Elizabeth Smart And Her Husband Welcome A Baby Girl To The World! Congrats To The New Momma!

June 3, 2015


Who can forget Elizabeth Smart , the girl kidnapped from her Utah home as a 14-year-old in 2002, and the ultimate escape and rescue of his captors?

Well, after overcoming success 13 years ago a terrible situation, Elizabeth now has another reason to celebrate HUGE! – Her new baby girl

27 years, and her husband Matthew Gilmour , welcomed a daughter named Chloe for the world, there are about three months! Yay!

But wait … how exactly no one to hear about this pregnancy so long

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As it stands, the father of Elizabeth Ed was actually the first person in the family even to speak publicly about the birth which took place way back in February: ….

“It’s great Elizabeth was just a girl of three months ago about Chloe We are so excited [The birth was] completely private. This is something they keep to themselves and do not try to get there.

Congratulations to the new ???? mother and her husband, and best wishes for a happy and healthy girl!

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