Are Smart Girls Single Because They’re…Too Smart?!? Tyrese Says So!

February 15, 2014

Are Smart Girls Single Because They're…Too Smart?!? Tyrese Says So!

Oh, DAMN! Bombs relationship truth droppin ‘like whoa!

Tyrese We recommend was really inspired by Valentine’s Day because the singer took his Instagram let all these intelligent single ladies know exactly why they are all by their lonesome.

This is because they are smart, they are all alone!

Wait …. what?

Tyrese explained that “smart” woman is unique because it is not smart enough for tricks “hood-rat” to fall!

He said:

 Tyrese instagram

Whoa! Who would know Tyrese was the guru of love! :

Well, a book he Rev Run Manology write right? Secrets of mana spirit revealed , so he has some knowledge about the subject!

But, DAMN!

coloring impressed us!

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