Sharon Osbourne Gets Soho House To Say They’re Soho Sorry After NYE Rejection!

January 6, 2013

Sharon Osbourne Gets Soho House To Say They're Soho Sorry After NYE Rejection!


We were shocked when we heard Sharon Osbourne ‘s Eve New Year location icky! You see, Sharon and Ozzy were dressed in their finest clothes in 2013 at the exclusive hotel, but the gatekeeper rejects hard!

He refused to let them, because he said they never confirmed their reservation, so a friend of Sharon her the confirmation email showed, but n ‘just was not good enough.

Apparently he had the ballz to say: “No, you’re not on the list Next!” And you know, while dismayed Sharon! It is therefore quite natural that they vented about the test Talk , calling the treatment “gross” and “disgusting.”

Of course, public condemnation of the club itself justifies a nice ring lil club director Tim Geary , and she tweeted:


the door to fire me? Is that Sharon received many free goodies? Who knows!

But one thing is for sure … Do not say Royals Rock can not in a club! You just do not!

Katy Perry & John Mayer Get All Lady & The Tramp On Italian Dinner Date! SmOOches!

January 6, 2013

Katy Perry & John Mayer Get All Lady & The Tramp On Italian Dinner Date! SmOOches!

or not the marriage is really on the table for both Katy Perry and John Mayer leave love them further and further down the River involvement.

Found WeHo less Osteria Mozza on Friday, our peppermint princess and her husband were guitar strumming hand in hand and well fed!

everything grub, you wonder how they have the energy to do anything else for the rest of the night! We mean, we’re sure she thought of something, but omg … Now we Jonesin ‘for pasta! Ha!

wonder where they get their affection on hand to show … assumptions?

Gangster Squad’s Josh Brolin ARRESTED For Public Intoxication! Oops!

January 6, 2013

Gangster Squad's Josh Brolin ARRESTED For Public Intoxication! Oops!

Not really the best way to ring in the new year, but at least this story has a happy ending.

You see … it’s just like Josh Brolin was handcuffed just before midnight on January 1 to publicly drunk and too little showin ‘it!

The arrest took place in Santa Monica, Joshie Poo and was thrown in jail around 3:02. Ironically for someone who plays a cop in his latest film!

But around 7:15, he was released and given any form of citation whatsoever. … This means that there will never come. As ever,.

It seems clear that he did not harm anyone with his public drunkenness. God thank you! I’m glad he’s success Gangster Squad impending review without worry!

CLICK HERE to view the latest trailer! Ryan Gosling included!

Bethenny Frankel Officially Files For Divorce!

January 6, 2013

Bethenny Frankel Officially Files For Divorce!

really happening, guys.

In fact, it’s really, really happening.

Court records indicate that

Bethenny Frankel a summons filed for divorce earlier this week with his beloved New York.

as discussed above, has decided that the new year to enjoy a little time alone while in Aspen Jason Hoppy has been working on getting the place all his shiz!

Divorce sucks … but it is much better than unhappy together. And in any case they happen while their daughter is too young to understand.

Good luck with everything, guys. For a new start!

Four Dead In TRAGIC Aurora Hostage Situation!

January 5, 2013

Four Dead In TRAGIC Aurora Hostage Situation!

Why did this happen?

Colorado city has not even been a year to heal massacre The Dark Knight horrible situation occurs when a hostage in a mansion in Aurora.

around 3 am on Saturday morning, gunshots were heard in the house, creating a SWAT team arrives on the scene. With 40 policemen outside, the gunman refused to surrender to the police.

Police believed there were at least three or four others inside who could not leave their own wants, and – after hours of power – about 8:15, the suspect shot cops, but was later slain by police when they decided to the house to go.

Unfortunately, the police found the three victims died as well, although it is not known how and when they were slain. Reports also claimed another victim managed to escape unharmed to the situation, but officials have not released more information about this report or one of the names for this question.

So while few details are known at this time, we expect more release and we will keep you informed. In the meantime, we hope that the peace and the aid can be extended to those affected by the terrible situation, especially relatives of the victims.