Rick Ross Gang Threat Taken Seriously By Cops!

December 12, 2012

Rick Ross Gang Threat Taken Seriously By Cops!

As it should be!

A few weeks ago a video floating around the internetz members of Chicago-based Gangster Disciples gang demanding rapper Rick Ross write a check to their founder, Larry Hoover

And if it does not meet the bad guys seemed to insinuate that something bad will probably happen.

Well, it seems that the Chicago police video seriously and will start an investigation!

Yay for

maintaining proactive!

After the YouTube video was viral, Rick has canceled the rest of her tour …

BUT Rick says his decision has nothing to do with threats and claims that he is not afraid to go to Chicago.


, and we hope you stay safe guy! We have new beatz you!

Jon Stewart Almost Driven To Quit The Daily Show!

December 12, 2012

Jon Stewart Almost Driven To Quit The Daily Show!

What would he have done Jon Stewart quit The Daily Show

Apparently it is not always the best man confidence in the new fake! When he got the job, most of the staff gave him a hard time! He says:

“I before [work], a few conversations with the powers that be in the direction I thought we could move the Showa |?.

I wanted the satirical in the classic sense, not in the sense of the word Spy magazine where you just add adjectives such as â?? pepperpotâ??. “

“What I did not know is that many people who work there are holes-…

I walk in the door, in a room with the writers and producers, and the first thing they say is that some donâ t-ta MTV bulls â??????? |. And then told me not to change or improvise jokes. “

In fact, he had to hold out for two years before finally a staff that was totally in favor of the new direction of the series.

a dozen Emmy make a big “I told you so!”

Keira Knightley Looking For A Spanking

December 12, 2012

Keira Knightley Looking For A Spanking

Well, it may be, but not on the screen!

Keira Knightley wants to keep the elbow in the room and not on the big screen in Fifty Shades of Grey .

What a shame!

If someone could really let go into the role of Anastasia Steele, he would certainly Keira.

But Knightley Miz wants nothing to do with it when she says:

â?? You know, I’m normally not a precise thing, [but] I can definitely say that it will not Fifty Shades of Grey . â??

Ouch! I hope they donâ € ™? T ill E.L. James â?? feelings.

It seems that isnâ?? t it doesn??? t like the book, in fact Shea?? s ever read!

Maybe she needs a spanking. We kid, we kid.

ita?? think Keira Shea?? s already a part of this crazy sex. She admitted:

â?? I A Dangerous Method . It had a little bit of everything. I do not think I should do again.Â??

Hmmm …

we assume that this is true. Who wants to be typecast as the girl in all the ridiculous sex films?

More as it doesnâ € ™ t!

Bring Christian Grey ! Weâ?? Are ready!

Ashley Hebert And J.P. Rosenbaum’s Wedding: The Glamorous Dress And Ring!

December 12, 2012

Ashley Hebert And J.P. Rosenbaum's Wedding: The Glamorous Dress And Ring!

dream wedding reality TV has finally pictures!

ita?? Bachelor right fans! Ashley Hebert â?? s dress and the ring were revealed, and they did not disappoint.

Although the details are not yet known ring, you can see on the pictures that did not come for cheap Ashleyâ?? s new husband construction manager JP Rosenbaum .

this ring associated with the wedding dress custom Randi Rahm, fully furnished with a 40-pound, hand-beaded train?! AH-mazzzzinnngggg.

Congratulations you two!

Storage Wars Star Sues, Says Show Is FAKE!

December 12, 2012

Storage Wars Star Sues, Says Show Is FAKE!

Dave Hester is drawn from the storage Wars

But why? The producers of the show were just keeping it real? In fact, the exact opposite if you think Hester!

old reality star, the producers of the show, says that most of the so-called authentic spectacle is actually increased!

So, what exactly is wrong Dave said on the show? According to the lawsuit, storage lockers producers share with valuables after they are reviewed, sometimes whole units on the scene to add drama to the show!

Dave says producers rigging bids to help keep the plaster competitive!

Dave says he just let go, because it made waves after he and other members of the cast discovered the show was not real.

Dave is seeking millions in damages. If he wins, it will still not his biggest score? Yuuup.