Michael Jackson family lawyer blasts tour promoter as trial opens

May 4, 2013

Michael Jackson family lawyer blasts tour promoter as trial opens

Concert promoters AEG Live ignored the red flags when he hired Dr. Conrad Murray to care for Michael Jackson, and should have known that the singer had substance abuse problems years before he agreed to perform a series of 2009 concerts returned from London, told a lawyer for the Jackson family a Los Angeles jury Monday.

Making his opening speech in what is expected to be an emotional process, three months long civil wrongful death, attorney Brian Panish said a combination of factors caused the death of Michael Jackson in June 2009 from an overdose .

“Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray and AEG Live each played a role in the final outcome, the death of Michael Jackson,” said Panish represents the family of the singer.

“Thriller” singer mother Katherine listed AEG continues Live, the promoter of the series ever made concerts in London, for negligence in the company hiring Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray, convicted in 2011 for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson, was responsible for the singer as he repeated in Los Angeles for the series of 50 “This Is It” shows in London, who were starting in July 2009.

Panish said AEG Live is not properly make background checks on Murray, who has requested $ 5,000,000 for the care of the singer. Background checks have revealed Murray was deeply in debt and it was a cardiologist even if Jackson had no known heart problems, said Panish.

“‘If a red flag is up, you have to turn or in this watch? “Said Panish.” AEG ignored obvious red flags and they hired Dr. Murray. “

Katherine Jackson, 82, with her children, Randy and Rebbie, were among the family members present at the opening of the trial on Monday packed. Jackson’s three children, who may be called to testify later, there were not.

Jackson, drowning in debt and trying to repair a damaged her 2005 trial and acquittal on charges of pedophilia reputation to rebuild, died in Los Angeles from an overdose of propofol, a powerful surgical anesthetic, provided by Murray, and a cocktail of other sedatives in June 2009. The singer was 50 when he died.

YEAR addictions

Panish said Jackson had known addictions Order dated his use of analgesic Demerol after burning when he shot a Pepsi commercial in 1984.

“It was a lot of publicity Michael was addicted to painkillers,” said Panish, adding that AEG Live-aware of the reports should are.

Jackson was in 1993, announced the cancellation of a world tour to seek treatment for his painkiller to search. addiction

AEG argues that it is hiring or supervision Murray, saying that the draft contract with it has never been implemented. concert promoters also said they could not provide that Murray asked a danger to Jackson.

AEG Live

lawyers make their opening statements later on Monday.

In the days before trial , Panish denied Jackson’s family seeks $ 40000000000 damages AEG Live, as some media reported this month.

The final amount is determined by the jury must take AEG Live negligent.

A handful of Jackson fans gathered outside the court Monday , saying they hoped justice for the “King of Pop”.

Jackson fan Julia Thomas, 40, an office worker Colton, Southern California, said she hoped that the process will show what they said was the injustice committed against AEG Live Jackson and the demands they placed on him.

“They are about to be exposed because they are intimidated Michael, she pointed to the grave, to the point that he needed to sleep, sedatives” Thomas told Reuters.

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