Miley Cyrus IS Married!? Lets It Slip That Liam’s Her Hubby!!!

January 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus IS Married!? Lets It Slip That Liam's Her Hubby!!!

… Who are you trying to fool?

The world is in such a carousel the Effing whether park Miley Cyrus relationship , with Liam Hemsworth .

But I hope that vertigo is now ready!


March 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan , Mileybird loverboy shows that Liam actually … her husband! Ahh!

Recall a time

hot and humid they shared in their heated pool, Miley is so excited and spilled:

“I will literally watch and be like” You’re hot, sweet god! The other day I turned the heat of the pool and he smoked, and he went out and took off his clothes and jumped into the pool. I was like, ‘I go low??? the hottest man in my life is a steaming puddle. It looks like a Playgirl session. So I took a picture and made the background on my phone. My best friend took my phone and told me: “Who is this? It’s so hot! [And I said]” It’s my husband! “

we know what it meant .. skeptics will say. they are in accordance with the “oh whatever, it would be just a nickname or an expression of affection for her husband.”

yes. This could very well be .. all completely true

but with all the evidence showing otherwise, please excuse us if we fantasize about their wedding festivities – especially the part when Liam Ha dresses AHHH! Giving confirmation U.S. MILES MILEY

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