Elizabeth Olsen And Her Man Enjoy French Kissing Food In New Orleans!

November 6, 2012

Elizabeth Olsen And Her Man Enjoy French Kissing Food In New Orleans!


Elizabeth Olsen and her husband-friend Boyd Holbrook were a few cutey-patooties New Orleans yesterday afternoon!


grabbed Boyd and end of a meal in the restaurant Cochon Cajun and yesterday the young lovers were seriously vibing on each other!

Do they have super fishy in the Big Easy?

Not that we nut noticed that we would not be surprised if later, Boyd stirred until Lizzie gumbo pot Sexxx with his boiled crawfish, LOLz!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is younger sister is in Louisiana now engaged in Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean thriller Oldboy !

Springsteen Sandy telethon raises $23 million, ABC more than $10 million

November 5, 2012

Springsteen Sandy telethon raises  million, ABC more than  million

Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Mary Blige and dozens of other musicians and celebrities raised $ 23 million for the victims of Hurricane sand NBC television, all in one day on the gift of television networks ABC has raised more than $ 10 million.

The American Red Cross said the one-hour NBC telethon on Friday, with celebrities with a strong New York and New Jersey connections, led to a record number of individual donations by phone, SMS and internet for victims sand.

The provisional amount raised was nearly 23 million, the Red Cross said in a statement.

ABC on Monday, had viewers and celebrities spent more than $ 10 million for the American Red Cross, half a fundraising day for the victims of storm last week that devastated the northeastern United States, killing more than 100 people.

journalist Barbara Walters has donated $ 250,000 personal and open telephone lines at the breakfast table show “Good Morning America” ​​with Katie Couric, actor Ben Stiller and “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, ABC. Donations are expected to increase in the course of the day-long event.

Emily Maynard’s Ex Jef Holm Is Bachelor-Creeping On Sorority Girls!

November 5, 2012

Emily Maynard's Ex Jef Holm Is Bachelor-Creeping On Sorority Girls!


think Bachelorette Emily Maynard quite rampant dodged a bullet through his break with Jef Holm

Since the most recent winner of the series was seemingly random walk through the campus of the University of Utah, a few days after his break with Mz. Emily, and happened to wander into a house filled sorority!

Yes, you know where this is going …

An insider reveals:

“He just arrived in our sorority and began dragging it was very strange He was just on girls ..”.

Ferguson Jef! With your own invasions progress charming, we’re sure your new undergraduate status will only … uh … forever.

So, keep the Ladies College alert! There is a climbing plant on campus and it can only end in a dorm or sorority house in your neighborhood!

Brad Pitt Has Built Himself A Furniture Business

November 5, 2012

Brad Pitt Has Built Himself A Furniture Business
Many celebrities

have a passion for designing clothes, but Brad Pitt is one of the first we came up with a love for furniture design.

48 years has teamed with New Jersey furniture Pollaro Frank to create 12 models consist of tables, chairs and a bed (below), which can be seen between November 13 and 15 in New York.

Pitt declared that his fascination for furniture design began after the discovery of the work of architects such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright . He revealed the origin of his hobby, saying:

â?? Ia?? ‘Ve note of ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s, when I discovered Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. In fact, I found Wright College, in the search for a lazy colon credit of the French language. It has forever changed my life.â??

When asked what it’s officially the designer, he always wanted to be, he replied, â €?? Leta?? s too fast ourselves.â??

his employee, on the other hand, suggested â?? I think weâ?? do long. “

Anyway, the talent of Mr. Pitt never ceases to amaze us.

Michelle William And Jason Segel’s New Brooklyn Love Nest DEVASTATED By Hurricane Sandy!

November 5, 2012

Michelle William And Jason Segel's New Brooklyn Love Nest DEVASTATED By Hurricane Sandy!

Oh NO!

And just as they are set!

We reported a few weeks ago that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel has finally made a big step in their relationship by moving in a loft Red Hook, Brooklyn, renovated a coffee warehouse from the 19th century overlooking the Manhattan skyline!

Unfortunately, their new home was no exception anger devastating hurricane of sand, as the building is situated on the water, and the couple – with her daughter Matilda Michelle – were forced to the environment to vacate was completely flooded in the storm … resulting in permanent damage!

Reports show that the apartment is above a supermarket Fairway, which has not only destroyed by the flood waters, but with the lack of power, left rotting food as you can see (see above)

Tony Karon has written for Time magazine :

“The storeâ? ™ s pier side location offers a beautiful view and the cool breeze of the ocean on a Sunday afternoon, but he also directly in the way of what could be a wave his 15-foot top of the dam of 8 meters. smell of meat rot hanging above the entrance muddy back, and refrigerated trucks were loaded.

The Flood was withdrawn by comparison with most of the streets, but one end of the main strip activity near the Fairway supermarket giant still submerged. tiles in the streets gleamed goo left by the waters in retirement. pallets were potted plants and huge wooden beams left in the courts and in the middle of the street, carried by flowing water and then fell when the water receded. Sandbags that some households and businesses had placed around basements and doors were not more effective in stopping a stone water to rush in. large trees uprooted were. Cars began to soar last night were left at intersections Power lines are down everywhere, but are not a direct threat:. was in power and is likely to remain so for the next few days “



Fortunately, according to actress Busy Phillips good friend , Michelle, Matilda, and Jason are all safe, and their apartment seemed to be high enough not to take damage!

She says:

“I spoke to him today and they were spared.’s All good. Everyone is safe. Everything is OK.”

just heartbreaking to hear such a zone back and forth he went almost completely destroyed

Our thoughts are with everyone in the area affected by Hurricane sand, and we urge everyone there to contribute to the aid by the American Red Cross





CLICK HERE donate!