More Players Kneel or Link Arms, Jaguar Owners Joins, Teams Release Statements

September 24, 2017


Celebs react to Trump’s comments about Stephen Curry and NFL players taking a knee

September 24, 2017

-Trump recently called players who take a knee during the anthem "sons of bitches" and urged the NFL owners fire them
-Proceeded to uninvite the Golden State Warriors from visiting the White House after Steph Curry said he didn't want to go
-Many celebs have been speaking out after 45's comments

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Halsey Drags Andrew Taggart’s [of The Chainsmokers] Off-key Bro-vocals

September 24, 2017

Halsey may not have been invited to the main stage this year but she was invited to perform during the Daytime Village Presented by Capital One at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday afternoon. She took this opportunity to drag vocally challenged duet partner Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers. She said to the dozens of fans before going into "Closer": "I'm gonna skip right to my part though ok. 'Cause my part is the better part anyways."

ONTD, are you stanning Ashley Nicolette Frangipane for the day?


Trump uninvites the Warriors from the WH after Steph Curry says he doesn’t want to go

September 23, 2017

Steph Curry discussed his opinions on the Warriors visiting the White House.

He indicated that it would be a team decision and they hadn’t arrived at that decision yet.

He says if it was up to him, they wouldn’t go, his vote will reflect that, and they have an opportunity to make a statement.

Trump tweeted


Kpop Post: IU,Odd Eye Circle,BP Rania

September 23, 2017

IU-Last Night Story

Odd Eye Circle- Girl Front (stage debut)

BP Rania- Breathe Heavy (minus Alex cause she's out)


ONTD,is Loonatic by OEC the best kpop song released this year? or is it Mic Drop?