Jessica Biel Wants Justin Timberlake To Capture Her On Film! Kinky!

November 21, 2012

Jessica Biel Wants Justin Timberlake To Capture Her On Film! Kinky!

Shortly after she said Scarlett Johansson on all its magical honeymoon, Jessica Biel has announced that she wants man Justin Timberlake to tell him how to act – for the camera!

You see .. she got on the subject of possible co-starred with JT at the first NYC to Hitchcock .


humored the idea, saying:

“I would if it was the right decision. Certainly. I do not know what it is, though. I think we should be very cautious are working with your partner. But it would be so much Funa be??? I absolutely love. “

“In fact, I prefer it my way into some thing. I think this is the way to go.”

as his muse! That’s what she really wants.

classic Hollywood relationship. So romantic

We hope it happens … even if only for a movie at home. Ha 😉

Kelly Clarkson Plans To Elope With Her Boytoy!

November 21, 2012

Kelly Clarkson Plans To Elope With Her Boytoy!

What? We expected a giant wedding Antarctica!

Kelly Clarkson appeared on Ellen DeGeneres ‘show on Tuesday and gushes her friend Brandon Blackstock .

Catch My Breath singer was said that anyone who will listen how she loves her husband, and even the thought of Shea?? would be hired by the summer. This donâ € ™? T happen, but she knows he wants! Kelly said:

“Everyone thinks we are [doing]. We are not. We have done together for nine months. We are totally getting married. We love each other. We are totally getting married on a day … I mean, he put a ring on a point.â??

It shocked us, but when she said that her marriage will be like, to explain, â?? Honestly, I have never the girl planning a wedding … We will probably total elope.â??

Well, it doesnâ € ™ t be called Miss Independent for nothing! LOLZ!

Thank you for us to on the lookout for a secret marriage.

Cameron Diaz Thinks Women Want To Be Objects?!

November 21, 2012

Cameron Diaz Thinks Women Want To Be Objects?!
Umm …


generally beautiful Cameron Diaz recent emergence of, uh, interesting opinion …

She said that all women secretly a little objectification from time to time to enjoy!

Cammy D. expressed.

“I think every woman would not be objectified ago a small part of you that always hoping for a bit objectified, and I think it ‘is healthy.”



Ok, we believe that Cam is trying to say is that women like to be seen as sexually desirable creatures …

But an object to use? Why would anyone want to be used?

Of course, most people want to be seen as sexy beings, our bodies are beautiful creations and no one should be ashamed to show the goods …

But we can not imagine all the women around the world have a strong desire to be seen only as pieces of ass for someone else to use sexual satisfaction!


But you know, looking back on the choices of Cameron films (Charlie’s Angels , Bad Teacher ), we kinda get where they want to come! Many roles she took the strength to undress, to ensure that producers banking on her bare ass.

gamble Cameron not really spirit is used as an object for someone else’s gain.

Lindsay Lohan’s Fiery Locks Arrive At LAX!

November 20, 2012

Lindsay Lohan's Fiery Locks Arrive At LAX!

starlet scarlet mane is back navigate The Canyons of El Lay, just in time for arrested for violating probation promote his next film Life Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan was spotted arriving at LAX Monday looked a bit disheveled, but in a stylin finally in black (top).

We are convinced that the chaotic cutie is in town to the bosom of the cat to do …

And we can not wait to hear if anyone dares to ask about his ex-half-sister, his potential imprisonment, or any other of the many missteps Lilo scandal questions is constantly rising.

For more photos of the adventure

airport Lilo, strolling down (below)!

Rihanna’s Drug-Fueled Tour Diet Of Oreos, Unicorn Tears, & Red Bull Is Tearing Her Up Inside?

November 20, 2012

Rihanna's Drug-Fueled Tour Diet Of Oreos, Unicorn Tears, & Red Bull Is Tearing Her Up Inside?

We found love in a heap Flaming Hot Cheetos in a strange place!

Rihanna ‘s 777 Tour is a nonstop party at the feet of 35k, but we have reason to believe that the Barbados singer is a more important!

Not only switches marijuana leaves on his son, but we found a copy of the pre-show rider every international forum for snacks only a stoner would approve to offer!

Chips, cookies,

Capri Sun Noodle Cup O ‘, cereals, gummi bears, and of course, vodka / Red Bull.

diet is not healthy at all, gurl! We hope that you mix in occasional vegetable!

You know what they say:

You can gurl Cup O ‘Noodles, but you can not the Cup O’ Noodles girl!

We are shocked woman with a background RiRi bank does not have the taste for a more advanced level than is usually used by students who live on $ 15 a week.

This is a regime only colonoscopist can keep!