EXCLUSIVE! Doug Reinhardt “Wasn’t Informed” Of The Hearing For His Restraining Order! His Lawyer Explains The Situation HERE!!!

December 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE! Doug Reinhardt

So remember when we posted earlier ex boy toy Paris Hilton Doug Reinhardt and how he was beaten with a restraining his neighbor?

Well, apparently, Doug had no idea that all this “a hearing and have a restraining order granted” thing happen!


In a statement ONLY PerezHilton.com , lawyer Doug, Robert C. O’Brien said:

â €? Doug Reinhardt was surprised and disappointed that one of his neighbors had a complaint about the alleged noise at a party who may be in a conversation over the backyard fence to the right treatment. The neighbor did not even have the courtesy to inform Mr. Reinhardt of the hearing, so Doug could come and tell his side of the story. This will happen at a hearing quickly and Reinhardt welcomes opportunity.â? Is

no requirement that the successful applicant will be notified?

What a crazy story!

We wonder what the former Doug Lauren Conrad think this whole situation!

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