com / most beautiful