China Nobel winner Mo Yan calls for jailed laureate’s freedom

October 28, 2012

China Nobel winner Mo Yan calls for jailed laureate's freedom

Chinese literature Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan unexpectedly called for the release of inmates Liu Xiaobo, winner of Nobel Peace Prize two years ago, after having been under fire from human rights activists do not speak for him.

The author, a portly 57-year-old whose pseudonym adopted Mo Yan means “speak”, said he had a number of literary criticism Liu read in the 1980s, but that it had no knowledge of the work of Liu once turned he turned to politics.

“I hope he can get his freedom as soon as possible,” Mo said Friday in his hometown Gaomi in the northern province of Shandong in bold remarks that could embarrass Beijing victory and praised Liu denigrated price.

Liu should be able to research his “political and social system,” said without elaborating Mo

A number of dissidents and other writers Mo was declared unworthy to win if he avoided comment on the fate Liu. They also denounced a speech to the former supreme leader Mao Zedong to commemorate.


Mo, whose real name is Guan Moye, responded to this criticism.

“I think the people who criticize me do not read my books,” he said. “If she had read my books, they would understand that my writings at that time and took a lot of risks were under pressure.

” Many people have criticized me online are members of the Communist Party itself. They also work within the system. And some have profited enormously within the system, “he added.

” I work in China, “he said.” I write in China under Communist Party leadership. But my work can not be limited by the political parties. “

MB, which was so poor that he is the bark of trees and weeds to survive ate, is the first Chinese citizen to the top prize of $ 1.2 million win in the literature, awarded by the Swedish Academy.

He is best known in the West for “Red Sorghum”, that the fate of the peasants shows in the early years of the Communist regime and was made into a film by Zhang Yimou. His books include “big breasts and wide hips” and “The Republic of Wine.”

prominent dissident Hu Jia, a good friend of Liu praised MB apparent change of heart stroke.

” What happened in the last 24 hours has changed. A Nobel Prize either for peace or for literature, gives a fresh feeling good and evil, “he told Reuters.

China, long used to wringing her hands perceived disrespect or insult by the organizers of the Nobel Prize, the propaganda machine worked overtime to the Mo hail to win as a breakthrough for the whole nation, and the recognition of its place as a great country.

Senior official Communist Party and China’s propaganda chief Li Changchun congratulated MB, state media said he hoped that “Chinese authors will focus on the country people in their writings and more excellent works that stand the test of history will stand. “

But the statement of Mo Liu, vice-president of the Association of Writers supported by the Chinese government could things be difficult to make the Chinese authorities, Liu imprisoned for 11 years in 2009 for inciting subversion of state power .

Chinese Foreign Hong Lei holder ministry spokesman reiterated criticism of the government awarding Liu, said it was a “serious interference in China’s internal affairs and judicial sovereignty.”

Country Boy

interest Mo. literature dates back to his childhood in Gaomi. When he was six, he was an avid reader of the Chinese classics, said brother Guan Moxin Mo, 62. The youngest of four children, Mo. love stories.

But Mo farmer father and brother, who still lives in the dust village in hardscrabble Gaomi where Mo grew up, had no idea they had a Nobel laureate in their midst.

“What is the probability that a country boy, without a say his name would be a great writer? “Guan Moxin told Reuters.

” He’s just a man in this distant country, and this poor family, he is not a big city. “

Mo , already very popular in China, has become something of a celebrity in Gaomi. Residents satisfied fireworks determine the price of Mo night was announced. Reporters began to pour in a city. Hotel puts a banner congratulating digital Mo.

“I could not believe it. It took a while before I could believe. It seemed so impossible. We all (the village), which celebrates by lighting fireworks, “said Guan Moxin.


books reflect the tumult of modern China. He wrote his first sufferings of his works, that the fight against corruption , the decline of Chinese society and rural life inspire.

“When he was a boy at school, he was very bad,” Mo 90 years, father, Guan Yifan, told Reuters. “But after he had stop and do the work on the farm. At that time we had wanted to eat vegetables, fruit, and he had wanted to dig. “

Russell Crowe separates from wife: media

October 28, 2012

Russell Crowe separates from wife: media
Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe

was separated from his wife after nine years of marriage, Australian media reported on Monday.

Neither Crowe nor his wife musician Danielle Spencer, was available for immediate response and Twitter accounts gave no indication of a split.

But Don Spencer, Spencer’s father, confirmed the couple had separated and declared that their main priority was children, Australian Ten Network television reported.

New Zealand-born Crowe filming the biblical epic “Noah” in the United States, while Spencer stayed in Sydney with their two son, the Sydney Morning Herald.

The couple married in 2003 and was considered a strong partnership in the middle of showbiz. Spencer believed to have tamed Crowe mood in pursuit of his musical career.

“This has nothing to do with me as a person,” Spencer told the glory of her husband, according to the newspaper.

Crowe won the best actor Oscar in 2000 for the film “Gladiator” and was nominated for the same award for “The Insider” (1999) and “A Beautiful Mind” (2001).

Grammys give Whitney Houston a glittering salute

October 28, 2012

Grammys give Whitney Houston a glittering salute

Whitney Houston received a final sendoff by the Grammys, Thursday, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson, Usher and other celebrities have shared their memories and in tribute to the deceased singer.

Academy Award winner Berry made a tearful meeting with “We Will Always Love You:. A tribute to Grammy Awards Whitney Houston” special, and praised the “unforgettable” performer

“She inspired a whole generation of girls and women to believe in their dreams and they know themselves as the greatest gift of all. I was one of those girls who is a woman who never, never keep Whitney Houston, “says Berry.

