ONTD Unique: A sneak peek into MCU’s Section four!

August 13, 2018

So, we do not know shit about Section four, however we kinda know what’s gonna occur and what will not…


– “Spiderman: Far From Dwelling”: We all know a sequel to homecoming is filming proper now in London and it has Mysterio as one of many huge baddies. Additionally, Nick Fury and Maria Hill will even reprise their roles.
– “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. three”: It was in pre-production however it might be delayed since James Gunn was fired from the challenge, and Dave Bautista might be on his method out of the MCU as nicely.


– “Black Widow”: We all know they’re writing a script they usually’re already searching for feminine administrators.
– “Physician Unusual 2”: It was successful and Batidora Cocainomana sells, so we’re fairly certain he’ll be again. Additionally, we have been informed Physician Unusual performs a significant function in future Marvel movies, most likely introducing the Illuminati into the MCU.
– “Black Panther 2”: It was a large hit. It is just about granted he’ll be again and so will Ryan Coogler.
– “Deadpool & The X-Power”: Disney deal is upon us and if there’s one property they will not reboot is character-driven Deadpool. Additionally, Ryan Reynolds has stated that he will not do a Deadpool three, however a Deadpool & X-Power type of factor. Deadpool 2 already gave us a primary look earlier than all of them died. Count on Domino, Cable, Colossus, Dopinder and Negasonic TW to come back again.
– “The Mighty Thor”: Not like RDJ and Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth is sort of enthusiastic about how Ragnarok revitalized Thor as a personality and with the approaching abscence of the founding members of the MCU, Hemsworth might be taking a look at this like an opportunity to guide The Avengers throughout Section four.
– “The Incredible 4”: The entire purpose the FOX merger occurred was as a result of Marvel has been fairly vocal about them eager to carry Silver Surfer and Galactus into the MCU. For the reason that 2015 reboot was shit, we will count on a complete new reboot.
– “The Uncanny Xmen”: Since Inhumans flopped and the Xmen are such an integral a part of the Marvel Universe, isn’t a matter of if, however when will they reboot the Xmen. Additionally, bye New Mutants and Darkish Phoenix.


– “Warlock”: Since we noticed him in an after credit score scene of GOTG vol. 2, we all know Warlock’s gonna seem within the MCU. Marvel has additionally stated, they will not embrace him in a Guardians film, however a solo one.
– “Nova”: For the reason that introduction of the Nova Corps, folks have been ready for Nova to seem and Section four is likely to be when.
– “Spiderman Dimensions”: Sony has been making an attempt to construct their prolonged Spidey universe, and whereas they’re taking an opportunity with Venom, they may use one other Spiderman film to introduce all type of spideys to spin-off later.
– “The Eternals”: To maintain their cosmic universe going, The Eternals will play an enormous function into the MCU enlargement. And reviews got here not that way back about an Eternals film searching for for writers.
– “Blade”: Kevin Feige has additionally teased that they might be doing one thing with Blade sooner or later. CAST JOHN BOYEGA PLS THNX.
– “Namor, The Submariner”: Idk, Marvel’s reply to Aquaman?
– “Moon Knight”: It is all been rumours, Netflix talked about having plans for extra characters if the Defenders labored out, however it flopped…
– “She-Hulk”: It has been rumoured however an extended shot since Common has the rights, they may nonetheless match her in different MCU films, similar as Ruffalo’s Hulk.
– “Avengers: Secret Invasion”: We all know the Skrulls are gonna play an enormous half in future films, and that solely means one factor… SECRET INVASION (through which half the MCU was really changed by Skrulls, so widespread heroes we might have grown to like might really be Skrulls.)


– “Ant-Man three/ Wasp 2”: Whereas nice characters, they have not been that financially profitable. Do not count on any extra films from them, however do count on to see them be a part of different Marvel films, simply not main solo ones.
– “Ms. Marvel”: With the inclusion of Captain Marvel, looks as if an extended shot that we’ll get a Ms. Marvel movie, if something she might be showing in Captain Marvel 2.
– “Inhumans”: LMAO. This shit is lifeless and noone is touching it. #JusticeForLockjaw

– “Captain America: Reborn”: A lot has been stated about Bucky or Sam taking up as Cap, however Marvel has many characters to play now so they will not threat the backlash.
– “IronMan four”: RDJ is finished. If something, he’ll do extra cameos in films, however that is about it.
– “Howard the Duck”: Why?
– “Avengers v.s. Justice League”: Since JL flopped there have been rumours about WB pulling a Sony and lending the rights for DC characters for a Marvel v.s. DC film, since that crossover did occurred within the comics. LBR tho, WB isn’t that determined.

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ONTD, which film do you wish to see within the MCU moreover Steve/Tony’s intercourse tape?

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