Katy Perry & John Mayer Getting Married?

December 29, 2012

Katy Perry & John Mayer Getting Married?

Ms. Katy Perry Mayer-a nice ring to it?

John Mayer you’ve done!

Johnny’s so in love of singing is thinking about making California Girlfriend are wifey!

A good friend of the soul singing tells sources:


?? John is completely cuckoo for Katy. They are like the perfect match for each other. They can talk about music, writing, traveling. John really likes the fact that Katy is independent and not in need and sticky like the other girls he dated. This is the first time that John felt so strongly on girlfriendâ??

friend said:

â?? It wouldnâ?? Does not surprise me at all if he proposed to her. Not immediately, but eventually. Both really bring out the best in each other.â??

? A married man?

It is hard to imagine the musical playboy to settle for good. But if a lady singer tame the wild, it to be special.

We usually do not support anyone rush into marriage – in particular with Mr Mayer. However, we want to see our beautiful weather KatyBaby in love!

Be on the lookout for a wedding bling! There is a chance that something could go down in 2013!

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