The event was followed by Houston girl Bobbi Kristina Brown, who was accompanied by her boyfriend Nick Gordon and his sister-in-law Pat Houston.

Noticeably absent was Houston’s mother, Cissy, and his brother Gary. record label executive Clive Davis, who discovered the deceased singer, next to the family first.

tribute comes at the end of the year when the music world was startled by the sudden death of Houston 48 years in February. She was found dead in a bathtub Beverly Hills hotel the night before the Grammy Awards, from what authorities said was the accidental drowning due to cocaine use and cardiovascular disease.

A tribute to

Houston was soon introduced to the Grammy Awards in February with Jennifer Hudson sings a sincere interpretation of “I Will Always Love You” on a stage lit by a single spotlight. Later in May, R & B Jordin Sparks, who co-starred with Houston in the finals late singer movie “Sparkle”, sang the same song at the ceremony in honor of Billboard Music.

n ‘there was no question of Houston eventful life and history of substance abuse on Thursday as Grammy organizers decided to focus on the results of the career of the late singer and the most famous shows, including his interpretation of the ” Star-Spangled Banner “at the Super Bowl 1991.

Hudson channeled Thursday Houston style from the 1980s with big hair and sparkling blazer, creating a more up-tempo song with a medley of “I’m Every Woman” “How Will I Know” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody. ”

R & B star Usher sang “I Believe In You And Me” and gospel singers Yolanda Adams and Cece Winans produced a memorable performance of “Count On Me”, who had family in Houston in tears.

Canadian singer Celine Dion was on the bill for the evening, but was unable to do this, the sound interpretation of “The Greatest Love Of All” in Canada in the air the television special.

event organizers have decided to Houston’s famous song to leave, “I Will Always Love You” the late singer, with a tape of her singing in 1994 Grammy Awards.

Presenters at the event shared their memories. Pop star and “X Factor” judge said Spears version of Houston’s “I Have Nothing” scored her a contract with a record company and started his career.

The audience also had the right to exclusive interviews with the early career of Houston, who talk to her celebrity, philosophy and religion.

one hour CBS special will be broadcast on November 16.

Billionaire Adelson, wife give new $10 million to Romney “Super PAC”

October 28, 2012

Billionaire Adelson, wife give new  million to Romney

Top Republican donor Sheldon Adelson and his wife gave $ 10 million to the “Super PAC” backup Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in October, said she hoped “level playing field” with the Democrats in the elections of 6 November.

In a year of unprecedented campaign contributions, Adelson and his wife Miriam raised above the rest.

The billionaire chairman of 79 years, Las Vegas Sands Corp, Adelson has emerged as the greatest patron of the Republican Party in the 2012 campaign, in which at least $ 47 million in the treasury with the Republicans woman.

Adel Sons gave $ 5 million to pro-Romney PAC Restore Our Future knowledge that about half of the money raised from October 1 to 17, according to the Federal Election Commission documents published Thursday. Deposits are the notes for the last 6 elections in November.

In a statement released Thursday, the Nobility Sons said they used their “privileges” of the freedom of expression to the millions of dollars by President Barack Obama and the contributions of the liberal billionaire George counteract Soros and the unions.

“Our family felt an obligation to help level the playing field by supporting candidates and causes the other side of the equation,” said the statement from the holder word Sands.

A series of lawsuits in the United States in recent years have shone a spotlight on political spending as a form of freedom of expression.

Decisions generated super PACs, outside groups that can raise and spend unlimited funds but can not formally coordinated with official campaigns.

Soros, a billionaire financier, held the previous record donation policy with $ 27.5 million contributed to the Democrats in 2004. In October, Soros gave $ 1 million to the pro-Obama Super PAC.

The Nobility Sons

also donated super PACs help Republicans in Congress. They were the main financiers behind the party convention in Tampa, Florida in late August

In the Republican primary, the Nobility Sons use their wealth to Romney to attack. They gave an increase of $ 20 million to presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who won the primary in South Carolina.

The Nobility Sons

Romney became donors in June, when Obama was the candidate Republican challenger.

Adelson Forbes estimated fortune of $ 20.5 billion.

In September, Adelson told Politico he plans to spend up to $ 100 million, or “what it takes” to defeat Obama.

Adelson is giving $ 20 million to $ 30 million in fundraising groups that do not require their employees to disclose, according to Politico.

Adelson also has its contribution to the pressure for better defense of the United States to the sovereignty of Israel. He is director of the Republican Jewish Coalition calls on Israel and the Obama administration’s position too soft.

In the 2008 presidential campaign earlier, Adelson is a much smaller donor, giving about $ 100,000 to Republican candidates and parties are, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a non partisan group to track expenses.

Debbie Reynolds due out of hospital after bad reaction to meds

October 28, 2012

Debbie Reynolds due out of hospital after bad reaction to meds
singer and actress Debbie Reynolds

veteran was hospitalized in Los Angeles this weekend after a bad reaction to medication, but should be released Wednesday, said his manager.

“Mrs. Reynolds had an adverse reaction to a drug and is on the mend and hope to be released today,” manager Milt Suchin said in an email. He gave no details.

Reynolds, 80, who starred in the classic movie musical “Singin ‘in the Rain” and dozens of other films in the 1950s and 1960s, is one of the legends of Hollywood sustainable.

married three times, the actress told a man with Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher left Reynolds for his rival with violet eyes in a scandal in 1950. Reynolds also had his own TV comedy, “The Debbie Reynolds Show” in 1969, and remains appearances in movies and television.

Celebrity website said

Reynolds had canceled all appearances to qualify for the next three months. Suchin but said the actress took a “wait and see” approach, based on the advice of doctors.

“It is too early to make a decision immediately., But the prognosis is excellent,” said Suchin.